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NBA Stars Owen & Ross Are Using It! The Percussive Massage Gun Popular Among Gym-goers Is Soooooooo Relaxing!

NBA Stars Owen & Ross Are Using It! The Percussive Massage Gun Popular Among Gym-goers Is Soooooooo Relaxing!

For numerous people, the No.1 new year's resolution is sticking to workout regimens.

Unfortunately, many give up after the first workout because of muscle soreness and pain. 

It is heard that professional athletes and recreational gym-goers stretch their muscles by using a foam shaft, a massage stick, etc.

The effects of these tools are limited. Without professional help, it is difficult to stretch and relax fully.

That's the reason why many people can't stick to the fitness plan. As for Apollo's Belt, firm abs, forget about them! Even losing weight is difficult!

Anyway, how can we relieve muscle soreness after exercise?

To find the best solution, you need to know why the muscles are sore after exercise.

There are a large number of fascia in the human body. The fascia is mainly to reduce the friction between different muscles and help them to contract better.

During exercise, the muscles are innervated; whereas, after exercise, they become relaxed. However, nerves are excited, so muscles may continue to be tense and stiff.

Additionally, some intensive exercises or chronic fatigue due to the same posture cause minor injuries to muscles and fascia.

Moreover, during intensive exercises, the metabolism and the self-protection mechanism are likely to cause discomfort of muscles and fascia.

Some high-end or professional gyms provide an ultimate tool for relaxation, the Percussive Massage Gun.

How does percussive massage gun work?

A massage gun is a percussive massage gun for relieving muscles and fascia.

It uses the high-speed motor to spin the "massager head," which generates high-frequency vibration to ripple the muscles, reducing tension, relieving pain, promoting blood circulation, etc.

Through the vibration, the muscles and fascia relax, so muscle soreness, stiffness, fatigue can be relieved immediately, blood circulation will accelerate to improve the health of tissues.

After workouts, use it for 10 minutes, and you will feel the muscles over the whole body gradually relax. You will be refreshed in an instant, with the entire body at ease. Moreover, there will be no muscle soreness and discomfort the next day.

In short, it is very comfortable after use.

If you see someone in the gym holding a "drill" to drill on his/her own body, don't be shocked. The "drill" is actually "an ultimate massager" popular among fitness enthusiasts in recent years - the percussive massage gun.

Not soreness after workouts but more beautiful muscles 

Compared with the foam shaft, the percussive massage gun offers more precise treatment. It can target any part of the body from various angles and relieve fatigue. The professional massage brings completely different effects to you.

For those who want to build muscles, the percussive massage gun not only eliminates the discomfort after intensive workouts but also promote sympathetic excitation. It makes tissues ready to work with the brain and body. 

Thus, it will be easier for them to get Apollo's Belt, firm abs, beautiful booty.

For most office workers, the shoulder and neck are extremely are prone to be stiff due to extended sedentary time. The massage gun intended for instant relief can prevent you from cervical spondylosis.

After hiking, use it to relax your leg muscles for quick recovery.

Even after lifting heavy objects in daily life, use it, and you can avoid muscle strain in time.

4 massage heads for different parts of the body

This percussive massage gun comes with 4 massager heads:

The U-shaped head is used to massage the spine and the Achilles tendon;

The ball head is used to massage large muscle groups, such as the arm, back, hip, thigh, calf, and more;

The flat head is to offer deep tissue massage for large muscle groups of the body, as well as legs and buttocks;

The conical head is for reaching deep into joints, such as the palms, soles, and other parts.

Each massage head can relax the muscles accurately and efficiently. After training, you won't need too long to relax but get better results.

It takes only 30 seconds to relieve chest muscles, 45 seconds for the abdominal muscles, and 35 seconds for the latissimus dorsi muscles. In total, it takes 10 minutes to relax the whole body.

The program lasts 10 minutes each time. The intelligent timer will turn off the massage gun automatically after time's out.

3 intensity levels to meet different needs

The massage gun meets different needs by providing 3 intensity levels. You can choose according to the exercise intensity and the endurance of your muscles.

For the 1st level, there are 1440 vibrations per minute. The light massage is suitable for daily life.

The 2nd level is professional massage after workouts to relaxing the muscles.

The 3rd level provides up to 2,560 vibrations per minute, which can break down lactic acid and build sexy muscles for a more effective workout.

Used 10 minutes per day, it can work for more than half a month on a single charge.

NBA stars are also using this kind of tools

A few years ago, percussive massage guns were popular among professional athletes.

Professional teams such as the American MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and professional athletes from European football club teams use muscle guns to relieve muscles and for the best status at all times.

▲NBA superstar Owen

▲NBA star Rose uses the massage gun for relaxation in a game

The original price of this percussive massage gun is $114.23. Now, you can have 30% OFF by benefiting from the limited offer of Super Deal.

For only $79.99, you can enjoy professional deep tissue massage.

If you want to be fit and show off muscles, don't miss it!

Muscle Deep Relaxation Fascia Machine Electric Massage Tool



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