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Crowdfunded 15 Million in 9 Days, at Under $230, DREAME V9 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi Knocks out Worldwide Renowned Brands

Crowdfunded 15 Million in 9 Days, at Under $230, DREAME V9 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi Knocks out Worldwide Renowned Brands

The vacuum cleaner is a necessity for every family. However, it is too difficult to choose a good vacuum cleaner since there are a lot of them on the market. 

If you choose to go for the brand, it will cost you a lot; whereas, you will be less satisfied with the performance and operation of a cheap one.

Now, I am going to introduce a highly cost-effective vacuum cleaner to you, DREAME V9 Large Suction Wireless Vacuum Cleaner. 

DREAME V9, developed by the Astrodynamics Research Team of Qinghua University, features more forceful suction than Dyson vacuum cleaners. However, its price is only $229.99, which means an excellent cost-performance ratio. 

The vacuum cleaner has raised 15 million on Mi Crowdfunding in 9 days! 

The suction power determines whether a vacuum cleaner is good enough or not. 

How powerful is the suction of DREAME V9? Let’s test it with an experiment.

The suction is powerful enough to lift a smartphone, a power bank, and even a tablet weighing over 3kg!

After all, the suction power depends on the motor. Amazingly, the brushless motor of DREAME V9 vacuum cleaner can rotate 100,000 times per minute, generating up to 20kPa suction.

So powerful the motor is! The suction is like a hurricane for taking away the dust instantly. 

The dust and power are so light that they can be cleared away by using the normal mode. Just roll over the trash once, and nothing will be left behind! 

As for the big trash, switch to the MAX mode, and DREAME V9 can absorb it in a wink, too!

Look! It takes in the big seeds rapidly. 

The snacks left on the floor can be wiped out in a second. 

DREAME V9 vacuum cleaner comes with four attachment tools for wide application. It is an omnipotent cleaning kit. 

It can deal with any angle, the surface of any materials, and various kinds of impurities.

The vacuum cleaner is excellent for those who keep pets because the parents don’t need to worry when kids crawl and roll on the unclean floor. 

The most stunning function of the vacuum cleaner is that it can eliminate mites after you attach the mattress tool to it.

An independent motor drives the motorized mattress tool. It can pat and vacuum simultaneously, taking away 99% mites, even those deep in the bedding.

If you have the vacuum cleaner, you won’t need a dust mite controller. The cost-performance ratio of the vacuum cleaner is impressive! 

Vacuum cleaners that offer such high-performance cost over $420. However, you can get a DREAME V9 cordless stick vacuum cleaner for under $230.

With under $230, you can have a practical vacuum cleaner, a motorized mite controller, and a car vacuum, which means good value for money! 

The four attachment tools allow you to clean every corner at home.

Let’s have a look at the package contents.
1. Metal Extension Rod;
2. Main Body of DREAME V9;
3. Soft Roller Brush Floor Tool;
4. 2-in-1 Crevice Tool;
5. 2-in-1 Brush;
6. Power Adapter;
7. 2-in-1 Storage Rack;
8. Motorized Mattress Tool;
9. Instruction.

You can change the attachment easily - insert it in the rod.

Thanks to the lightweight (1.5kg) and cordless design, you can clean every corner and gap at home thoroughly while enjoying maximum freedom.

1. Soft Roller Brush Floor Tool 

It’s the most useful attachment tool intended for deep cleaning of wooden, tiles, and rugs.

The entire roller brush is covered by the microfiber, which makes the floor spotless. 

The microfiber is so soft that it does not harm the floor.

While the vacuum cleaner is working, the soft roller brush spins rapidly, taking away all stubborn stains on the floor. More impressively, it can perfectly deal with the hair and fur of your pet. 

The dust, food residue, and hair will be gone after you roll the brush on the floor and vacuum. 

The soft brush can reach deep in the rug to eliminate stubborn stains, dander, and hair. 

Even the specks of dust invisible to the eye can be cleared away.

What’s more, the floor tool can move under the bed and sofa so that you won’t miss the dust in these corners.

The head of the floor tool can be moved flexibly to deal with small and narrow space.

You won’t need to move the furniture to clean the dust hidden in the hard-to-reach corners.

