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Huawei DFH Certified: MOMAX Q.MOUNT Smart Wireless Car Charger Teardown

Huawei DFH Certified: MOMAX Q.MOUNT Smart Wireless Car Charger Teardown

MOMAX has released Q.MOUNT smart wireless car charger which automatically detects the smartphone and locks it. The product has got Huawei DFH certification and supports 10W quick wireless charge. To know more about the materials, I will tear down the device for you. 

I. MOMAX Q.MOUNT Smart Wireless Car Charger: Unboxing

The product is in a white package, with product photo printed on the front. 

On the right bottom corner, there is the logo of DFH (Design For Huawei), which means that Huawei has approved the product quality through testing as well as the technology of the manufacturer. 

On the right side is the instruction.

There is specification on the back. 

Model: CM11D
Input: 5V 2A, 9V 2A
Output: 5V 1A, 9V 1A

The main specification is printed on the bottom.

Materials: plastic, glass, aluminum alloy
Branding company: MOMAX Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd.
Manufacturer: IMX Electronics (Shenzhen) Ltd.

On the bottom are the logos of RoHs, FCC, CE certification.

On the top, there is a hole for exhibiting the product. 

After opening the package, you can find a black plastic container.

On the upper part is the wireless car charger; the lower part are the accessories.

In the box, there is a wireless charger, a USB cable, a QC3.0 car charger, and a clip.

The clip is for fixing the wireless charger to the air vent of the air conditioner.

This is a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable. 

The car charger has two USB ports: one supports QC3.0 quick charger, the other is a standard USB interface.

Product name: MOMAX smart car charger
Model: UC7A
Input: DC 12 - 24V
Output: QC3.0: 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A; Standard: 5V 2.4A
Total output: 30W

On the side is a logo of QC3.0.

With the brand new smart induction, you can put the phone onto the charger with a single hand. The arms will automatically retract and lock the phone firmly even on uneven roads.

After navigation, touch the metal buttons on both sides, the arm will open automatically, and you can take off the phone.

The product specification is on the backside.

The bottom is a holder for the mobile phone.

There is anti-slip silicone on the inner side of the arms to ensure stability. 

Side View

Top View: smooth and glossy surface 

Use the USB cable to connect the QC3.0 port and the wireless charger. 

The motorized arms of the charger will automatically open to accommodate the smartphone.

The wireless charging power is up to 10W and supports Huawei quick charge, FCP protocol. Both 9V and 5V are supported to avoid doing any harm to the phone. Meanwhile, it can provide a 7.5W quick charge.

II. MOMAX Q.MOUNT Smart Wireless Car Charger: Teardown

Open the back cover.

The PCBA board is rectangular. There is a touch button on both sides to trigger the opening of the holder.

Take off the screw. 

Remove PCBA board and plastic fixtures on the back.

The close-up of the arms

There is a spring on the bottom, so due to the gravity of the phone, the holder will be lowered, triggering the microswitch. Then, the processor will command the wireless charger to close the arms.

Different from using infrared sensors to detect the placement of the phone, such a design is thoughtful and avoids errors. 

The clamping arm with serrated teeth fits the central gear. As the motor moves, the gear spins, enabling the arm to move.

Take off the gear to expose the insulation sheet on the panel and wireless charging coil.

An overview of the components of the panel 

The PCBA board is rectangular. The motor is placed in the hole.

There is only a CBB capacitor on the back. No extra components are included.

The wireless charging coil is like the racing track.

2A 125V AC microswitch

A close-up of the microswitch

A close-up of the motor which drives the reduction gear to enable the movement of the arm

CBB capacitor, a resonant capacitor for wireless charging

LED indicator

A close-up of USB Type-C interface, with steel sheet inside, for extra durability

4 MOSFET tubes for the coil driver

Non-branded MCU

IC chip for touch detection

CST118S IC chip for mono-channel DC motor

4R7 inductor

8A6B DC to DC step down converter to provide power for the MCU


INJOINIC IP6808 is a wireless charging SoC for the transmitter of wireless charging. It is compatible with the latest WPC Qi v1.2.4 standard, supports A11 coil, 5W, 7.5W, 10W output. It allows you to charge Apple and Samsung devices as well. 

Through the wireless charging receiver detected by Analog Ping, the connection between IP6808 and the receiver is established. Then, wireless charging will start as IP6808 can decode the data packs from the receiver and use the PID to change the frequency of oscillation and adjust the output power. 

Once the battery on the receiver is 100% charged, IP6808 will stop the power transmission.

321 operational amplifier

10-ohm sample resistance and some peripheral components 

III. Conclusion

MOMAX Q.MOUNT smart wireless car charger can automatically clamp the phone, which is convenient to use.

It uses the highly integrated INJOINIC wireless charging SoC and simple peripherals, supports Huawei 10W quick charge. Thus, it is an ideal choice for Huawei smartphone users. 

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