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MECOOL KM3 TV Box: The Affordable Flagship Top Performer Android 9.0 TV Box

MECOOL KM3 TV Box: The Affordable Flagship Top Performer Android 9.0 TV Box

Electronic items are getting better day by day. Everything that we use today is highly advanced and optimized. 

Being a person who loves to use and own such new and advanced gadgets, I often feel bad about myself. And that is because of the one main reason. 

As mentioned earlier, gadgets are getting better every day. But that is not the case with the price. 

The price is just skyrocketing every single day and it has become almost difficult for a person like me to buy all these stuffs. I often find this fact depressing that only the ones who have money can own the best.

But then again, I'm not the one to quit. Now, someway and somehow, I had almost all the major and above-average gadgets with me. 

However, there was this one thing I was not able to experience. I was not able to use a smart TV as I was not able to afford one of them. But then, I had this another option in my mind. And that as to buy an Android TV box which will help me experience everything a smart TV has to offer. But now, it was confusing. I had a very tight budget, but I also wanted it badly. 

Finally, after researching a lot, I came up with something that was perfect for my budget and also I would not have to adjust with the best things an Android TV box has to offer.

Hence, I purchased a MECOOL KM3 Android 9.0 TV box with Voice Control and Google Certification. It was one of the best and the most unique gadget that I ever brought. 

Right at the beginning, I knew that I had purchased something that really gave me value for my money. I should start by saying that even though this thing belongs to the budget side, it has not compromised on the build quality. The premium build and design made me feel that I purchased a flagship. I started to use it. 

And just to say the least, it was very much difficult for me to find any kind of con in this TV box.

It has support for dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and also Ethernet. I don't think if there is any other Android box which has all these things at this price range. As soon as I started to use it, I liked it. The user interface was just amazing and very easy to learn. 

Even if someone has very little knowledge about this thing, they can easily learn about this without facing any kind of difficulty. The Wi-Fi in this has great connectivity and I am able to browse through all my favorite movies and TV series. The user interface was very smooth and it felt like it was something that was designed in a very planned and smart manner so that the user experience will be enhanced.

Now it has something that I found to be very much interesting. And that is the light that it has. According to the usage and the different stages of this thing, it glows with different light. I found it extremely useful as it tells me where I am and what I am doing. This is even more useful for people those who are new in all these kind of stuffs. 

Another thing I like about this is that it has voice control. At times, it comes to be extremely handy and useful. We just have to register our voice in this and then we will be able to control the entire thing with our own voice. 

That really seems advanced after the price that we are paying for this is considered.

Another cool feature that I would share is that we can control this thing with an Android application, too. 

All we have to do is that we have to download the application from the Play Store and we are all set to go to use this thing even with the help of our smartphones. 

I have to say, for the price one can stream any kinds of movies or videos, control the entire thing with voice or phone, and also get the best possible Wi-Fi speed. All this for such a budget-friendly TV box is just amazing. 

I really suggest you to buy this thing if you are looking for world-class performance at a price that will be very much reasonable.

MECOOL KM3 Android 9.0 Voice Control TV Box Google Certification



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