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What I Didn’t Mention: ZenFone 6

What I Didn’t Mention: ZenFone 6

I tested and did a video with ZenFone 6. That video was bad (my fault), had to let it go. But silver lining, I got to spend a week with it. So here we are.

It seems like ZenFone 6 wasn’t exactly that big of a heat like other top brands’ new phones in 2019 (OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei), so before we get into details, a short background catching up for those of you who haven’t heard of ZenFone or ZenFone 6. 

ZenFone is a smart phone brand created in 2014 by (Designed, marketed, produced.) ASUS. Zenfone 6 was released in mid May 2019.

Now let's get crackin'. 

First Look:

The box, nothing much to comment on, a gigantic ‘6’ on top of a very compact box. 

I am a big fan of any company decided to keep headphone jack. Thank you very much ASUS, ZenFone 6 came with 3.5mm headphone jack!!! And earphones!! 

I checked the specs and was fully ready, but how bezeless ZenFone 6 was still kinda caught me (In a good way of course.).

Its flip camera worked perfectly well, fast and smooth. 

However, I still am, till now, genuinely concerned about the ‘flip’ function breaking down, Not just ZenFone 6, all phones with motorized camera, Mi Mix 3, OnePlus 7 Pro, Oppo Reno 10X, etc.. 

Key Specs: 
Boring but a necessary procedure before making a purchase decision.

1.‘All-screen NanoEdge’- 92% screen-to-body ratio (6.4inch)

2. Flip dual front/rear cameras  (48+13MP)

3. Newest Qualcomm Snapdragon (Snapdragon 855)

4. Android 9 Pie based ZenUI6 OS

5. 6/8GB RAM, 64-256GB Storage, Up to 2TB expansion

6. 5,000mAh battery capacity


Bezeless. Based on it’s official website, the screen-to-body ratio supposedly 92% (but I did find a different ratio % on actual measurement when I was doing research), which made it on top 10 screen-to-body ratio list 

Not that several % less would be bad or disturbing, but doesn’t it just make you feel good and privileged when it’s on the list? 

I am going to proceed this section word by word: Flip, Dual.  

Flip: ZenFone 6 allows shooting angle range up to 180°. 

It’s not the first time ever on a phone, but it still is a very attracting feature. I gave it a lot of attempts through out the past week, still decided to just stick with the good old fashion ‘move my arms’ trick.

(Nothing bad or inconvenient with ZenFone 6’s flip, it was extremely helpful and efficient under many circumstances in fact, just didn't have the habit in me)

Dual: Since ZenFone 6 comes with flip cameras, it’s rear = front cameras, making it a phone with THE BEST so far front cameras.

2 cameras at 48MP + 13MP with ultra wide (I'd post the selfie I took here, but my face was a disaster). 
(Normal &Ultra Wide)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855:
The latest Snapdragon 8 series, compare to phones with Snapdragon 845 I tested before (OnePlus 6, Black Shark, ASUS ROG, and Vivo Find X), shows significant upgrade on speed.

Android 9 Pie based ZenUI6 OS:
An OS developed based on Android 9 Pie exclusively for ZenFone, which didn't change much on user interface from Stock Android. 

Clean and easy to get used to. 

Something worth mentioning: ZenUI6 came with NO EXTRA pre-installed APPs (Except for Data Transfer, but you can delete it if you want.) (I downloaded YouTube, Facebook & Instagram).

RAM & Storage:
The ZenFone 6 I received came with 6GB of RAM, more than enough (for me) to run smoothly in a world crawling with double-digit RAM phones.

My old phone (iPhone X) I got came with 64GB storage, and by the day I moved on from it, there was still over 30GB remaining. (2TB on a phone is a concept lost in my understanding, but it’s always good to have option.)

Battery is always the section where I shine or get very whiny. ABSOLUTELY NO COMPLAIN about ZenFone 6’s battery.

I watched one whole Raptors’ game (2 and 1/2hrs live streaming), music playing one whole day while constantly browsing and messaging (8hrs in total). 

It still left ZenFone 6 around 40% while my own phone (iPhone XS MAX) had less than 20% left (with Low Battery Mode on). 

Flaws: (In this case, 'Flaws' = 'Deal Breakers')
If you are still here with me after 800 words, it should be pretty clear that ZenFone 6 is good for it’s price. 

With that being said...

No, I don't like this phone, and I won't consider keeping it. 

Many YouTubers I know loved it. The whole package, the cameras, the fliping, and the screen-to-body ratio were for sure beyond impressive. 

But it pressed the wrong button. What it's capable of didn't impress me, whatever ZenFone 6 didn't excel in happened to be what I care about most. 

I don't mind if my phone has a notch, doesn't have front wide angle camera, or doesn't allow me with a gigantic storage expansion option. 

Here's what I care about that ZenFone 6 failed to deliver: 

Screen: It’s NOT an OLED screen.

I can tell, and I can't get over that.

Speaker: Most of the vocal came from lower end, which was lots of inconveniences for me (from how I hold a phone). 

Face Unlock: Due to it’s very nature of being a phone with two cameras flipping fore and backwards, it took twice as much time as my own phone to unlock (fingerprint unlock recommended, seriously). 

I am not gonna give up Face Unlock if it's available, which means it's gonna take me forever to unlock my phone, every. single. time. 

Some Final Words: 
I am here to be real, and provide all of you with my honest and subjective opinion.

Full disclosure, I do know many people who love ZenFone 6 (actually most of them), so it's up to you to decide whether you like it or not, whether it presses the "right button". 

This is Jamie, thank you for reading, see you next time!

(Mic Drop)

ASUS Zenfone 6 6.4 inch 6GB + 64GB Full-screen Global Version Smartphone



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