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The Coolest Sports Watch - NO.1 F18

The Coolest Sports Watch - NO.1 F18

With regard to the aesthetics of our device, we have a mixture of elegance with a sporty look, being ideal for fulfilling basic functions outside homes and work-spaces without having to disengage completely from daily commitments.

This style has details that provide a subtle touch, mainly brings us 3 dial versions: black, red and green military.  

As for the construction material, the strap is made of TPU and it has a stainless steel body, ideal for its conservation without wear, accompanied by a 3D spherical screen. 


On the sides, we observe 3 buttons, which will help us control and give life to the multiple functions of this device.

To finish, this device was designed for outdoor use, that is, to be able to withstand breezes, dust, dirt or water, which is why it offers us IP68 certification.

Being resistant to water and being able to submerge up to 50 meters deep without causing any damage, It also protects it from bumps and scratches.

The NO.1 F18, in addition to offering an unparalleled design that mixes two styles in one, also incorporates innovative details on its screen that contribute to its appearance, strength, and quality. 

Under this order of ideas, it offers us a greater clarity at any time of the day, either at night or during the day, all these thanks to its lens, which has a spherical and 3D design that provides a more three-dimensional appearance, what generates a curve in its surface.  

This screen is also 1.3-inch color TFT and 240 x 240-pixel resolution for better viewing of applications and, if that is not enough, it is tactile.


The NO.1 F18 does not go unnoticed, as one of the points in its favor is its processor Nordic 52832, quite effective and ideal for different environments.

More than perfect to adapt it with any wireless connection we want, such as Bluetooth , in this case version 4.2 , trained to synchronize with the applications necessary to carry our day to day and by this we mean to receive notifications of WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, among others. 

Also, we can answer incoming calls from our smart-phone without having to take it with us while we take a walk or do some physical activity outside of our homes or workers.

NO.1 F18 GPS Sports Smartwatch



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