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The Sale of Mosquito Killer Lamp Goes Viral! Safe, Tasteless, Physical Eradication! A Must-have For Babies

The Sale of Mosquito Killer Lamp Goes Viral! Safe, Tasteless, Physical Eradication! A Must-have For Babies

Mosquitoes is human's biggest enemies as summer comes. 

No matter how desperate you are, they will never be wiped out and visit you in time.

Once bitten by a mosquito, you feel itchy and painful. The skin goes aglow and infectious that the sign won’t disappear in just a few days. 

How many times you can’t have sound sleep at night because of the mosquito bites and wanna jump off the building? Did you spend a lot of time killing them in vain and end up in low spirits? 

Look, your forehead and eyelash swell, your baby’s body are bitten ruthlessly that you want to put an end to such suffering.

After you finish preparing the meal, flies and mosquitoes serve themselves before you do, but they’ve just spread “viruses" in the dustbin, now they are on your table and dishes.

According to a survey of the world health organization (WHO), Mosquitoes are the animals that kill the most people! Up to 725,000 a year. In 2015, there were 830,000 people died from mosquito bites.

So far, more than 80 diseases have been transmitted by mosquitoes

For example dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, malaria... Among them, dengue fever and encephalitis are common acute infectious diseases in children, with the characteristics of rapid incidence rate and high mortality.

Do you know? While killing mosquitoes, we kind of take drugs and commit suicide.

In the past hundreds of years, the ways to kill mosquitoes are almost the same. The traditional anti-mosquito products mostly belong to low-toxic pesticide products!

The main components of mosquito incense and electric mosquito incense are pyrethroid chemicals, pesticides DEET, and other chemical carcinogens which affect respiratory health.

The main ingredients of mosquito repellent are DEET and alcohol, which stimulate the skin easily.

Toilet water whose main ingredients are flower dew oil and alcohol is easy to burn and cause skin irritation. Caution before apply it to infants!

Killing mosquitoes for so long, why not change another way instead of applying the toilet water to the body?

Is it better to attract all the mosquitoes to one place and kill them? This is how a new kind of mosquito control technology came into being.

Photocatalytic mosquito killer lamp

Smokeless, non-toxic, non-flammable, super quiet, Air drying photocatalytic mosquito killer!

Pure physical mosquito control, smoke-free and non-toxic fire

Traditional mosquito control either uses toxic liquid gas or depends on reaction and eye-hand coordination. They are neither safe, nor healthy, nor efficient.

The latest high-tech product is the photocatalytic mosquito killer lamp that can kill mosquitoes after plugged in. 

It is well-designed, safe and worry-free to use, emitting no radiation.

Its mosquito control method is very simple, ultraviolet light lures mosquitoes to the turbine, directly absorbing them into the box, and making them dry to death.

Intelligent photocatalysis based on human traits

Photocatalysis is a technology that takes advantages of light, taste, and wind to control mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted by a special light, shadow, and bionic human traits.

Bionic breath:

According to the study of entomologists at California University, mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body, then they move toward the scent of the skin.

So, most of the CDC's mosquito traps are carbon dioxide traps.

When activated, the machine emits 368nm ultraviolet light, releasing carbon dioxide and airflow, like human skin heat dissipation. 

The mosquito takes the lamp for a human being and pounces on the machine.

Different from the design of other mosquito lamps, there is 360 ° hollow in the middle of this one. This design can firmly lock the light source, while not missing any target. The little insects passing by will not survive at all!

If space is 60 square meters, only put 1 photocatalytic mosquito lamp, you can fully cover it, the hunting range is wide. 

It is recommended to put a lamp in a bedroom, sitting room, toilet...

Bionic turbo engine, powerful cyclone

The built-in 7-blade DC motor fan adopts the bionic design of the aerodynamic engine, and the powerful fan at 2000 RPM /min stirs the air at high speed, forming a vortex. The vortex system makes the air duct full of suction and noiseless. 

