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4 Products Will Gives You The Smart House Experience

4 Products Will Gives You The Smart House Experience

Technology has become a reality today, so no one can deny it. It has strongly entered all aspects of life and we coexisted with it side by side, and in fact it has provided us with a lot and made our lives easier.
in the same context, I liked to share with you some of the products available on the Gearbest store that offer Useful technical solutions and effective as it will add something new to your life and you will be happy with it.

Yeelight 10W RGB E27 Smart Light Bulbs ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



The first product is the smart lamp, when using a traditional lamp, you can't control anything, I mean here the degree of brightness and the colour of the light itself, but with the advancement of technology, smart lights appeared to control them through an application on the smartphone, where the user can control these lamps with the possibility of changing the colour, the possibility of changing the temperature of light To what suits the user’s feeling and is consistent with his needs,

 These type of lamps do not consume a lot of energy and have different colours, and also can be set to change the colours according to the rhythms of music. I strongly advise you to have a smart lamp and live the experience of controlling light colour using your phone and change the brightness according to Your mood is really great. 

Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Bluetooth Password Unlock Works with Mijia HomeKit Smart Linkage with Doorbell Feature (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



I found it useful to suggest to you the smart door lock Yes there is already a smart door lock as it has a fingerprint feature so you can register your fingerprint as the door will not open to anyone who tried to open it with his own fingerprint, this gives you a lot of Privacy, also the smart door lock can save more than one fingerprint, so you can control and add the fingerprint of anyone you would like to give him the possibility to open the door.

Not only that, this smart lock will send you a notice to your smartphone to know if someone has opened the door and every time the door opening it will be recorded on your phone so you can return to your smartphone and see all the times that the door was opened.
There are many other ways to unlock the door if you don't like to use fingerprint technology such as the password option and others. You can also give someone a password to open the door lock for a specific and limited period that you specify where after that period expires that person will not be able to Unlock the door lock even they use the password that you give him so this smart lock is really useful if you want to have all control on your door. 

VIOMI V2 Pro LDS Sensor 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping Robot Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 2100Pa Strong Suction Self-charging (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



The third suggestion with us on this list is a robot that works to automatically clean the floor of the home without your interfering, after operating it works thanks to its sensors to wander around the ground and clean it, you should not be afraid of it colliding with the wall because it has many smart sensors where it can determine things that can It collides with it.

if you are lazy or do not have the time to clean the floor of the house this smart robot is a suitable option as it is able to rid you of the dirty floor.

WiFi DoorBell Smart Video Phone Door Visual Ring Intercom Secure Camera



With the last product in our list, this suggested to you this smart product which is a bell with a camera this bell is Cold and heat resistant so you can install it on the outside door of your house, and when anyone knocks on the door, you can take your smartphone and take a look to see who is the person knocking on the door.

you can also send him an audio message because he can hear it, for example, if you order a pizza, when it reaches you, that is, when the person knocks on your door to deliver the pizza to you, You can tell him to put it on the floor to take it later, then this feature makes your life easier

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