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As Soon As I Got KZ AS10 5BA HiFi Stereo Earphones, I Threw Away My Beats Headphones

As Soon As I Got KZ AS10 5BA HiFi Stereo Earphones, I Threw Away My Beats Headphones

As soon as the KZ AS10 5BA HiFi Stereo Earphones arrived, I mercilessly tossed aside my Beats headphone, I consider myself a cynic. 

I have a concept, that is, constant elimination is to stimulate the potential for innovation, now I can't wait to show my new pet, it is a collection of temperament and dexterity in a small gadget. It is one of the essential goods for young people.

Appearance is the first prerequisite for me to choose them. If the appearance of a product fails to impress me, I generally have no interest in understanding their inner beauty. 

The headphones are ruby red with black, warm but steady. The earphone cable is locked tightly with a bone golden color, retro but fashionable. Well, it's my occupational habit to always comment on the design of the products I like.

The fit of the ear to the earphones is very important, I don't know if you've ever had the experience that the ear canal is squeezed by the earphones, actually leading to soreness and burning sensation while you use some cheap earphones for a long time. It's only now known how damaging those headphones can be to the ears. This is the problem that worries me most about the use of earphones. 

Obviously, this pair of headphones did not let me down. In order to test the effect, I took a nap listening to the song with the earphones on. Deliciously, there was no abnormal sensation after waking up, indicating that the earphones were very carefully designed, protecting the ear and doing no harm to the ear.

The problem of safety has been solved, and now it is the contest of quality. The first is the quality of the headset itself, and the second is the sound quality.

As for the quality of the headphones themselves, I remember that the headphone cable often breaks inside, especially at the connection. This pluggable cable design completely avoids breaking the joint. 

I tried bending a few times, of course, I couldn't bear to do such a destructive experiment, and just observed the state of the cable when it was bent. Probably because of the strong transparent shell protection, I was not able to damage the inside by bending.

When it comes to sound quality of the headphones, it is a subjective evaluation, because everyone has different needs and perceptions of sound. Based on my years of experience in using headphones, relatively speaking, the sound quality of the earphones is above average, they reproduce really excellent sound. 

To be honest, I don't know the professional terms like HiFi and stereo, but I can feel that the whole space is filled with music. I tried different styles of music, the sound quality is stunning.

When I tested the earplug, I especially verified its fixity. The earplug is well wrapped, but if the earplug needs to be replaced later, I must know how to choose to match the earphones. If the earplug is not the right type, the headphones will be separated from the earplug basically. My suggestion is to buy the same style as the original, for worry-free use.

As I said before, the earphones are lightweight, which is how I feel when I wear them. When I sit still, I don't feel their presence at all. When I run, I can feel the earphone cable shaking slightly, but I think it's acceptable.

In general, some details of this earphone impressed me a lot. A careful product must stand out in details, so I recommend this earphone.

KZ AS10 5BA HiFi Stereo Earphone In-ear Earbuds with 0.75mm 2 Pin Cable



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