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Xiaomi Deerma TJ200 Review

Xiaomi Deerma TJ200 Review

A new vacuum cleaner “Xiaomi deerma TJ 200” has been released from “Deerma” of the home appliance line at the Youpin crowdfunding platform operated by Xiaomi. Steam mop is developed by Foshan City, which specializes in the production of household appliances. The novelty will go on sale under the Deerma brand.

The disinfection efficiency is 99.9%. Wet cleaning allows you to get rid of not only dirt and dust, but also harmful bacteria. Steam mop can be used for cleaning various floor coverings, kitchen sets and even for washing windows and mirrors.

The Deerma TJ200 is an invigorating specification that inhales even wet trash at a stretch. The stylish and stylish image is Xiaomi, but what is common to all is that it is practical.

As well as being able to suck in the TJ200, naturally, in addition to liquids such as ketchup, yogurt and soy sauce, ramen, screws, gravel and glass etc., that is, anything is fine. In addition to cleaning the floor, it is the great place of the deerma TJ200 that is equipped with a drying function.

The super strong dry-wet motor of 1200W / max 33,000 revolutions (per minute) achieves a suction force of 18 kPa or more, which exceeds Dyson.

Despite its multifunctionality, the developers have managed to keep the compact size of the device – 389x85x180 mm. The steam mop weighs just over 2 kg. The power of the device is 1600 W. The body is made of high quality ABS-plastic, which does not lose its original appearance over time. The device is equipped with a small water tank for 230 ml. Heating up to 150 degrees Celsius is done in just 20 seconds.

After heating the water, the user has approximately 11 minutes to remove the dirt. Then the tank will need to be refilled with water. A large number of different brushes and nozzles are included as standard. Therefore, cleaning will be as efficient as possible. The steam mop can also be used to clean: curtains, toilet bowl, faucet, upholstered furniture, hood and hob. All accessories are very soft, so they will not damage the floor covering or sofa.

Approximate price of the Deerma TJ200 is $106.89. The first deliveries are planned for August 3. However, on our site is already available a pre-order, so those who wish can buy steam cleaners Xiaomi without problems.

Deerma TJ200 Vacuum Cleaner Wet Dry Liquid Blow Dryer Floor Crevice Upholstery Brush



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