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Xiaomi Aqara N100 First REVIEW: 7 Ways To Open Smart Door Lock

Xiaomi Aqara N100 First REVIEW: 7 Ways To Open Smart Door Lock

In  November 2019, Xiaomi launched a new gadget called Xiaomi Aqara N100. This is a smart door lock, which is part of smart home series from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Aqara N100 has a shockproof metal case, NFC, fingerprint scanner, touch screen display and even a smoke detector.

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Let’s take a first look at Xiaomi Aqara N100 and find out if the new Xiaomi door lock can really make your home safer. Let’s start with design and then talk about the main features and specifications.

Xiaomi Aqara N100: Design

Like most of Xiaomi’s smart home devices, the new door lock looks very stylish and minimalistic. We think it will look stylish on any door without drawing too much attention.

The smart lock body is made of black metal. It is shockproof, which is very important for door lock.

By the way, most of the body has a glossy coating, and only the handle, as well as the inside of the lock are matte. The handle has a matte coating not to leave fingerprints on it.

The size of Xiaomi Aqara N100 is 38 x 7.6 x 2.5 cm, and the weight is 4.2 kg. Yes, the lock is quite heavy, but it is not surprising, given the features and technologies inside Aqara N100. We will talk about them later.

There is a touch panel with numbers on the outside of Xiaomi door lock. They are used for digital passwords.

Under touch panel you can see a handle with a fingerprint scanner. This is another security option.

Under the handle, there is a hole to open the lock with a physical key.

On the inside of Xiaomi Aqara N100 there is a large battery compartment.

On the base of the handle you can find a round physical button. Only by pressing it, you can open the lock.

Despite all the protection systems, technologies and various sensors, the installation of Xiaomi Aqara N100 on the door takes about 10 minutes.

As you can see, the Chinese manufacturer did a good job with the new door lock.

Xiaomi Aqara N100: Functions

In addition to external security systems such as physical keys, touch panel and fingerprint scanners, there is a built-in NFC inside the door lock. We should note that the smart door lock supports NFC only on Xiaomi devices.

It can be any NFC-enabled Xiaomi smartphone, Mi Band 4 or Xiaomi Mi Watch. If you’re interested in a new smart door lock from Xiaomi, then you definitely have a mobile device from the Chinese manufacturer. Right?

The smart lock also supports Bluetooth 5.0.

The user can remotely monitor the status of the door, when it was opened, closed, etc. To do this, you need to download the application to smartphone.

We have good news for iPhone users. The app for Xiaomi Aqara N100 is compatible with Android smartphones via Mijia app and iOS devices via HomeKit.

Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth, the door lock can be synchronized with other Xiaomi smart home devices, such as robot vacuum cleaner, curtain, lamp and others.

As we already said, using the app on smartphone, you can check the status of the lock, receive notifications when it was closed and opened, and messages about low battery.

In addition, Xiaomi smart door lock sends an alarm to the smartphone if someone tries to break it.

Xiaomi Aqara N100 smart door lock remembers 50 fingerprints, 50 permanent passwords and 25 different NFC devices.

Moreover, you can set temporary and one-time passwords. There are 25 temporary and 8 one-time passwords available. This is a very useful feature for those who rent an apartment.

Xiaomi Aqara N100 is powered by 8 AA batteries. The manufacturer claims the battery life is 18 months. Amazing!

Also, the smart door lock is equipped with USB Type-C port if you need to charge it immediately.

In addition to the shock-resistant aluminum case, the door lock is very resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Xiaomi Aqara N100 withstands temperatures ranging from -25 to +70°C, as well as humidity from 0% to 93%.

Xiaomi smart lock 2019 has been tested by fire, low temperatures, shocks, falls and water. All tests of Xiaomi Aqara N100 have been carried out without damage.

Xiaomi Aqara N100: Price and buy

Let’s sum it up. The new smart door lock Xiaomi Aqara N100 is a very interesting and useful device. You can open it in 7 different ways: fingerprint scanner, permanent password, temporary password, NFC, physical key, Mijia and HomeKit apps. You can choose the most convenient way to open the door. You can pick up one for your door for only 

$192.99  at Gearbest

Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Bluetooth Password Unlock Works with Mijia HomeKit Smart Linkage with Doorbell Feature ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )




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