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Xiaomi Mi 9 SE: Xiaomi's Moral Work

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE: Xiaomi's Moral Work

I am a college student. I wanted to change a mobile phone this year. However, due to the limit of living expenses, I was weighing several smartphones until I met the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. 

My roommate bought this phone first, so I borrowed it to have a try. After knowing everything about it, I believe that Xiaomi Mi 9 SE was the ideal choice. Thus, I immediately placed an order on Gearbest.

I. Appearance

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE appears similar to Xiaomi Mi 9. However, the back cover of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is different. The former is thinner. It is a wise choice. Because Xiaomi Mi 9 SE doesn't offer wireless charging, therefore, the body is thinner and feels better.

The entire back cover of the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is flat, made of glass. I like this back cover because of its evenness and beauty. Only the camera is protruding. 

Additionally, the body of Mi 9 SE is slimmer, as such, the camera stands out. Thus, I suggest that you choose a better phone case to protect the camera better. After all, I want to use the smartphone for a few years.

The waterdrop notch display has also been used in previous smartphone series, so it doesn't look so impressive. What surprises me is that the full screen is larger and more delicate. Compared to last year's Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, it is superior The middle frame of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is also much better than last year's Xiaomi Mi 8 SE. 

At present, it feels like an iPhone X, even better than the iPhone X. In terms of parameters, this is also true. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is 70.4 mm wide and 7.45 mm thick. iPhone X is 70.9 mm wide and 7.70 mm thick. Although there are subtle differences, you will be sure that Xiaomi Mi 9 SE feels more comfortable in hand.

II. Performance

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is powered by Snapdragon 712 processor, instead of Snapdragon 855. It is a pity. Nevertheless, this is not a flagship, as Xiaomi Mi 8 SE is equipped with Snapdragon 710. The processor of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE means slight improvement. Thus, its performance won't be so impressive. 

To my surprise, after using it for one month, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE still responds swiftly to all APPs. I like to play games at leisure. 

When I play games with Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, I can enjoy high frame rates without frame drops, and consistent smoothness in operation. It's like using a flagship smartphone. Incredible! 

III. In-display Fingerprint Scanner

For me, it is a good thing that Xiaomi Mi 9 SE incorporates an in-display fingerprint scanner instead of a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. It is a significant improvement, compared with the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE. 

Concerning the unlocking speed, I've compared it with my classmate's mobile phone and found that Xiaomi Mi 9 SE unlocks quickly. 

As for as I am concerned, I can accept fingerprint unlock with low success rate. It turns out that improvement is perfect, which is beyond my expectations. Now, I am more convinced than Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is the right choice.

The in-display fingerprint scanner will remain off, as long as you don't touch the phone or put it in the pocket (due to the blockage). As you pick up the phone or touch it, the screen will be turned on. In this way, you can quickly find it and unlock the phone with your fingerprint. 

The recognition is fast, and you'll quickly enter the home page after the animation. The in-display fingerprint scanner of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE comes with a shortcut. 

Unlock by pressing and holding the in-display fingerprint scanner, and waiting for 0.5s to get the haptic feedback. There will be 5 shortcuts, including the necessary tools for daily use, so I think this design is very considerate.

IV. Battery Life

I have classes normally every day, and watch TV series in the evening, etc. to have a rest. I only need to charge the 3000mAh battery once a day, which surprises me. 

Before I go to bed in the evening, I usually connect Mi 9 SE to the charger, and I can take it right away the next morning. I don't bother with an extra charger or a bulky power bank. 

The user experience of using Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is fantastic. Although it is only 3mm narrower than Mi 8 SE, and only 0.05mm thinner, I've to admit that it is enough for me to hold it in hand, and the right thumb can easily reach the left edge. You can grab it with a single hand and type easily. 

It is a pity that the screen is 5.97 inches, which means that it is difficult to touch Apps at the top of the screen, or the drop-down status bar.

Fortunately, the smartphone runs the Android system, which allows you to place the Apps freely. The perfect solution is to put the Apps that you often use in the middle or at the bottom. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE has larger RAM and ROM than Xiaomi Mi 8 SE. 

I hope that by reading the article, you can know more about Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, Xiaomi's moral work. If you feel that it is helpful, please hit the "like" button. Thank you!

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE 4G Phablet Global Version



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