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Without Pet Fostering, How To Deal With Your Cat Staying Alone At Home While Traveling?

Without Pet Fostering, How To Deal With Your Cat Staying Alone At Home While Traveling?

My solution is using a smart pet feeder, an automatic cat litter box, an IP camera, and an automatic water dispenser.

According to my experiment, with these devices, a cat can stay home alone for seven days. 

Contact a friend who is willing to help, in case of an emergency — for example, no water in the water dispenser or power outage. 

Automatic Cat Litter Box

Because I often go on a business trip or travel abroad, so I bought an electronic cat litter box even though on a tight budget. I use clumping clay, which facilitates cleaning. 

The device can automatically detect the cat's urination and cacation. Having a cat, I only need to replace the rubbish bag every two weeks.

Automatic Pet Feeder

It's recommended that you buy Petkit smart food dispenser. It's because it can be controlled via App, and feed a cat according to the brand of the cat food and its weight.

Automatic Convenient Pet Timing Feeder



Automatic Water Dispenser

It is enough to add water once a week. However, I set up three water dispensers at home for just in case.

babycoco Pet Automatic Smart Water Dispenser



Household IP Camera

I set up 6 cameras at my house. I put a Xiaomi camera before the feeder to check whether my kitten takes food or not. The others are Alfawise cameras, with a higher resolution and better night vision performance.

Of course, kittens can enjoy themselves. You don't need to worry about them at all. After you return home, don't forget to reward them with big tins!

Alfawise N816 AI Humanoid Detection 1080P WiFi IP Camera Smart Home Security with H.265 Video Encoding



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