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An Experienced User Tells You Whether Xiaomi Mi 9 Is Worth Buying Or Not

An Experienced User Tells You Whether Xiaomi Mi 9 Is Worth Buying Or Not

I've used 4 Xiaomi smartphones, including Note 1, Mi 6, Redmi Note 4X, and the latest Xiaomi Mi 9. As a loyal Mi fan, I want to share with you my experience.

So far, I still think that you can't go wrong with Xiaomi Mi 9, because the MIUI delivers impeccable user experience, and Snapdragon 855 is indeed a fantastic flagship chipset. 

The phone feels great in hand, and you won't have any difficulty in operating it with a single hand. At $419, the phone is not perfect. Next, I will complain a lot about it. Dear readers, please don't mind, as you read reviews not for knowing about only the positive sides.


I chose a dark gray one. Mi 9 is 6.39 inches, which is much bigger than Mi 6 that I've used before, but the tactile experience is equally significant. The edges are rounder than those of Note 1. 

It looks to slim for me. Perhaps I've got used to the look of Xiaomi Mi 6. As the screen is bigger, it shows more contents at one time.

The icon of Internet speed is moved to the left; for that reason, those who are used to small screens might not be able to adapt to the change. They'll have to adjust the line of sight many times. After all, most apps are below it. 

Battery Life

Mi 9 doesn't last as long as Mi 6. Apart from the low battery capacity, the battery drains fast, for which users will probably choose a wireless charger. After a full charge, I used Mi 9 to listen to music and make phone calls for an hour. Then, it had 87% of electricity left.

The power consumed fast because I forgot to configure the settings, the brightness of the screen was too high then, and I kept transferring data via WiFi. 

In my opinion, the battery capacity is not enough for heavy use, but perfect for moderate use. You don't need to worry about power consumption as long as you work in the office. If you need to go outside, it is necessary to take a power bank with you.

Fingerprint Unlocking

I don't know if it is because of the HD screen protector, I often fail to verify fingerprints, especially that of the index finger (maybe my index finger is nonhuman). 

The in-display fingerprint scanner differs a lot from the physical fingerprint scanner. The unlocking speed of Mi 6 as fast as Mi 6 responds to your touch of the menu button and return button. You can barely notice the identification process. 

Therefore, when using Mi 9, I tended to touch twice because the contact time is not enough. I was often anxious because of my failure. 

(Later, I found it was because I was not used to it. I could quickly unlock it the next day. However, the in-display fingerprint scanner works a bit more slowly than the fingerprint scanner button.) 

There will be glaring green light as soon as the phone is unlocked. 

Camera Performance

We don't talk about image quality optimization and 48MP. Unlike the iPhone, the display of Android phones is not perfect, because the colors appear colder. The 48MP mode doesn't support zooming or AI Beauty. 

When it comes to selfies, no one can't help using Mi 9. The Beauty Mode gives you a flawless and natural look. Though I am a big boy, I am addicted to snapping selfies now.

Visual Tracking

The image stabilization is stunning. I can barely notice the camera shaking by watching the video that I recorded while walking. Even though I tilted the phone deliberately, the image won't be shaky. Therefore, it is suitable for those who like recording video clips or vlog on their phones. 


Some guys criticize the sound quality of its speaker. I think they are too demanding. Maybe I am numb and can't hear what's wrong. Nevertheless, with Bluetooth headset, Mi 9 sounds better than Mi 6.

Full-screen Gesture

The function was demonstrated at the launch event. I found it easy to use and convenient. I didn't need any time to adapt to the operation. By the way, the menu bar has been moved to the top left corner. Don't forget about it.

Wireless Charging

It's so fast. I haven't used the quick charge adapter of Mi 9. The experience is already satisfying. The 20W wireless quick charge is extraordinary! After I put down the phone on the desk, well, guess what? I can be worry-free even though I have a date at night.

The phone feels warm, just like charging with a cable. Mi 6 does better in heat dissipation because you can't feel it heats up when playing games. (As for Xiaomi Note Series, it is a disaster. You can feel even the phone case is scorching.) For an ordinary gamer, the heat dissipation of Mi 9 is not bad.

Gaming Experience

Honestly, Xiaomi Mi 9 generates heat, whereas, the games run smoothly without frame drops (as long as the network connectivity is stable). If a phone case is put on, the temperature will increase slightly after four to five rounds, hotter than when the phone is charging.


So far, I have used the phone for over half a month. I am only happy with the problem of disconnection, which makes me more anxious than ever. I haven't met any other problem, such as the light spots in the dark. 

Perhaps I am lucky enough. I hope that all of you can have a good smartphone and that Xiaomi can open more offline stores.

Xiaomi Mi 9 4G Phablet Global Version 6GB RAM



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