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The Most Worth Buying Mountain Bike for Any Bikers Who Travels Light! Ancheer 26-inch Wheel Aluminum Alloy Frame Cycling Bicycle

The Most Worth Buying Mountain Bike for Any Bikers Who Travels Light! Ancheer 26-inch Wheel Aluminum Alloy Frame Cycling Bicycle

Electric mountain bikes make mountain cycling less challenging without compromising fun. The market is full of e-bikes, each touting unique features. Yet if you are looking for mountain e-bike, make sure it is convenient to ride and simple to use at a wallet-friendly price

While all the e-bikes feature almost the same qualities, it is the price tag that may limit a purchase. Starting from $600 up to $800, some brands charge a little too much for the same features. 

The mountain e-bike from Ancheer beats them all. Without making a compromise on quality, the bike comes with a price that suits all budgets aptly. 

Irreplaceable Superiority 

Lightweight yet sturdy, the Ancheer mountain e-bike is a cost-effective cycling solution. The bike equipped with a 250W motor, is your perfect accompaniment, whether you are going downhill or uphill.

The aluminum alloy structure features a frame size that suits a height of up to 6 feet. The lithium-ion battery 36V / 8Ah is removable, so it is convenient to charge it indoors. A 4-6 hours charge gives a mileage of 35-70 km at a speed of 25-35 km/hour.

The seat is padded and adjustable. The front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel that provides maximum shock absorption no matter what the surface be. The right handle is fitted with a control panel. 

One can select the different pedal-assist levels, which are indicated by the LED light. A battery gauge enables you to keep an eye on charging levels. 

The e-bike comes fitted with a bright LED light at the front as well as a horn. 

The bike comes with a twist-grip throttle that needs to be installed. The 26-inch tires are wear-resistant and anti-slip, ideal for extended use. The 21-speed Shimano gears have three chainrings at the front and seven sprockets at the back. It is a feature unique to the Ancheer e-bike. 

Front and rear disc brakes deliver a fair job at stopping whenever required. 

Design Highlights

Ancheer mountain e-bike is designed for a smooth and comfortable ride. It is easy to operate with a pedal-assist or throttle assist, making pedaling more relaxing than ever.

The electric mountain bike is equipped with an environment-friendly 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery and 200-250W motor

The bike has front and rear disc brakes. They are highly efficient, ensuring the rider's safety at any moment.

The 21-speed transmission gear shift system enables you to maintain speed according to the terrain.

The bike runs on a 50W high-speed brushless motor controlled by 3-speed smart meter button. The motors are noiseless with anti-skid quality.

Available in white and black colors, the Ancheer bike caters to a stable ride and smooth functioning at any surface. It is a blend of style and comfort. 

Practical Performance

With a cushioned seat that is adjustable, the front fork is equipped with excellent shock-absorbing quality. The sturdy tires are wear-resistant and ideal for extended use. 

The tires are matched with a 26-inch wheel integrated with super-lightweight magnesium alloy spokes. They are suitable for rainy or snowy mountain way and road. They can absorb any bumps on the trail.

The lithium battery is lightweight. It can be charged within 4-6 hours can run continuously up to 35-70 km. The 36V battery supports a speed of 25-35km/hour. Both charging and the range are more than satisfying.

The 3-speed smart meter button on the bike is in 'low' speed mode by default. You can increase the speed by pressing the plus sign to attain the 'high' of pedal assist. The bike can run without pedal assist in a pure electric mode where you can ride the bike by a simple throttle mechanism.

Start with the ignition switch or the key, and you can keep tracking your ride via the power display meter.

The 21-speed gears (rear: 7 speeds and middle: 3 speeds) deliver enhanced hill-climbing power. The range variation enables greater terrain adaptability than 5/6 speed gears. 

The bike comes with a smart battery charger and a set of tools for adjustment according to your requirements.


Ancheer 26-inch Wheel Aluminum Alloy Frame Cycling Bicycle is the best deal available on the market. The bike features all the latest updates of an electric version and also comprises of a sturdy structure. 

Mountain trails, gravel, city streets, back roads, bike paths – the bike takes you everywhere. Innovation and cutting edge technology pairs up with high-quality material on this bike. The cost-effective deal is perfect for exploring outdoors or furbishing your everyday transportation needs. 

For all the bikers who like to travel light yet comfortable and hassle-free ride, Ancheer mountain bike is ideal. With no extra or hidden charges, the bike is available at a flash sale price of $589.00. Add $50 worth of accessories, and you can get a further discount of $5 on your deal. 

Ancheer 26 inch Wheel Aluminum Alloy Frame Mountain Bike Cycling Bicycle



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