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Alfawise P2: Affordable Air Purifier.

Alfawise P2: Affordable Air Purifier.

One more smart device by Alfawise.

Alfawise is a young Chinese manufacturer that manufactures many different devices, from smart sockets to robotic vacuum cleaners, electric bicycles and 3D printers.

Recently, another very useful device was released for every resident of the metropolis. If you live in a city, then the air is most likely not very clean. Of course, you can wear a protective mask, but it is not very convenient. But if you work in the office or spend a lot of time at home, you will need an air purifier.

Alfawise P2 is a second generation air purifier from a Chinese manufacturer. The first version of the air purifier had a different design and fewer functions.

The new Alfawise P2 air purifier has a three-layer filtering system, Wi-Fi connection and control through the application on the smartphone, three operating modes and a low noise level.

The Alfawise Air Purifier won the 2019 IF Design Award. Sounds impressive, right? So, let's start the review of Alfawise P2 by unpacking, and then look at the design, features and mobile app.


Alfawise P2 comes in a rather large cardboard box, because the air purifier itself is not small.

Inside the box you will find only an air purifier and a user manual. The power cable is not removable and it is already integrated into the device.


Alfawise P2 air purifier received a new design. The previous version had a square case with holes for air intake from above.

As for the new air purifier, it has a round case. It is not clear why the manufacturer changed the design and which one is better. In any case, Alfawise P2 looks very attractive.

The device is made of white plastic with a black control panel and openings for air outlet from above. The lower part is removable, and inside is a HEPA filter.

Alfawise 4-layer Filter HEPA Activated Carbon Anti-bacterial for Alfawise P2 Air Purifier



Alfawise P2 purifies the air with a three-layer HEPA filter. You will need to change it every 4-6 months. The filter is also sold on GearBest. Let's talk about the filter a bit later.

The control panel has four touch buttons: power, operation mode, timer and backlight.

Alfawise's new air purifier has three modes of operation. Depending on the operating mode, the air speed changes: high, medium and low. You can also set a timer for 4 hours or 2 hours.

To increase or decrease the brightness of the backlight, you need to click on the button with the light bulb icon.


Now a little about the technical characteristics and basic functions of Alfawise P2. Alfawise's new air purifier is available in two versions: Wi-Fi and Air Monitor.

The review presents the Wi-Fi version, which means the air purifier can be controlled through a mobile application and even with voice control.
The Air Monitor version is equipped with an air quality control function. The purifier does not provide details about the air quality, but it glows green when the air is clean, yellow when it is moderate and red when the air is bad.

Unfortunately, Alfawise P2 does not show the level of pollution, the amount of harmful particles in the air, the RM2.5 index, etc. If you want to know this information, you need to buy a special device for monitoring air quality.

The Wi-Fi version of the Alfawise P2 does not have an air monitoring function at all. You cannot recognize the clean indoor air or the dirty. It simply blows dirty air through the filter and makes it clean.

In Wi-Fi and Air Monitor versions, the air flow is 110 m³ / h. Recommended floor space is up to 20 square meters.

As stated above, the Alfawise air purifier has three speeds: high, medium and low. Noise level is from 30 to 50 dB.

Now a little about the filter. Alfawise P2 has a three-layer filter: the first layer to clean the air of hair, dust and floating particles; H11 HEPA filter for cleaning PM2.5, pollen and bacteria; a layer of activated carbon cleans formaldehyde, smoke, food odors and gases. Dirty air passes through three layers of the filter, and you inhale clean and fresh air.

Now let's look at the work of the cleaner with a smartphone.


First, you will need to download the application from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The application is called Smart Life - Smart Living.
The application interface and basic functions are very similar to Xiaomi Mi Home.

First of all, you must create an account. Then add the device and select “Auto Connect”. After a few seconds, you will see the air purifier on the screen. Wait a moment and Alfawise P2 will be connected to your smartphone.

In fact, the application on the smartphone does not offer any new features. These are the same functions as on the control panel of the cleaner.
Here you can turn on / off the air purifier, select the operating mode, countdown and timer.

In the account you can select a profile photo, nickname, temperature unit and city.

One of the main features of the Wi-Fi version of Alfawise P2 is voice control. You can use Alexa and the Google Assistant to control your air purifier using voice commands.


Alfawise P2 is one of the most affordable air purifiers on the market. The price is only 65 USD.

Yes, it is very cheap for an air purifier, but it does its job well. The three-layer filter removes almost all known impurities, including dust, allergens, odors, etc.

The mobile app and voice control support are also an added bonus to an inexpensive device. However, the application does not offer any new features other than those already available on the control panel of the air purifier.

Perhaps the only drawback of the Alfawise P2 air purifier is the lack of an integrated air quality monitor. To find out, you need to buy a separate device for air monitoring.

Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier WiFi AI Voice Control 3 Wind Speeds Touch Screen Low Noise 110m³/h CADR 3-layer Filter System



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