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Lazy Braised Chicken Recipe: So Delicious That You Might Wolf Down The Bone!

Lazy Braised Chicken Recipe: So Delicious That You Might Wolf Down The Bone!

It's my fault that I write this article so late. I should have instructed you earlier the super-easy way to cook the braised chicken. 

A rice cooker is a great tool to cook chicken. You don't even need to add a drop of water. It is super easy and rewarding. Just put the entire chicken and seasonings into the cooker. Then, it will be immersed in bubbling sauce. The chicken will look glistening, emitting a pleasing scent. 

Tear the chicken apart, as the tender flesh covered by the elastic skin is exposed, the vapor from the hot meat smells good. You can eat the chicken directly or with some vegetables. 

To let the flavor permeate the chicken, we must prepare the marinade first. Here are all the steps you need! 

Autumn comes. It's time to have a copious meal! 

How to Cook Lazy Braised Chicken with a Rice Cooker? 

1. You can get a chicken without feather, head, viscera, etc. from a supermarket. To let the flavor penetrate the chicken, use a bamboo stick to poke some holes all over its body.

2. Marinade: Mix 4 spoonfuls of cooking wine, four spoonfuls of light soy sauce, two spoonfuls of dark soy sauce, two spoonfuls of oyster sauce, one spoonful of sugar and half a spoonful of salt. 

3. Pour the marinade on the chicken, rub it evenly, and marinate it for half an hour. Don't throw away the remaining marinade. 

4. Prepare some slices of ginger and green onion. Apply some oil to the inner wall of the rice cooker. Place the ginger and green onion evenly. 

5. Put in the entire chicken as well as the chicken feet. Pour in the remaining marinade. Press down the cooking button and wait for about 32 minutes. After finishing cooking for the first time, turn the chicken over, press down the cooking button again, and wait for another 32 minutes.

6. Before you take out the chicken, apply the sauce evenly on its surface. Spray some chopped green onion and cooked sesame seeds.

Congrats! You've made the lazy braised chicken! Now, enjoy it!

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