2. Motorized Mattress Tool 

The motorized mattress tool can be used to clean the dust, dander, hair on the quilt, mattress, and pillows, as well as mites hidden inside them.

The common symptoms of eczema, fever, rhinitis, asthma, etc. result from the mites in the mattress.

Powerful suction effectively takes away the dander, dead bodies of mites, dust mite droppings, and more. More surprisingly, mites deep in the bedding can be absorbed into the vacuum cleaner. 

With the tool, you won’t need an extra dust mite controller because 99.9% of mites can be eliminated. How cost-effective the vacuum cleaner is!

3. 2-in-1 Crevice Tool 

The brush of the 2-in-1 crevice tool is telescopic. 

The crevice tool has a thin and narrow nozzle suitable for cleaning small gaps — for example, the edge of the sofa and bed with built-up dust or debris.

If you need to clear away the dust on the curtain, ceiling, or air-conditioning vent, connect the crevice tool with the extension rod.

It is also convenient to use it as a car vacuum cleaner. Buying a DREAME V9 vacuum cleaner means that you can save the money for a car vacuum cleaner. 

4. 2-in-1 Brush Head 

The brush of the 2-in-1 brush head is also telescopic. 

The brush head has a wide nozzle for cleaning large debris, dust, food residue, and so on.

It’s also useful to clean the dust on the table.

The snack left on the table, and the rug will be gone as if a hurricane goes by. 

As for the keyboard and the hard-to-clean edge of the computer screen, you can easily deal with them now!

Just press a button, and you can replace the attachment. It’s so convenient!

After paying for a DREAME V9 vacuum cleaner, you can clean everywhere thoroughly. The vacuum cleaner is useful! 

Separation of Dust & Air. No Secondary Pollution

The digital brushless motor of DREAME V9 can set about working in 0.3 second, at up to 100,000 RPM, generating 20kPa suction. It guarantees that dust, hair, and other impurities can be instantly taken in.

It can vacuum dust, hair, coffee beans, screws, etc.

With such a powerful motor, the DREAME V9 vacuum cleaner is like a hungry little monster that eats any trash at home.

The multiple cyclonic filtration system can generate a tremendous centrifugal force to separate the dust and air. 

Therefore, 99.99% of particles can be trapped in the dust collector, and they won’t block the air duct.

Quite a few vacuum cleaners on the market only vacuum the dust - they can’t filter it out. As a consequence, all impurities will spread indoors through the air vent, causing secondary pollution, and harm the health.

DREAME V9 vacuum cleaner boasts the quintuple filtration technology, removing 99.99% particles. Only pure air goes out of it.

Your hands won’t be dirty, as you only need to press the button on the bottom of the dust collector to empty the trash. 

If the dust collector is too dirty, you can take off the crevice tool, use a piece of wet cloth to mop it, and then dry it. 

You can take off the filter and wash it. If you often use the vacuum cleaner, you’d better clean it once a month.

You can use the DREAME V9 vacuum cleaner at no extra cost. Its cost-performance ratio is unbeatable!

Lightweight, Easy-to-use & Long-lasting

The machine only weighs 1.5kg, which is light for effortless cleanup.

When engineers were designing the DREAME V9, they put the heavier components, such as the motor and battery, to the lower part of the handle, moving the gravity center backward to ensure stability. 

Such a design allows you to push, pull, lift, or hold the vacuum cleaner flexibly. Even a little girl can lift DREAME V9 without difficulty while cleaning high places like the ceiling.

The storage rack and the charger are integrated, which can be mounted on the wall for more convenient storage and charging. 

There is a particular position on the rack for each attachment, which is practical. What’s more, the tools will come in handy.

After plugging in, the vacuum cleaner can be charged as it is put on the storage rack. It only takes 3.5 hours to charge the battery fully. Therefore, you pick up the vacuum cleaner again. It is 100% charged. 

Note: You need to punch holes to install the storage rack on the wall (There are expansion screws in the box). 

The vacuum cleaner provides three suction modes, including Power-saving, Standard, MAX Mode.

In Power-saving Mode, DREAME V9 can work for 60 minutes to clean about 380 square meters.

In Standard Mode, it can last 28 minutes.

The MAX Mode is intended for a more daunting task, and it can last for 8 minutes on a full charge.

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