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A Can't-Miss Workout Recovery Massage Gun to Ease Sore Muscles! Monclique HQ-1902 Massage Gun Costs Under $90

A Can't-Miss Workout Recovery Massage Gun to Ease Sore Muscles! Monclique HQ-1902 Massage Gun Costs Under $90

Message guns have been a new trend in the fitness club. They have a wide range of users, from professional athletes and recreational gym-goers to the cast of Hollywood celebrities and office workers with chronic pain. They all love these powerful massage guns and recommend them to their friends.

But do these hand-held guns work? 

According to the manufacturers, these hand-held massage guns use a workout recovery technique called "percussive therapy" (also called "percussion massage"). 

And the evidence suggests that percussive therapy helps muscles recover faster, reduce muscle pain and lactic acid build-up, improve range of motion and flexibility, encourage blood flow, and so on.  

So, if you're also looking for a hand-held message gun to recover faster from your next grueling workout and reduce muscle pain, the Monclique HQ-1902 massage gun should be your perfect choice. It's the best massager I've ever tried.

1. Appearance: ergonomic secure-fit design 

The Monclique HQ-1902 message gun uses a cross design. It is similar to all the popular massage guns on the market. Its matte texture makes it look surprisingly decent. 

Different from the other massage guns of a round handle, its handle features a smaller square design, so it's more convenient for women or small-palm guys to hold it. 

It's ergonomic. You can easily hold this vibrating self-massage tool to give yourself muscles rippling.

Moreover, the non-slip design of the handle is also very good. As we know, it's common to get the palm sweaty after a workout. Its smooth textured handle might slip off our hands during the massaging. 

Thankfully, Monclique HQ-1902 massage gun has a sweat-proof and waterproof non-slip surface treatment at the handle, which makes it safer for us to hold the handle, and it is not easy to slip. 

In addition to the black color, there is also a watermelon red color, which is my favorite color. I think it is perfect for girls. 

In terms of the package, there's a slightly plastic smell after I unboxed the package. But the smell disappeared after two days, so it's okay for me.

2. Accessories: 4 different gun heads plus storage box and batteries

Monclique HQ-1902 message gun comes along with four kinds of gun heads. 

The spherical head is the most commonly used; the small flathead is used to massage large muscles because it delivers a stronger intense force. I use the bullet head for punching the pain points to relax accurately for each muscle group. The spine head is mainly for back spine massage, which is more intensive. 

Besides, this message gun set also provides the storage box and batteries, so you don't have to purchase them extra like other products. With the storage box, you can use it conveniently at home or travel, or give it to friends as a present.

3. Practical performance

A. Speed: 5 speeds to meet various needs

The Monclique HQ-1902 massage gun has five speeds designed for different specific purposes, which are helpful for folks who need a massage but aren't sure what they need. 

The five speeds are: 

Speed 1 - 792 r/min to wake up muscles 
Speed 2 - 1288 r/min to relax muscles 
Speed 3 - 1730 r/min to decompose lactic acid 
Speed 4 - 2222 r/min for deep massage
Speed 5 - 2670 r/min, professional mode

These five speeds are enough to meet all kinds of relaxation needs. 

Generally, it's suggested to use the high-frequency (the third gear is recommended) first to relax the surface tissue. Next, adjust it to a low frequency (the first or second gear). Then, press the massage gun to loosen the fascia deeply. 

Overall, the five speeds are enough for whether women, men, or first-time users. And the high speed can definitely meet the needs of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This massage gun is also perfect for office workers and the elderly with chronic pain. 

B. Weight: only weighs half as much as its rivals 

Compared to other massage guns (such as Hypervolt), the Monclique HQ-1902 hand-held massage gun weighs only 0.9kg, which is easy to use, even if a weak girl can use it individually. 

At present, many fascia guns weigh about 1.5kg, which will make it difficult to use after a long time.

3. Noise: feel at ease to use even at night

Another impressive feature of the Monclique massage gun is that the noise is very low. 

I think this owes to its excellent quality brushless motor. It produces only 45dB at low speeds (1-3 speed), so you can feel at ease to use the hand-held gun in the office, yoga room, or at home, even at night. 

However, at the speed of gear 4 - 5, the noise will be relatively increased. It's common, that said, the louder the noise, the faster it spins. For me, even the biggest noise still could be tolerated, but it's not suitable for very quiet occasions. 

4. Battery life: only required to charge once a week

The Monclique HQ-1902 massage gun set contains four 2600mAh batteries in total, with a total battery capacity of 10400mAh. Generally speaking, it is good for us to use the massage gun for about 20 minutes each time. 

The Monclique official claims that this massage gun can be used for 2-3 hours on a full charge. And in the experience, it works as described, only charging once a week is required. 

I appreciate its thoughtful design. The Monclique massage gun has a power display, which helps us to know the remaining battery capacity to refill it with juice in time.

5. Intelligent power timer and memory function 

This Monclique message gun has a power timer. It will work for 10 minutes after being adjusted to each speed gear, and then it will activate the protection system and automatically shut down. 

It's a sign to tell the users that time's up and remind them to do not over-massage. Excessive massage will hurt your muscles or body parts. Massage time for each body part is not the same, so you also need to pay attention to your body health while relaxing.

If you feel that 10min massage is not enough, you can turn on the switch to continue the percussion therapy. 

Monclique HQ-1902 also has a memory function. So, when you re-turned on the message gun, it will automatically run at the same speed last time.

6. Reliable brand and budget-friendly price

More people are keen on sports and fitness nowadays. Because of the excessive exercise and little time to foam roll or get a deep-tissue massage, they tend to choose a hand-held vibrating massage gun to reduce muscle pain.

However, the cost is still one of the main reasons that hold back most people. Before I ordered the Monclique message gun, I did some research on amazon or other online shopping sites like eBay and Aliexpress. Generally, a massage gun costs more than $200, and some brands even cost as much as $350. 

And the Monclique HQ-1902 message gun only costs $85.99 on Gearbest. For this price, it is a great deal for many people (including me). 

Monclique might be an unknown personal-care brand to you, but I have got a good-quality eye massager from this brand before, and I'd like to assure you that it's reliable. 

If you are looking for a therapeutic massager device within your budget of under $100, Monclique HQ-1902 is a can't-miss choice. It's because it provides more settings of speed, power, and motion at this price point. As you may know, most of the less expensive massage guns only come with one mode. 

Grab this steal, and help ease your sore muscles and speed up recovery now!

Monclique HQ - 1902 Massage Tool Adjustable 5 Gear Upgrade Version Deep Percussion Massager



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