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Xiaomi's New Arrival: A must-have repair tool with super high torque for men, Mijia Electric Screwdriver Set

Xiaomi's New Arrival: A must-have repair tool with super high torque for men, Mijia Electric Screwdriver Set

Believe it or not, every man grow out of a boy who is absorbed in the world of disassembly. They often manage to take apart four-wheel driver cars, computers, smartphones, etc., and can't help exclaiming the admirable workmanship.

Recently, Xiaomi Mijia has launched an ultimate tool for faster disassembly by doubling efficiency.

Generally speaking, products from Xiaomi Mijia are cost-effective, attractive, and practical. Mijia and Wowstick once cooperated and created a well-received screwdriver kit and 8 in 1 ratchet screwdriver. I have written reviews for them before. 

Every time Xiaomi releases a product, I would buy one. A straight man cannot have too many screwdrivers. After all, we're good at disassembly. 

Well, let's have a look at the new arrival, Xiaomi Mijia MJDDLSD001QW LED Electric Screwdriver.

It comes with an exquisite black hardshell zipper bag. After we use this kind of tools, we put it aside randomly, because the storage is troublesome. It's nice that there is a specially designed storage bag for the new Mijia electric screwdriver.

The first time I took it out, I thought it was a hairdryer. Excuse me. The hairdryer isn't so small. 

This product has won the German iF Industrial Design Award 2019. Its appearance is absolutely attractive. In the box are the screwdriver body, a charging cable, a storage box for the bits, an instruction manual, a storage bag. 

The screwdriver features a unibody design, which two layers of UV coating on the surface. 

It is made of engineering plastic material, dirt-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-skip, comfortable to grip for any adult.

▲ Push-button of the electric screwdriver

Gently press it, and power it up. There are 3 LED lights on the bit so you can easily see any detail in the dark.

Will you misuse the electric screwdriver? 

Not, not at all. As you can see from the picture, the screwdriver is not rotating, turned off.  

You can choose from L (loosen), off, R (tighten) by using the button on the top.

The electric screwdriver has a USB Type-C interface for charging. 

The built-in 2000mAh large-capacity battery allows you to turn 180 self-tapping screws, 200 ordinary screws, which is enough for assembling of a piece of furniture, for example, a baby crib.

The sleeve works with the general hexagonal screwdriver bit, providing up to 5N.m torque. 

It seems not that considerable (Afterall, it doesn't work as an electric drill), but it is enough for turning screws.

It comes with a storage box contains 12 screwdriver bits and an extension rod. 

Cross: PH1/PH2/PH3; 

Hexagonal: H3 / H4 / H5; 

Slotted: SL4/SL6; 

Torx: T15/T20/T25; 

Pozidriv: PZ2; 

Extension rod: 60mm

The sleeve and the bits are magnetic, which is easy to install. However you shake them, they won't be separated from each other. 

For some out-of-reach places, you can use the extension rod. 

Both the sleeve and bits can be rotated smoothly, as if concentric. After the extension rod is used, there will be slight vibrations, but it is normal.

This picture demonstrates the operation of this product. It is so convenient to use, small and portable in hand. Let's look at the demo:

▲ With a variety of bits, it can deal with all kinds of screws

▲ When the length is not enough, the extension rod comes in handy 


On the whole, this product is for home use, i.e., amateurs, but not extremely demanding users. The new Mijia electric screwdriver (3.6V) can meet the needs of turning ordinary household screwdrivers, saving effort and time. 

You don't have to worry that your hand might be numb or sore.  


1. So beautiful that I don't think that it is just an electric tool, but an artwork. 

2. Small and portable, with a built-in battery, rechargeable. 

3. With a complete set of bits, and a storage bag.

4. Practical, for most household needs, with LED lights. 


1. You can't use it to punch a hole. However, this is not a defect with the positioning of this product taken into account. 

2. After a screw is tightened, it can't stop automatically. I have used similar products before, which have such a function. Without the function, the screwdriver bits will be damaged over time.

Xiaomi Mijia MJDDLSD001QW Home Electric Screwdriver with 12 Pieces S2 Bits



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