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Alfawise V6 Review: TWS Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Earbuds For Just $22.99 at GearBest

Alfawise V6 Review: TWS Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Earbuds For Just $22.99 at GearBest

Alfawise V6 walk the same pace as the Apple Airpods and the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Alfawise is the exclusive brand of GearBest that was born with the goal of making smart products at affordable prices. Alfawise V6 – the most advanced Bluetooth stereo headsets on the market today! A built-in high-quality audio chip that allows you to feel personally at the music scene. The Alfawise V6 TWS Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Earbuds is one of the best deals on the market.


The Alfawise V6 is a clear, glossy, black, wireless TWS headset with a more interesting ear-fit fit. The box is also black, but with a transparent lid. The Alfawise V6 TWS has some limited resistance to water, so it won’t hurt the rain or sweat, making it even more ideal for performing various physical activities. The waterproofing of the headset is IPX7 standard.


Alfawise V6 TWS offers state-of-the-art wireless connectivity with a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 modem that delivers more stable signal transmissions than previous generations, increased power consumption, and increased range. With these tabs, you can even start the longest flight, the battery in your device and your storage will not let us down. 

There are 50 batteries and 2600 mAh capacities in the dock, the latter being able to recharge 18 times, which can operate on average 4-5 hours. Only two hours of charge is required to recover the full charge of the devices. Without obstacles, the device and paired smartphone, tablet, etc. a distance of up to 10 meters. The in-ear headset can be used with a lot of devices and no matter what operating system you run, the V6 TWS works well with machines with iOS and Android software environments.


The Alfawise V6 TWS Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Earbuds delivers a superior sound experience, with the built-in audio chip, you will almost feel that you are present or a test of your favorite band. 

The superb sound makes the headset an excellent gift for both men and women, of course, commuters and sportsmen will benefit from it. You can buy it from Gearbest at $22.99

Alfawise V6 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones with Hi-Fi Sound Quality with 3000mAh Power Bank



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