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What a Deal! Alfawise HQB-Q32 TWS Earphones Under $18! Just Pay for 3 Cups of Coffee But Enjoy Private Music Anywhere for Years

What a Deal! Alfawise HQB-Q32 TWS Earphones Under $18! Just Pay for 3 Cups of Coffee But Enjoy Private Music Anywhere for Years

If you are looking for the best TWS earphones under $20, this Alfawise HQB-Q32 TWS earphones could be easily on the top 3. Due to the reliable brand Alfawise, it ranked No.1 on my list.

I don’t know if you have heard of the brand Alfawise, but when you search it on Google, you could see its official website on the top, it looks good and provides so many smart home supplies. After I owned a smartwatch and a TV box from this brand, I fell in love with Alfawise. It’s incredibly surprising that you could nearly get all your wanted from Alfawise at an excellent price. 

(Sorry, it seems too many compliments for the brand. And that’s the way to show you how much I like it.)

Let’s get back to today’s star - the Alfawise HQB-Q32 TWS earphones.

What makes Alfawise HQB-Q32 TWS earphones stand out?

♪ Can’t beat them for the price

They cost under $20, which is almost lower than the bill for 3 cups of coffee (Emm...that’s what I pay for my coffee every day). With excellent sound quality, they are an awesome budget alternative to the more expensive types.

♪ Unique LED display on the charging dock

This pair of Alfawise HQB earphones have a unique LED display on the charging dock, so you can easily see the remaining electricity in real-time and refill the charging dock with juice in time.

♪ Carry-on 1500mAh power bank

You read that right. What you pay for is not just a pair of TWS earphones, as well as a portable power bank with 1500mAh capacity. 

Its charging dock can not only power up these earphones but also can be used as a mobile power bank to charge your phone or other mobile devices anytime. 

Next, let’s move on to see their practical performance.

♫ Sound quality

These earphones surprised me with a quality above expectations, absolutely more than what I expect for the price. 

It has an excellent sound, and you won’t miss the nice bass and treble whatever you are listening to your music or watching the YouTube, you can feel at ease to enjoy beautiful and clear sound. 

♫ Comfortable fit

Alfawise HQB earphones come with 3 pairs of earplugs in the right size, they fit snuggly, always one size fits your ears well. So far, they stay comfortable with my ears and don’t fall by accident even when I’m jogging.

♫ Ease of use - Touch control

They have a touch to play/pause music, skip music to the previous/next song, answer/hang up/reject the calls. 

You can easily control them with simple a hands-up tap on the touch button nearby your ears. 

Additionally, it’s convenient that you can use the earphones as single or both, so when the one is charging, you can use the other one earphone.

I recommend everyone who is looking for the best budget yet good-quality wireless earbuds to get this Alfawise HQB-Q32 TWS earphones. For the excellent quality sound, amazing features, and their lovely price, you will be super happy with this lucky purchase. 

Only when you own them, will you know how regretful if only you didn’t get them at such an excellent price. Just grab it now, you won’t go wrong!

Alfawise HQB - Q32TWS Binaural Wireless Bluetooth Mini Earbuds with Power Display



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