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Hubsan Zino 2 In-depth Reviews: Best Alternative to DJI Mavic Mini Under $400, with 4K-60fps Camera & 6km RC Distance

Hubsan Zino 2 In-depth Reviews: Best Alternative to DJI Mavic Mini Under $400, with 4K-60fps Camera & 6km RC Distance

Drone technology is continually evolving as innovation is increasing the popularity of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology. One of the most popular drone manufacturers on the market is Hubsan. Having manufactured the Hubsan H117S Zino and Hubsan Zino Pro, the company has introduced a more advanced drone to the market – Zino 2

Hubsan made a great effort in the Zino 2. The latest drone is an affordable 4K@60fps 3-axis drone, which is an upgrade to its predecessors 4K@30fps. The drone has GPS (and GLONASS) supported functions and a tracking feature. The camera suspension is, of course, a 3-axis gimbal. For the first time, the remote control includes a display with information about the aircraft, but in addition, the smartphone is mounted underneath, on which the live image of the camera is displayed. 


Size (folding): 216.5 x 129.0 x 94.9 mm

Size (expand): 326.0 x 260.0 x 94.9 mm

Multiple flight modes: position control using optical flow and uses GPS for movements

Drone battery: Intelligent Battery 17.4V 3400mAh, 240 minutes charging time

Maximum flight time: about 23 minutes

Maximum flight height: 500 meters

Processor: Ambarella H22 Image Chip

Camera: Built-in Ultra HD 4K Aerial photography

Image resolution: Sony 1/2.3″ 12MP CMOS image sensor (80° FOV)

Video resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160) at 60fps (frames per second) (100Mbps bitrate)



For the first time, Hubsan boasts a better camera. The Zino 2 comes with an upgraded camera, from 4K-30fps (in its predecessors) to 4K-60fps. The size of the lens is larger, with a much better effect of low light. The camera hardware support delayed shooting and lossless output of captured photos in RAW format.

Remote Control

Unlike the H117S Zino and Zino Pro, the remote control in Zino 2 is equipped with more precise control, within your reach. The controller uses the joystick to achieve the omnidirectional operation, which helps to avoid the direction limit. A notable upgrade is the remote control distance – increased from 1km (as seen in its predecessors) to 6km. 

In addition to the extended control range, Zino 2 comes with an integrated LCD monitor that displays detailed information about the drone. You can even mount your phone via USB underneath the built-in retractable phone holder to watch the live transmission of the camera. 


Hubsan Zino 2 comes with a 3-axis mechanical Gimbal (suspending the camera) that is meant to enhance the drone’s stability and image sharpness. The camera suspension allows you to adjust the camera to a particular angle smoothly. Stable adjustment of the camera provides smooth videos without a jello effect, even in high speed and strong wind.


The Zino 2 quadcopter comes with a 3, 400mah battery, which can last up to 33 minutes. The lipo battery is bigger and can be charged for approximately two hours. Thanks to this upgrade, the range of the Hubsan Zino 2 has been improved and can currently travel up to 6 km.


In terms of design, the Hubsan Zino 2 is compact, making it easier to travel with. Though it is about 200 grams heavier than its predecessor, the additional weight could be for the battery, which is bigger (in size and capacity). The quadcopter is built strong to can endure comparatively harsh weather conditions. 

Flight Performance

Hubsan made a great effort in terms of performance. The flight duration now lasts for 33 minutes, extending the flight time by 10 minutes more than previous models to avoid spoiling your pleasure when the battery suddenly runs out during shooting.

Other Features

The drone has GPS (and GLONASS) supported functions and a tracking feature. Image Transmission System LEAS 2.0 Support using the transmitter to control the drone directly. Transmitter with high brightness display real-time display of flight telemetry. High brightness display feature makes it still visible in outdoor sunlight.

Major Drawback

Hubsan made a great effort with the Hubsan Zino 2 however; it lacks a cutting edge feature ‘optical flow stabilization’ or ‘obstacle avoidance sensors.’ This can be worrisome as the drone’s stability can be at stake when closer to the ground.


The Hubsan Zino 2 is available to pre-order now at discount price sells for $399. By January 2020, the device will officially go on sale for $499.


Though it lacks the ‘no obstacle avoidance’ sensors, the Hubsan Zino 2 is still one of the most budget-friendly devices on the market. For about $400, you can get the most premium drone features, including 4K@60fps (frame per second) versatile camera.

Hubsan Zino 2 LEAS 2.0 GPS 6KM FPV with 4K 60fps UHD Camera 3-axis Gimbal RC Drone Quadcopter RTF 33mins Flight 3800mAh Battery Online



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