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Are You Ready for Your Spooky Halloween Party? Vampire Party or Haunted House? A Complete Must-have Halloween List for You!

Are You Ready for Your Spooky Halloween Party? Vampire Party or Haunted House? A Complete Must-have Halloween List for You!

Hey guys!

I'm your freaky buddy. Long time no see!
I was busy looking for spooky decorations for the upcoming Halloween in the past days.

As we know, we celebrate Halloween every year, so it's really hard to prepare an impressive Halloween party different from the parties in the past years.

So, are there any special ideas for folks who are just too lazy to celebrate this spooky season properly? Here's my wish list to share with you.

To prepare a gourd-geous and cozy pumpkin party for kids:

1. A ~Trick or Treat~ pumpkin candy bag your kiddies will 100% ooh and ahh over. The best part: they won't ask for a deck of witch costume.

DIY Cute Halloween Children Trick or Treat Candy Bag



Or a drawstring candy backpack so your kids can finally embody their all-time-favorite candy.

Halloween Style Drawstring Design Storage Bag Gift Candy Backpack



2. A witch headband to give your children a full Halloween pumpkin outfit so they could play "trick or threat" in a lovely style.

Christmas Halloween Headdress Gifts Ornaments Headband



Or a glowing pumpkin headband children will be as thrilled as these pumpkins. Each kid wants to be an eye-catching evil in a spooky season.

Glowing Light Pumpkin Headband Halloween Costume Party Fancy Festival



3. An LED pumpkin mask you can count on to play a trick no matter where you wear it. 

Halloween LED Mask Creative Pumpkin Modelling



4. A portable pumpkin-shaped fog machine that will bring a creepy vibe to your garden, your neighbors and trick-or-treaters will definitely get a kick out of.

Pumpkin Pail Shape Fogging Machine Halloween Decoration



5. A paper lantern printed with bats, anyone who dares to enter your home on All Hallow's Eve will go ~batty~ over. 

Halloween Creative Decorative Luminous Portative Lantern



6. Skull string lights that'll give your house *just* the right amount of spooky vibes, they look absolutely festive and cozy in your house both during your party and all season long.

LED Decorative Halloween Cute Skull Light String for Festival



7. A pumpkin candle lamp, a must-have for anyone looking to take their Halloween vibes to the next level instead of fighting people at the store for the perfect pumpkin.

Pumpkin LED Electronic Candle Lamp Halloween Decoration



8. A hanging ornament to decorate your door or Halloween tree, it will spice up your fancy pumpkin party.

Halloween decoration door hanging pumpkin witch white ghost hotel KTV shopping mall decoration



9. A pumpkin cake mold so you can replace the candy you're missing out by not trick-or-treating ghosts and witch hats with delicious, fresh-baked edible.

Halloween 3D Pumpkin Silicone Cake Mold Candle Aroma Silicone Mould



10. A pack of skeleton straws in orange tone helps show off your family's Halloween spirit, and your guests will certainly appreciate it.

Pumpkin Skeleton Drinking Straws Halloween Party Decoration 5Pcs/ Set



11. A Halloween pillowcase that'll make your couch both spooky and cozy. I'm beaten after all that Halloween decoration. Time to take a nap!

Halloween Style Pillowcase Digital Print Cushion Cover Polyester Short Plush Material 45 x 45cm



12. A pumpkin printed tapestry so you can celebrate Halloween in an easier way, you don't need to prepare too many props, just a tapestry will create a cozy Halloween vibe, and your guests won't even realize you were too lazy to bother decorating the rest of your apartment.

Halloween Pumpkin Pattern Background Tapestry



13. A black-n-orange-toned carpet mat you can use to greet your guests at the door and let 'em know both you and your kittens have been waiting long for their coming.

Halloween Series Cartoon Cat Pattern Printed Carpet Mat



14. An evil pumpkin hoodie in case you want to give your friends a surprise while trick-or-treating.

Men's Halloween Pumpkin Monster Print 3D Pattern Hoodie



To prepare a vampire party or haunted house:

1. A pair of soft elf ears that will make you look fantastic or creepily like an Avatar.

Soft Elf Ears Cosplay Accessories Halloween Party Pointed Prosthetic Tips



Or ghost nails that'll scare your guests' faces and run away as soon as they see it.

10PCS Halloween Tricky Prop Toy Masquerade Simulation Ghost Nails



2. A spooky hoodie that will bring a graveyard-like vibe to your party. (Psst! Don't wake up my blood bride.)

Men's Hoodie Trendy Print Halloween



Or a skeleton printed cloak with a horror skull mask to greet your ghost friends and create a spooky vibe.

Horror Skull Mask Skeleton Printed Cloak



3. A scary pig head mask that you can count on to elicit actually terrified screams from your guests. Isn't Halloween just the best?!

Scary Style Latex Pig Head Full Face Mask for Halloween Costume Party



Or a horrific girl latex mask that will scare your guests more than any costume you could pick out.

Horror Latex Mask Masquerade Halloween Party Bar Supply



Or a spooky ghost face latex mask so you can wander in the haunted house like a real ghost and show up in the corner to catch your guests' screams.

Yeduo Horrible Toothy White Long Hair Ghost Face Latex Soft Mask Halloween Party Prop Costume Mus



4. A pair of glowing gloves that'll drive children crazy in an eerie light.

LED Rainbow Glowing Gloves Halloween Decoration Gift Magic Props



5. Skull vintage ring you'll definitely find ~humorous~. Like I said, minimum effort, maximum Halloween spirit.

Halloween Zinc Alloy Male Personality Vintage Ring



6. LED candle light that'll give your house *just* the right amount of spooky vibes — especially when the wind blows the light to reveal a silhouette of the bloodcurdling pattern.

Halloween Subject LED Candle Transparent Wind Light



7. A bat and spider table cloth you can count on for a traditional vampire party.

Halloween Lace Bat Spider Pattern Table Cloth



8. A Hip-hop skull style tapestry definitely turns the traditional haunted house into a modern disco. Wow, all the skeletons are dancing, what a fun party!

Halloween Hip Hop Printed Polyester Sanded Tapestry



9. A witch jar style fogging machine that'll bring a graveyard-like vibe to your party — this may just be what you need to get everyone on board with recreating scenes from the "Thriller" music video.

Halloween Witch Jar Fogging Machine Funny Decorative Toy



10. A pack of a virtual hairy spider to decorate your haunted house and show up your Halloween spirit.

Halloween Decoration Virtual Realistic Hairy Spider



11. A pair of voice-activated glowing glasses you can use in your hip-hop skull party. So cool~

Halloween Voice-activated Mixed-color Illuminating Glasses Toys



12. A skull cup that'll make your party tastier, Halloween vibe couldn't be ignored even for a drink. I'm not that lazy to celebrate, OK?

Sizes Halloween Skull Cup Wine Head Creative Party Drink Ware Transparent



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