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Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: Which One Is Better? Actually, You Can Save $200!

Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: Which One Is Better? Actually, You Can Save $200!

AMAZFIT NEXO is one of the latest smartwatches released in June 2019 by HUAMI, a XIOAMI sub-brand. AMAZFIT NEXO is also referred to as Amazfit Smartwatch 2. 

Amazfit is quite cheaper and embodies fantastic features that digital watch users will find interesting. It comes in three models. There is a white Avengers Endgame Version, of which only 5000 units were produced. 

There is also the standard version, which has no ECG. Then there is a higher version that features ECG sensors. 

In September, Apple also released Apple Watch 5, which is an upgraded version of Apple watch 4. Both smartwatches are attractive. Which one should you choose?

Now, we're comparing Huami's Amazfit Nexo with Apple Watch 2 to see their similarities and differences.

Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: Design

Amazfit Nexo has a simple look despite having so many features embedded, unlike the relatively flashy-looking Apple Watch 5. All Amazfit Nexo versions come with ceramic finishes for enhanced durability. 

Apple Watch 5 comes in both titanium and ceramic finishes so users can choose a cheaper yet durable alternative from both options. 

Talking about size, Apple Watch 5 comes in two distinct dimensions 40mm: 40 x 34 x 10.7mm and 44mm: 44 x 38 x 10.7mm. Amaz Nexo has a diameter of 35.4mm and is 13.7 mm thick. Both have excellent screen touch and water-resistance capacities.

Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: Display

Amazfit Nexo delivers a 1.39-inch AMOLED color display while Apple watches 5 offers a 1.78-inch LTPO OLED display. Both digital wristwatches use a Retina-grade digital display. 

Screen resolution for Apple Watch 5 reads 324 x 394 pixels/368 x 448 pixels while that of Amazfit Nexo says 454脳454 pixels.

Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: Processor and Storage

Amazfit Nexo runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 2500 processor, which is one of the fastest processors used by new generation digital smartwatches. It comes with 512MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage, just like its previous model, Amazfit smartwatch.

Apple Watch 5, on the other hand, runs on Apple's dual-core, 64-bit S5 CPU. Apple has only officially announced that S5 is two times faster than S3 CPU featured in Apple Watch 3. Apple Watch 5 has a 32GB internal storage.

Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: ECG Functionality

Both Amazfit Nexo and Apple Watch 5 offer excellent ECG features. However, Apple Watch 5 offers less ECG options when compared to Amazfit Nexo. 

One plus for Apple Watch 5 is the emergency feature, which automatically places an emergency call when it suspects the user is likely to have a cardiac arrest. One downside to Amazfit Nexo is that the full ECG features are only available in China. 

Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: e-Sim Functionality

Apple Smartwatch 3 series have e-sim capacities, and this feature is replicated in Apple Watch 5. Amazfit Nexo also has e-sim functionality. With e-sim, users don't need to put their sim in the watch before they can make calls from the sim. 

There is also no need to connect their smartwatch to their Androids or iPhones before they can make use of added functions that come with having a sim card registered in the smartwatch.

Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: Extra Features

 Amazfit Nexo offers many display modes from which users can choose. It has the potential to work perfectly with QQ Music and subsequent QQ applications. It can also be used in Xiaopeng P7 cars as a digital car key.

Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: Battery Life

Both Smartwatches feature Lithium-ion batteries. However, Amazfit Nexo boasts of 28 hours of battery life when the watch's full functionality features are in use. Apple Watch 5 can only do 18 hours of continuous use. This may also because its screen never sleeps.


Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: Price and Availability

Amazfit Nexo standard International version costs approximately 999 yuan (about $144). Each of the 5000 units of Avengers Endgame Limited Edition version is at around 1499 yuan ($216). 

The top ECG version is currently sold at about 1299 yuan ($187). One important point to note is that for the moment, the ECG feature is only available in China.

Coming to Apple Watch 5, everyone knows the pricing pattern of Apple brands. The usual Apple Watch 5 aluminum finish costs about 399 euros. Expect to pay around 499 euros if you desire the LTE feature. 

Switching to the titanium or ceramic finish can also be quite pricey. On availability, all versions of Apple Watch 5 are available for order worldwide.

Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5: Analysis

Based on outlook, Apple Watch 5 seems to gain the upper hand. This is not surprising as Apple products have a big thing for the looks. And of course, good looks and class up to justify the price to some extent.

Amazfit Nexo has a higher display quality from the specs on the resolution given above. One should find the watch's interface quite exciting, thanks to the AMOLED colorful display. 

Apple also shows high-quality resolution. However, when you compare the background display of both smartwatches, the difference is clearly in favor of Amazfix Nexo.

Talking about battery life, Amazfix Nexo carries the day. Its lithium-ion battery supports well above 20 hours of use with full functionality. Apple Watch 5 can last for 18 hours with full functionality in the application. 

The difference in battery life, which is about 5 hours, is quite huge. With Amazfit Nexo, users can expect to use their smartwatch for longer before they need to recharge. 

Apple Watch 5 should still be credited for up to 18 hours uptime because the watch displays continuously. Users don't need to tap the screen before basic features such as time, date, and location are displayed.

Another issue with both smartwatches is the availability of their full features. For instance, only China residents can fully maximize Amazfit Nexo's full ECG capacities. 

For Apple Watch 5, the e-sim functionality is still relatively new to some countries. It means users outside the UK, Europe, and the USA may not be able to enjoy the e-sim functionality to the fullest.

Coming home to price, it is quite remarkable that Amazfit Nexo offers three variants of its latest model for less than $250. The least priced Apple Watch 5 sells for about $420. It means no matter which variant of Amazfit Nexo you buy, you can save as much as $200.

Amazfit NEXO vs. Apple Watch 5 Comparison: Conclusion

Having compared the specifications, functionalities, limitations, and prices of Amazfit Nexo and Apple Watch 5, it is glaring Amazfit Nexo is the cheaper alternative. 

Its external look may not be as appealing as Apple Watch 5, but it has incredible features embedded, which is a good deal for its relatively low price. 

Be sure to check for more information about Amazfit Nexo Smartwatch.

Amazfit Nexo 4G Smart Watch Phone 512MB 4GB Built-in eSIM 1.39 inch AMOLED Screen 454 x 454 Resolution 10 Sports Modes



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