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Utorch R9S Colorful Ambient Light II: The Simplest Way to Keep a Good Mood and Make Her Say, "YES, I DO"

Utorch R9S Colorful Ambient Light II: The Simplest Way to Keep a Good Mood and Make Her Say, "YES, I DO"

Setting up the ideal lighting is to create magical lighting effects in your bedroom. Once you find the right balance between different types of lighting, You will be able to enjoy the lighting effect for any mood with just a flick of a switch.

What is Ambient Light?

Ambient light, also known as general lighting, is created by the rays of natural light coming through the doors or windows in a particular room. 

It can also be created artificially, just like other regular lights. Ambient light is diffused equally throughout the space. The rays of natural light travel in random directions. Unlike direct lighting, ambient lighting gives a soft glow that is enough for normal functioning. 

Photographers and cinematographers define ambient light as "Natural light." However, Interior designers create a fantastic environment by making the artificial lighting of a particular room as natural as possible. Ambient lighting is the base lighting layer for task lighting and accent lighting.

How can ambient light be used?

When used intelligently, Ambient light creates a perfect environment that allows you to relax after spending a stressful and tiresome day. Ambient light is often known as "Mood Lighting" because it blankets your personal space with a soft glow. 

It also captures the curves of your face softly and creates the right feel of coziness and romance. Ambient light is ideal for bedrooms and other relaxing areas in the house. This light is not suitable for working places where sharp, direct lighting is required. 

Recently some yoga studios have also begun using ambient lighting to create a comfortable environment. Lights like pendants, recessed, track, chandeliers, and ceiling are most recommended for creating ambient lighting.

Recommended Ambient Light:

We recommend you to bring Utorch R9S Colorful Ambient Light II for fantastic lighting experience. Yourselves can assemble the lamp. 

As our Utorch R9 full moon light gained so much love and appreciation by the users, we have optimized the product carefully and got the second generation of Utorch R9S full moonlight. 

The lamp ring now adopts the high-grade automobile surface primer process to make the electrophoretic paint film even and smooth. Its compact packaging design makes it easier to carry everywhere.

Main Features:
Ø 72 RGB with 42 lighting colors, creating a dreamy and cozy environment for you.
Ø Full moon design is not just decorative but is also very space convenient.
Ø With the help of remote control, find the right lighting effect for your bedroom.
Ø Its adaptive mode has customized lighting presets. It allows you to switch between six preset lighting effect modes, four lighting effect speeds, and four brightness effect levels (in static mode only).
Ø It also has convenient lighting memory.
Ø One-click to switch between warm white and rainbow vortex.

If you're also thinking about upgrading your interior style, don't miss the fancy Utorch R9S Colorful Ambient Light. It gives a gentle illumination to a dark corner of your lounge, and it's fun to change the colors. 

Flashing modes may be wonderful for a party at night. The remote control is easy to use and very responsive. I recommend it! 

You can get your Utorch R9S Colorful Ambient Light II from Gearbest and benefit from the discount of 26% OFF now. The stock is limited, so hurry up before the sale ends.

Utorch R9S Colorful Ambient Light II



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