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The Best Night Light Out There! Xiaomi Mijia MJYD01YL Sensor Night Light!

The Best Night Light Out There! Xiaomi Mijia MJYD01YL Sensor Night Light!

We faced a big problem about one year ago. At night, we didn’t know whether it was because of aging, we woke up and went to the bathroom. We did not have any night light and so there was really no way to see anything other than switching on the lights and hence troubling everyone. 

We faced many such instances, and thus, we finally decide that we should get one night light that will help us solve this huge problem. 

Therefore, we started researching many different night lights. But unfortunately, we were not able to find one optimum night light. 

But one day, we visited our friend’s house, and we saw this beautiful night light. He said that this is the Xiaomi Mijia MJYD01YL Sensor Night Light.

Why I like it:

He said that this one is the best-seller and that we should also get this night light. We immediately ordered this Xiaomi Mijia MJYD01YL Sensor Night Light. And this thing has changed our lives. 

This thing has changed our lives, and now we do feel that I should share the different features that this thing has. This thing has an extraordinary 120-degree sensing distance with a range of five to seven meters. 

That means that whenever I or anyone in my family enters the room, it automatically lights up in the dark. The human body induction is by far one of the best and the most convenient aspect about this night light.

The next thing would be that this thing does not need any wires. Hence, you have to stick this night light on a wall with 3M glue, and you are good to go! You can place this night light anywhere, near your bed, in the kitchen, or wherever you find it necessary. 

We were able to adjust the color temperature, brightness, and almost everything in this night light, which enhanced the user experience of this thing.

But the best thing about this will be the power efficiency of this thing. This night light uses 3 AA batteries as a power source with which one can use this night light for one full year or half a year depending upon its usage. 

We got more than one year’s lifespan with this night light. The night light is so energy-saving that help us cut down your cost for the electricity. 

I love this feature of this thing. It creates a big difference in my electricity bill. Its power is so low, and it automatically turns on/off. 

I don't need to bother groping in the darkness for the switch, and I won't wake up my husband, either. The light is not glaring at all, which is nice.

This night light is made from safe environmental material, such as the ABS material and high-density polyethylene. Many night lights use materials such that are not friendly to mother nature. 

The environmentally friendly night light makes me feel happy as this thing is not damaging the environment in any way. 

Final verdict:

I want to say that if you are looking for the perfect night light, then you should go with this one without any doubts. 

This night light has undoubtedly made our lives more comfortable, and I’m sure that it will be convenient for you at night once you buy this thing. 

We have already suggested this night light to many people, and they surely loved it. It’s an efficient method to save electricity and also it is more environmentally friendly, really making it stand out among the rest of the night lights that are available in the market. 

Once you start using this night light, you will surely love this thing.

Xiaomi Mijia MJYD01YL Sensor Night Light



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