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REVIEW Jimmy JV83 battery-powered vacuum cleaner for $353

REVIEW Jimmy JV83 battery-powered vacuum cleaner for $353

After the Xiaomi third party “Dreame” has raised the bar for maximum suction power with the V9 to 20,000 pa, another Xiaomi relative has to follow suit. Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Jimmy has already launched quite interesting models on the market with the JV71, JV11 and JV51 models, especially the JV51 convinced us in the test. Can Jimmy catch up with Dreame with the Jimmy JV83 battery-powered vacuum cleaner?

Features three suction levels three suction levels two suction levels, LED lighting, app integration
Jimmy, Dreame, Roidmi: Who’s winning the race? Based on the technical data, you can already see: 20,000 pa suction power is the current maximum for models from China, 60 minutes of working time (at the lowest of three suction levels) is enough even for larger apartments and the 0.5 l dust chamber is also a size with which you can work very well.

Also 100,000 rotations per minute correspond to the standards of the better models. For comparison: The new Dyson V11 reaches 125,000 rpm, but costs more than twice as much (~$600). Unfortunately, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners are not obliged to specify the suction power, otherwise we could compare the Dyson vacuum cleaner also from this point of view. However, we are still trying to find comparison models, so a lot will follow in the future.

Scope of delivery
The packaging is nothing special, a typical brown cardboard as we know it. I’ll save you a photo here. It doesn’t get much more interesting with the scope of delivery either. There you will find:

Floor nozzle
suction head
mite top
Vacuum cleaner hose with connecting part
three different attachments for different applications
Battery (must be inserted before use)
Wall bracket including two screws and dowels each
CN charging cable (EU adapter required)
Instruction manual in Chinese

If you have the impression right now that you have already read this list during earlier battery vacuum cleaner tests, you are not wrong. The scope of delivery is very generous, but there are no surprises. Recently, battery-powered vacuum cleaners always come with a vacuum hose that makes the use of the vacuum cleaner a little more versatile. This way, for example, it is easier to get into more twisty corners and to higher ceilings thanks to the newly gained range.

Of course, we wanted to test the battery-powered vacuum cleaner for you as soon as possible, so we didn’t receive the International version, but the China version shortly after the product was introduced. But if you order now at GearBest, you will also get an international version with EU charging cable (or EU adapter) and english manual.

The supplied wall bracket is the usual plastic construction. The charging cable cannot be permanently installed.

Design and workmanship

First impression when unpacking: cool choice of colours! This is something for everyone! Second impression: Ui, the plastic used is a bit cheap. It’s funny actually, when we liked the Jimmy JV51 so much in terms of workmanship.

The floor nozzle quickly comes to the fore, which is at least visually appealing with the red-blue roller above the intake hood. We already know this from the other Xiaomi subsidiaries, albeit in different colours. Their models now all come with the same roller.

Colourwise different, but otherwise hardly any deviations: The bottom rollers of the F8 and JV83.
With the dimensions 119.5 x 25.5 x 21.2 cm the vacuum cleaner is suitable for most people, but I already read in the comments that some of you over 2 m size have problems with battery-powered vacuum cleaners. On average, people between 1.70 and 1.90 m tall should not have back pain with the Jimmy.

The individual parts of the vacuum cleaner are packed together with a click closure.
The very high weight of 3.44 kg is noticeable, which does not necessarily make handling any easier. One wonders above all where the weight comes from when it comes to cheap processing.

If you want to use the vacuum cleaner for a longer period of time (several years), you can be happy first: The battery is replaceable, so you can use a new one if the old one is worn out. Disadvantage: The coverage of accessories is not the best with Jimmy. So you have to search at least longer and possibly wait longer until you have found and ordered a new battery. At least if you look for originals. You should be able to completely empty up to seven batteries until the vacuum cleaner gives up.

After a charging time of just over 4 hours, the battery-powered vacuum cleaner is ready for use for a working time of 60 minutes. Since the vacuum cleaner has three different suction stages, the battery life varies accordingly. The hour running time applies accordingly to the lowest suction level, on the second one comes to half an hour and with the maximum suction power of 20,000 pa it is only 11 minutes. This allows you to cope very well with rooms up to 150 m² (depending on the degree of dirt, of course).

The suction process is started and stopped via the button, which is pressed like a pistol.
I don’t find the handling with the battery-powered vacuum cleaner quite so pleasant due to the weight, but with the movable floor nozzle you can easily get into the corners, which a vacuum robot can’t do all. On carpets it is better to use a different attachment, the roller is not necessarily suitable for this. But with the suction power you can get the most out of even thicker carpets.

Of course, there is also a but: the operating noise level of 82 dB is so high that one almost has to ask oneself whether the purchase will not be more of a torture than a relief. For comparison: people talk at an average volume of 60 dB, the average battery vacuum cleaner at 65 dB is only just above that. Accordingly, a value above 80 dB is a record-breaking negative value.

The JV83 is (as always today) a 2-in-1 model, which means that the vacuum cleaner can also be used as a hand vacuum cleaner. The individual click closures allow you to simply remove the suction pipe and place the desired attachment (depending on the application) on the head of the vacuum cleaner. As a hand-held vacuum cleaner, the Jimmy can work for either 40, 20 or 9 minutes. Logically, the highest value belongs to the lowest suction level and vice versa.

As usual, a large number of attachments are included in the scope of delivery. A mite attachment is also included, which will be particularly pleasing for allergy sufferers. For more information about mites take a look at the article about the Jimmy JV11. To put it briefly and roughly: house dust mites cause allergic reactions in allergy sufferers and like to nest in textiles such as pillows or duvets.

The mite top works without UV light, so the mites are “only” sucked out of the textiles, but are not killed when they are placed on the textile. If you would like to learn more about UV light, take a look at our article on the Jimmy JV11.

Conclusion: Buy Jimmy JV83 battery-powered vacuum cleaner?

Of course, the battery-powered vacuum cleaner has the current maximum suction power, a long working time and a replaceable battery, but the Dreame V9 simply came out earlier with these top specs. I also miss the LED lights of the Roidmi F8 on the Jimmy, which I wouldn’t want to miss on any battery-powered vacuum cleaner. The price doesn’t make the euphoria necessarily bigger.

Apart from the high volume, the Jimmy JV83 lacks the real technical innovation. A little gimmick, even a mini-feature with a touch of new appearance make a new model much more attractive than the improvement of technical values – which is fine, of course. But otherwise Xiaomi and its partner companies are used to more innovation. If you like, Jimmy “only” followed the Dreame V9 with the JV83. Whining at a high level, but that’s how it feels.

The Jimmy JV83 is definitely not a disappointment, but a good to very good home help. But to compete with the two top models from Roidmi and Dreame, I miss the innovation of the device.

Do you share my opinion or do you disagree?

The Good
high suction
large scope
long working time
The Bad
Processing: cheap plastic vacuum cleaner
high weight
very high operating volume

JIMMY JV83 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner



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