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PCH2-C : Small But Very Effective Handheld Tool In Kitchen cleaning.

PCH2-C : Small But Very Effective Handheld Tool In Kitchen cleaning.

Cleaning is something that has always troubled me. I usually just sweep the floor and wipe the dust. Every time I go to clean up, what bothers me most is the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom, which is too hard to wipe, and the oil stains on the range hood are difficult to remove. Because I make three meals a day at home, so the range hood and stove Even if you wipe it every time you finish cooking, you can't avoid many hidden grease stains. I have also tried a lot of degreasing cleaners, as well as life tips, but to be honest, there are not many cleaners that work, and life tips are useless at all.

Two days ago, I heard from a colleague that she started with a very useful automatic kitchen washing machine in Youpin.I imagined that this washer looks like this

But in fact it is like this

One machine has multiple functions. It can not only brush pots, clean floors, walls, bathroom glass but it can do other useful things.It's great for keeping things clean around you.

The outer packaging design is consistent with Xiaomi's fashionable style. From the packaging, you can see that the rendering of this model looks a bit like a facial cleanser

After opening the box I found Shunzao handheld kitchen washing machine main body, hard brush (on the body), cleaning cloth wheel, scouring pad *3, Type-c charging cable, product manual

The overall white design of the Shunzao handheld kitchen washing machine is made of ABS environmentally friendly material. The brush head can be freely replaced by pressing and rotating it clockwise.

On the back is the polar bear icon of Shunzao and the power indicator

The handle contains a physical button, through which you can turn the device on or off, in addition to switchint from the normal cleaning mode for easy stains to the powerful mode for cleaning tough spots

The bottom of the handle is marked with a working voltage of 7.2V, a power of 9W, an input power of 5V 2A, and a waterproof level of IPX7. The charging interface is the currently popular Type-c interface, which is the same interface as electronic digital devices such as mobile phones and notebooks. Charge the Shunzao hand-held kitchen washing machine before using it. It will give you many hours of work during one-time charge

First of all, I will try a simple pot brush. I usually use ordinary scouring pads, but when I encounter a difficult to handle the bottom of the pot, I will use the brush, which is the one in my picture.

Now I use the Shunzao handheld kitchen washing machine. It is very convenient to start it with one button. The bristles of the flat-head brush are quite hard, and the effect of removing stains can be achieved through high-speed rotation so this device is good for cleaning pots, bowls, and kitchen tiles,small floor area and so on

Then there are the most important parts, the stove and the range hood wich is i bought the Shunzao handheld kitchen cleaner for
The picture shows a range hood degreaser sprayed on the range hood first, and I should wait for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, I clean it with a Shunzao handheld kitchen washing machine. The look before and after use.

it is a powerful gear, let alone save time and effort.

After half an hour of work, looking at the comparison photos before and after cleaning, the cleaning effect is remarkable. The high-performance motor of Shunzao handheld kitchen washing machine can guarantee lasting power, bring strong cleaning effect, and remove stubborn stains.

The surface of the cooktop is easy to scratch. I usually use ordinary scouring pads for washing dishes, but the scouring pads are completely incapable of serious oil stains. This time I replaced the brush head of the Shunzao handheld kitchen washer with The cleaning cloth wheel and the self-contained scouring pad are suitable for use on stovetops, tiles, bathtubs, and glass surfaces, which are resistant to scratches.

After a while, the stove is cleaned, and the comparison pictures before and after cleaning can clearly see that my stove is instantly become clean like a new one.


 Shunzao handheld kitchen washing machine is really good and worth it, it's power points is the nylon brush head, high hardness, good resilience, durable wear, suitable scouring pad for cleaning everything,easy to hang and also it's can surfaces without making any damage. 

It can be cleaning things efficiently without fear of stubborn stains. It can be said to be a kitchen cleaning artifact. It also supports underwater work. It has IPX7 waterproof and last for a long time. it's a cheap and easy to use device that can make the cleaning precess more easy and fun. 

PCH2-C Handheld Kitchen Cleaner Electric Washing Machine



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