The wind brings in mosquitoes accustomed to flying with the air stream. 

The mosquito is sucked to the bottom by centrifugal force until it dries out.

Dried mosquitoes give off no odor, It's easier to keep trapping more mosquitoes, You don't have to worry about smells.

The most outstanding feature is the escape-proof device(Escape-proof blinds)

The power cuts off automatically, and the mosquitoes can't get out(Warning: to ensure mosquitoes are all dried to death, please clean the storage box after 24h).

Super quiet, it does not affect the sleep quality

Does strong suction mean loud noise?

NO! NO! NO! Strong suction can also make "mosquitoes" silent. The noise is barely audible, even within 0.5m.

Vertical unobstructed ducted fan design, tight and seamless components

The air flows freely and smoothly without any noise. 

The decibels of walking at night is 55dB, while that of the mosquito killer lamp is only 32dB, which is lower than the operating sound of air conditioner, thus, it will not disturb you at night. 

The effect of noise reduction is great, so the sound is even more gentle than whispering.

If a mosquito is alive after absorbed, will it buzz?

The mosquito storage box uses the environmental protection plastic which isolates sound, so the "buzz" will not be heard, even if put on the night table, you won’t be disturbed at all.

The photocatalyst can also be used to purify the air, with sterilization function, especially suitable for pregnant women and babies.

It is easy to use and not constraint by the environment

The mosquito lamp is easy to operate with micro USB interface, working with any power adapter, computers, wall sockets, power banks.

It is not limited by space, so you can go wherever you want!

Plug in to start using it immediately, turn off the power to stop operation. Everyone can use without the slightest difficulty.

Ultra power-saving, safe and explosion-proof

With a rated power of only 5W, there is no need to worry about electric shock.

If you have children at home, electric mosquito swatters can be very dangerous., whereas, this photocatalytic mosquito lamp makes no "zap" noise. 

Furthermore, unlike mosquito swatters, there will be no accident due to high voltage.

Less than 1 dollar electricity fee for a month, you can enjoy a mosquito-free summer, more cost-efficient than mosquito incense, mosquito repellent.

You can't even stick your chopsticks into the lamp, it is unnecessary to worry that children may hurt their fingers.

No substances need be added during operation, avoid finger splints and the hidden danger of eating inducer!

It is absolutely reassuring! Mothers no longer have to worry about naughty children.

Safe insulation material, 100% explosion-proof

Small as the appliance is, the safety performance is excellent, strict quality control ensures that every mosquito lamp is safe!

No bacteria, clean and convenient

Traditional mosquito killer lamps kill mosquitoes and they stick to the lamp, which is not convenient to clean, what's more, bacteria breed over a long period of time. 

Gently turn the base counterclockwise to "empty" mosquitoes easily.

Washing storage mosquito box can’t be more convenient. 

This kind of material is also effective to prevent mold, bacteria breeding. No wonder it is a must-have for every family.

Simple and elegant design, suitable for all kinds of places

It is not only a mosquito lamp but also a night light.

The lamp is made of wear-resistant ABS, non-toxic, odorless, super space-saving, but lethal to mosquitoes.

The lamp is also an ornament, beating other models on market hands down!

One in the bedroom gives you a good night's sleep and a mosquito-free summer.

Another in the toilet: the damp area shouldn’t be the hotbed of mosquito.

It is necessary to use it in the kitchen! Small flying insects, flies out of the light, the family food safety must be guaranteed!

Favored by buyers

Safe, energy-saving, practical, the mosquito lamp is a necessary household item.

The safe and good-looking mosquito killer speaks for itself! Though small and cheap it is, the lamp can be used for 3 years. It won't be useless after the summer, because the lamp can kill insects and purify the air all year round.

A collection of bodies from all over the world.

lp - 023 Non-Toxic UV Mosquito Killer Lamp Insect Trap



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