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Recommending Xiaomi Negative Ion Hairdryer Under $50 - Get Salon-like Results From Agreeable Large Air Volume

Recommending Xiaomi Negative Ion Hairdryer Under $50 - Get Salon-like Results From Agreeable Large Air Volume

Hello, everybody. I'm your dear freaky buddy. 

Here we go again, the happiest share time in a day.
Do you think it takes a lot of time to dry your hair with a hairdryer at home? 

It takes five or six minutes to dry a man's short hair, let alone a girl's long hair. Your hand gets sore. 

Moreover, after you use the hairdryer a few times, your hair will be like the withered grass, without any luster at all! 

Actually, you didn't get the right choice! 

Today, I would recommend a cost-effective negative ion hair dryer to you. 

Not only it blows out a large amount of air, but it only takes you 3 - 5 minutes to dry the medium to long hair. Moreover, the negative ions won't do any harm to the hair. After using it, the hair will be smoother, as if you just went to a hair salon.

Reepro mini hairdryer

This hairdryer from the Xiaomi's ecological chain looks stylish and straightforward, in milky white. It's good-looking. 

If you want to buy a good-looking hairdryer, you can choose Xiaomi SOOCAS hairdryer. 

Although the SOOCAS hairdryer is good-looking, it is expensive. What's more, the device is bulky. 

As for this hairdryer, it is about 50% cheaper, as big as an iPad. 

It is an excellent choice for students, tenants, etc. in pursuit of attractive appearance, cost-performance ratio. 

The hair dryer has a "7" shape. Its handle is folding for easy storage. It barely takes any place in your bag, great for those on a business trip.

Small as it is, the air volume is considerable, so it is exciting to use it to dry the hair.

The wind speed is up to 11m/s, as the motor spins rapidly, 21,000rpm, which is as excellent as Dyson 1600W hairdryer. 

Thanks to the large air volume, it dries the hair 100% faster than ordinary hairdryers. 

I test its performance with a piece of wet tissue. Look, it becomes dry in a minute.

There are two options of the power, suitable for hair in different lengths.

The constant temperature mode is perfect for drying short hair, or those who don't like a hot wind. The wind is like coming from nature. 

Every time after I wash hair, I can dry it in about two or three minutes. 

For girls with long hair, it is recommended to turn on the hot air mode. Similarly, it only takes 3 - 5 minutes to dry it. 

It is easy to switch between the two modes. Just push the button to different positions.  

The hairdryer also has a built-in negative ion generator. 

When drying the hair, tens of thousands of negative ions will come out, neutralizing positive charge to reduce the static electricity. In this way, the hair will won't be messy and frayed. 

My hairdresser Tony tells me that hair dryers without negative ion generators easily damage hair cuticles and do harm to the hair.

Over time, it will make your hair look like withered grass, so it is recommended that you avoid using ordinary hairdryers.

Now, every morning, after using this hair dryer, I can comb the hair smoothly. More surprisingly, I feel as if every hair is "full of water."

The hairdryer only weighs 402g, and it is neither too light nor too heavy to hold in hand. 

Coupled with the cylindrical body, which is unlike the "big ass" of traditional hairdryers, the weight is well balanced. 

It only takes me about 10 minutes to make a hairstyle. It is effortless to do so, and my hand doesn't get sore. 

The air inlet has two grids to avoid the hair from being stuck inside. 

There is a built-in wind collector to maximize the power of the wind to dry the hair perfectly. Therefore, no external air collecting nozzle is needed.

The power cord is 1.4 meters, long enough whether you dry the hair while standing straight or sitting down.

Since I've got the hairdryer, my hair has never been dry, frayed or yellow. 

After washing and drying for a few minutes at a time, I feel that my hair has been in a SPA, moisturized and smooth. 

Additionally, compared with many gaudy hairdryers, this simple and stylish one is a perfect choice, whether it is for yourself or others as a gift.

The pure white color caters for everyone, no matter you are an office worker, student, or a lovely lady with long hair.

100% recommended!

Reepro RP - HC04 Negative Ion Hair Dryer from Xiaomi youpin



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