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A More Affordable Alternative to Xiaomi Mi 9

Excellent: Samsung AMOLED screen, high-resolution; triple rear camera, with 48MP primary camera and ultra-wide-angle lens to inspect details after zooming multiple times; Snapdragon 712 SoC for high performance and smooth operation
Design highlights: Xiaomi Mi 9 SE uses a Samsung AMOLED screen, and it has up to 90.47% screen-to-body ratio for a broad view - all contents are clear at a glance. The iridescent colors make the smartphone stand out. Apart from the comfortable grip, it looks fashionable and elegant. With NTSC 103.8% color gamut, even if looked in the sunlight, the screen presents clear details to you.
Competitive functions: Powered by Snapdragon 712 quasi-flagship processor, the smartphone runs smoothly with no lags. You can switch among different Apps and games. By using the 48MP primary camera, you can capture a great many details which appear clear after zoomed in. The image sensor is large enough, reducing noise in the photos while making them bright and sharp. The 5th generation fingerprint scanner effectively improves the unlocking speed, so users don't need to wait at all. View More View Less

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