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How To Choose An Eye Protection Table Lamp?

How To Choose An Eye Protection Table Lamp?

In our generation, the number of myopic people is increasing, due to the limit on technology and negligence in eye protection. To protect kids’ eyes, a lot of people tend to choose eye protection table lamps.

After researching, I’ve found miscellaneous products on the market, ranging from affordable brands to expensive ones.

Recently, I’ve studied some top-selling and cost-effective table lamps by comparing their specs, pros, and cons. I am excited to share with you my findings. Read this article, and you’ll be able the choose the right eye protection table lamp.

What should you consider when buying an eye protection table lamp?


Now, the latest eye protection desk lamps have a round bulb, mainly to improve the illuminance. Illuminance refers to the illumination angle range and uniformity of illumination. According to national standards, the illuminance can be classified as AA or A. There is no doubt that AA is the best choice.

Stroboscopic effect:

Strobe means instability of light. The illumination of incandescent bulbs relies on high temperature, so it is not a strobe light. However, as for LEDs, the operating current of the light source changes as the input voltage fluctuates, which directly causes flashes of light, producing the stroboscopic effect. To minimize the effect, a good driver circuit and an anti-flicker circuit are indispensable.

Color rendering index:

The higher the color rendering index, the color of the object itself will not be distorted in the light. The color rendering index of LED desk lamps was about 85% before; now it can be up to 95% with technological progress.

Blue light hazards:

In terms of LEDs, we can’t help worrying about the blue light hazards. Different kinds of lights work differently, and their spectra vary. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LEDs emit more blue light.

Among all visible lights, the blue-violet light is the most powerful, so we are afraid that it harms the human body. The reason why we emphasize the blue-violet light is that the energy of ultraviolet light is the highest in sunlight. As we all know that it is risky to expose ourselves to ultraviolet light, so we apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses in summer.

To reduce the impact of blue light on the human body, many countries now recommend using high-quality LED lamp beads or warm white lamps (whose color temperature is below 3000K) for household lighting.

International Commission on Illumination classifies lights into four groups based on the level of blue light: non-hazardous (RG0), low risk (RG1), medium risk (RG2), and high risk (RG3). We can also refer to German TÜV Rheinland certification for Low Blue Light. As long as a lamp has the certification, we don’t need to worry about the blue light hazard.

With all these concerns, I’ve found some test results and evaluated 28 eye protection LED table lamps on the market by using professional instruments.

Now, let's take a look at some well-received LED eye protection table lamps.

1. Panasonic HHLT0623


Luminous flux: 800lm

Wattage: 19W

Life: 20,000 hours

Function: stepless dimming, off delay timer, countdown timer, automatic dimming

Color temperature: 4000K

Color rendering index: >90

Panasonic is famous for its LED lighting business. The low price of HHLT0623 means cost-effectiveness. The color rendering index is higher than 90 (95, according to my test). Additionally, it offers a variety of functions.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of Panasonic products. The color temperature of the lamp is 4000K, catering for most people who prefer cold colors. The power of the lamp is 19W, and its luminous flux is up to 800lm. The lamp is super bright, great for photography.

Cons: The height of the lamp is only 445mm, which is too low, not good for those who need to look at the monitor. According to a few users, s transformer buzzes when the lamp is off.

2.Yeelight YLTD04YL (Yeelight Smart Eye Protection Table Lamp Pro)

Yeelight has been very hot in recent years. I purchased this one from Gearbest. The YLTD04YL is the highest-end Yeelight table lamp. Yeelight offers so many models that you might be confused. It is recommended to look at the product model)

Product Name: Yeelight LED

Model: YLTD04YL

Product size: 330mm x 200mm x 500mm

Luminous flux: 650lm (-10%/+20%)@4000K

Color rendering index: ≥95

Brightness:100lm - 650lm (adjustable)

Rated power: 15W

Function: stepless dimming, off delay timer, countdown timer, intelligent control

The most significant feature of this LED table lamp is the SunLike LED emitter manufactured by Seoul Semiconductor. Compared with the traditional LED light source, its spectrum is closer to the solar spectrum. It further eliminates blue light hazards. Since the table lamp incorporates Mijia smart control module, we can remote control it with our phone or by voice.

Cons: Although it has top specs comparable with Panasonic HHLT6023, the lamp uses a violet emitter, lowering the illuminance and color rendering index. Moreover, due to the newly designed SunLike LED chip, the price of Yeelight YLTD04YL is high.

Yeelight YLTD04YL Pro Smart LED Eye-care Desk Lamp ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



3.Yeelight YLTD03YL (Yeelight Smart Eye Protection Table Lamp)

Product Name: Yeelight LED

Model: YLTD03YL

Product size: 330mm x 200mm x 500mm

Luminous flux: 850lm (-10%/+20%)@3700K

Color temperature: 3700K

Color rendering index: ≥95

Brightness range: 100lm - 850lm (adjustable)

Rated power: 14W

Function: stepless dimming + off delay timer + countdown timer + intelligent control

This is another table lamp from Yeelight. It looks identical to the last one. Their LEDs are different: this one uses SunLike LEDs, the last one uses high-end Samsung/OSRAM LED chips.

Although its spectrum differs from the solar spectrum, the color rendering index and luminous flux of the table lamp are higher, even surpassing

Panasonic HHLT0623. 

It is no question that this table lamp is the most cost-effective.

Yeelight YLTD03YL Smart Adjustable Desk Lamp ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



4. Mijia Table Lamp Pro (MJTD02YL)

Model: MJTD02YL

Illuminance: A

Luminous flux: 700lm

Color temperature range: 2500 - 4800K

Color rendering index: 90

Rated power: 12.5W

Different from Yeelight membership of Xiaomi Ecosystem, Mijia Table Lamp Pro is produced by Xiaomi, different from the Yeelight table lamps which enter the Xiaomi Ecosystem through sponsorship.

Unlike the previously released long lamp, the MJTD02YL light bulb features a round shape.

Compared with Panasonic HHLT0623 and Yeelight YLTD04YL, the color temperature of Mijia Table Lamp Pro can vary from 2500 to 4800K.

However, this also leads to a rather low color rendering index (only 90) and inferior illuminance (A).


The four models above are all excellent LED eye protection table lamps, and each has its unique characteristics. Because these lamps are very competitive in the same price range, I am not going to show you more.

Everyone can analyze and focus on the four aspects when choosing an eye protection table lamp. At present, you can ignore the blue light hazards even if you choose the worst eye protection table lamps of a big brand. 

I recommend the Panasonic HHLT0623 and Yeelgiht YLTD03YL smart table lamp to you. These mid-range models perform very well.

That’s all I want to share with you. I hope that this article can help you to choose the right table lamp. Please hit the applause button for me.

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