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An Indian Artist Uses His Creativity and Humor To Fight Against These Bad Roads

An Indian Artist Uses His Creativity and Humor To Fight Against These Bad Roads

If you have ever been to India, 
You will be shocked by the roads there.
You may fall into a pit while walking,
And don’t know what happened.

There is an Indian artist named Baadal Nanjundaswamy,
Who uses an imaginary way to fight against the pits.
He turned them into dreamy 3D artworks.
Recently, one of his works,
The Moonwalks has gone viral online.

Others think that he was on the moon, 
In fact, he disguised himself as an astronaut,
Walking on a road in India.
He uses such a humorous way to express his petition,
To raise awareness of the government.

He colored the water pit blue, 
And matched it with a mermaid.

There’s money in the pit. Will you pick it up?

The dump pit became a swimming pool. 

When playing Hopscotch, don’t jump into the pit. 

The Crocodile Pool is true-to-life.

Watch out! Don’t be eaten by the monsters. 

The roast chicken must be delicious.

Kiss the peacock.

Tears come from a peacock.

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