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Samsung Galaxy S11 Might Have 108MP “Hubble” Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S11 Might Have 108MP “Hubble” Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

It is said that the Samsung Galaxy S11 Series will have a large image sensor with a 5x optical zoom function. According to GalaxyClub, the code name of the camera of Samsung Galaxy S11 Series is “Hubble,” which implies the Hubble space telescope. 

It means that Samsung Galaxy S11 Series might use a telephoto lens and support 5x optical zoom. It is to be determined whether the smartphone will be equipped with a 108MP image sensor.

“Hubble” Camera 

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Series is not the only Samsung smartphone that will be packed with the camera system, but one of the new smartphones which are now in development.

However, this is uncertain that all models will have the “Hubble” camera, or merely the flagship, Galaxy S11+. 

Additionally, GalaxyClub emphasized that according to the leaks, it was impossible to confirm the introduction of the high-resolution sensor to the Samsung Galaxy S11 Series. 

Likely to have a custom 108MP camera

There were photos of the camera module of the Samsung Galaxy S11 Series exposed on the Internet. 

In the pictures, it seems that Samsung Galaxy S11 adopts the periscope-type camera modules, whose main advantage is to prevent the protrusion of cameras and achieve 5x optical zoom.

The rumor about the 108MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy S11 Series appeared several times before. 

Considering the size of ISOCELL Bright HMX developed by Xiaomi and Samsung is relatively large, in addition to the periscope-type camera modules, the thickness of the camera will be considerable. It might go against the design concept of the Samsung S series.

Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy S11 Series will likely use a large image sensor and support 5x optical zoom. 

All models will support 5G

It’s worth mentioning that the hardware testing of the Samsung Galaxy S11 Series has started, which means the design of the hardware is certain. The processor will vary according to different markets, being either Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990. 

According to the leaks, the internal model number of Samsung Exynos 980 SoC is 9630. Therefore, Exynos 990 will be the 9830 SoC, which can realize the 120Hz refresh rate, indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S11 Series will use a 120Hz display.

There will be three models in Samsung Galaxy S11 Series, including S11e, S11, S11+. All these models will support NSA and SA architecture for the 5G network. 

It is said that Samsung will likely launch Galaxy S11 Series in the third week, February next year, and start selling them from March. 

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