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DOCTOR.B BET - C01 Electric Toothbrush Under $27 from Xiaomi Youpin: Sleek Design at a Low Price

DOCTOR.B BET - C01 Electric Toothbrush Under $27 from Xiaomi Youpin: Sleek Design at a Low Price

I mean is there anything Xiaomi is not doing? I am a fan of Xiaomi products since I use their smartwatch which is a great product. 

Later, I check every one of their products including their toothbrushes too. And I am really excited to share my experience with you guys. 

DOCTOR.B Electric Toothbrush from Xiaommi

The unit of the box contains the brush head, the wireless charging dock, some paperwork, a pack of colorful rings to change and use for different individuals. And a premium looking travel box. 

Now let us talk about the inside features down.

-  Double brush heads

-  Waterproof IPX7

-  Powerful magnetic motor

-  Battery power of 700mAh

-  31,000 per minute frequency

-  Low noise technology

-  Wireless charging

-  2 brush modes

-  Anti-splash

Why did I purchase it?

I purchased this brush for so many things. It is very light and it cleans my mouth deeply. It helps me preventing from plagues and decay. 

The crazy thing is that I can connect it with the Xiaomi App and get the custom feature. It is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the battery damage. The charging dock is very useful - just put it on the stand and you are good to go. 

How does it meet my expectations? Why would I recommend it?

It meets my expectations in so many ways. I am really impressed by the low cost and best features. If you care enough about your teeth you will want to buy this, too. The two modes are the stander and gentle mood. And I was amazed to find out how both modes work. 

Another thing is the long battery life. Once fully charged it can keep going for weeks, which is crazy. My tooth bled a lot, I was tired of using different kinds of toothpastes, and I also took medicine before. But after getting this electric toothbrush, the bleeding problem is gone now.

How did I test it?

I tested it on myself. I had many electric brushes in the past, but I couldn’t clean my teeth well, so it was obvious why I bought this product. It works fantastic even after so many months. 

The standard mode is a little aggressive, but the gentle mode works like magic. I was most excited about the Apps, so I tested it on the app. The customized features are great and the app works smoothly - it monitors your every brushing activity. 

Main advantage/ disadvantage?

There are many advantages of this brush. The high-density brush modes and double heads that can help you clean it properly. Its waterproof technology is really helpful as I am one of those people who brush in the shower mostly. This technology is insane my teeth and gum are never damaged but taken good care of. 

The smart reminder helps you to allocate an equal amount of time to brush your teeth in different zones.

The only problem I find is the language in the App which is in Chinese. I mean Xiaomi's being such a big company that doesn’t put English in the App.

Who should buy it?

Anyone who cares about their teeth should definitely give it a go. As compared to other electric brush in this price range it’s got a lot to offer. 

And if the App doesn’t bother you, this is the product for you. It’s fantastic the quality feels so good. It is easy to operate by a one-touch control button. The battery power lasts more than two weeks once the wireless charging is completed. 

The weight of the product is very light. You can charge it in your car and use the same charging adapter as your phone. The travel case is easy to keep anywhere you go and it is best for people who travel a lot. It will only take little space in your suitcase. The diameter is 25mm, handheld and small. I bought it in white color which is the only color. 

You can get the user manuals inside the box to simply use it. The functions are pretty simple, and anyone can operate it. The price range is different for different countries but checks online to get amazing discounts under $27 on Gearbest. 

I recommend it to my friends and they love the product, so I am very certain you guys will love it, too.

DR.BEI BET - C01 Sonic Electric Toothbrush from Xiaomi Youpin



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