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To Grow a Beard or Stay Clean-shaven: Which is Better?

To Grow a Beard or Stay Clean-shaven: Which is Better?

In the 70s beards were popular, and the trend slowly diminished within the following years only to be awakened after almost fifty years. It’s a trend at the moment. Most influential actors and artists are taking that road, and you may be wondering which is better between growing a beard or staying cleanly shaven. 

Well, it depends on you and what people around you prefer. You will meet women who like beards and those who don’t, and if you are or planning to join the military, you won’t have a choice but shave it all. So, which is better? Let’s first find out whether women like beards. 

Do Ladies Admire Beards?

Some women are in support of beards when some are not. After inquiring from different ladies across all races and ages, I found out that women are usually turned on by well-groomed, facial hair. However, their preferences change with time. 

Men want to look handsome to attract women, and one of the ways they do that is by either rearing to shaving their beards. I was surprised that half of the women whom I interviewed found it unattractive to have a beard while some believed that a sexy man must have one. So, either way, as long as you buy her drinks, she may like you.

The Clean Shave and the Beard

If you are a fan of Drake, the Canadian rapper, you probably know his history. He had that baby-face when he was starting, and looked like a teenager who Lil Wayne thought he could sing and rap and signed him in. 

So, Drake came, conquered, amidst Lil Wayne’s and Birdman’s wrangles he managed to stay relevant, introduced his cloth line, and before we knew it, Drake had a beard. Imagine how he would look like if he cut all that hair. Maybe he wouldn’t look as good, or perhaps he would start a new trend. 

It was around 2016 that Drake decided to get bearded, and the trend featured in 2017, there was a steady rise in 2018, and in 2019, even though a magazine suggested that beards have more germs than dogs’ hair, a good number of men are still keeping their beards. Others have shavers in their homes to cut every hair that springs out. 

The Clean Shaven Look

If you would like to groom your beard, probably the best approach would be to clean shave. My grandpa was there during the Second World War, and for some reason, the old man doesn’t feel normal when he hasn’t shaven. He has been doing it daily, just like he was while in the army.

I’ve been wondering why many men don’t shave like they used to do before, and I believe it’s a matter of time. A lot of men feel like they don’t have time to shave daily, while others are moving with the latest trend and maintaining a beard making clean shave less of an agenda. 

Clean shaving has a lot of benefits, which include:

- It helps get rid of dead skin which could result in acne or bad skin
- It makes you look younger
- Women prefer clean-shaven men at times
- It will compliment your appearance


Stubble was common before the eighties, but of late, it has been a common style featuring in the most famous runways. It shows the depth of the face and a more creative attitude than when one is clean-shaven. It also shows that you are too busy to shave or have no time to take care of your beards.

Some kits have detachable trimming heads which give you the option of trimming your facial hair to different lengths. If your hair beards connect to the hair that runs from the top front of your ears down, separate the two to complete your look. 

The Beard Debate

I’m not against beards, but some men rock beards, yet it looks terrible on them. If you can’t grow a healthy beard or yours ends up as a patchy one, beards shouldn’t be part of your agenda. It could be genetics, and the best option is going for a clean shave.

However, some men look incredible with a beard, and we can’t help but admire them. For instance, Drake, we aren’t sure that Kiki loves him, but she likes his beard. If you look good with it, people will compliment you. 

Most of the wealthiest people in the world shave their beards, and they couldn’t be wrong. I think it has to do with “I’m busy, and I don’t have any time to treat my beard.”


Rearing a beard or shaving the whole of it is up to you, but if I were asked, I would say you will have a cleaner face if you shave. You don’t have to cut the whole of it, but leaving a bush is not hygienic at all. 

 You would have some dead skin and some micro-beings hiding there. If it all you have to grow it, maintain it. Otherwise, I suggest clean shave is the way to go.

For clean shaving, you can opt for SOOCAS S3 Electric Shaver which is the only electric shaver that I use. SOOCAS by Xiaomi is the best shaver you can ever get, and you can use it for one hour straight after fully-charging it. 

It’s light and feels good on the hand. The three heads provide an effortless shave. You can explore it yourself!

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