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You Can't Beat Them for the Price! QCY T3 TWS Touch Control Wireless Earphones Under $35!

You Can't Beat Them for the Price! QCY T3 TWS Touch Control Wireless Earphones Under $35!

Established in 2003, Dongguan Hele Electronics Ltd, popularly known as QCY, is one of the leading manufacturers of wireless audio products in China. 

The abbreviation QCY means Quality, Creative, and You, as the company strives to bring quality audio to the masses. QCY is certified with ISO9001-2000, which means all products go through inspection to ensure quality always. 

Since the company was founded, it has ever had at its core design and innovation as its competitive edge.

The QCY family has some popular QCY products, including QCY Q29 Bluetooth earbuds, which are considered as AirPods on a budget. Its QCY50 foldable Bluetooth headband is innovative. 

Moreover, the QQ800 Bluetooth speaker sports a good battery and TF cards support with easy controls. QY8, QY7, and QY26 earbuds with excellent quality, durability, and affordability.

The latest innovation is the 942-QCY T3 TWS Touch Control Wireless Earphones. The first QCY headphones with touch control operations and elongated design inspired by Apple AirPods.

Irreplaceable Superiority 

QCY T3 features some unique qualities that make it superior and the best choice to meet your needs:

1. QCY T3 uses Bluetooth V5.0 and can use the SBC and AAC compared to BTV4.0 and BTVA4. 

So you can enjoy gaming, watch video and music without missing every detail. It also makes pairing with devices more stable and quick, ensuring high-speed sound transmission. 

It means that you can talk with people on the phone as if they are in front of you without voice delay and with lower power consumption.

2. QCY T3 has a microphone that is closer to the mouth, which makes the quality of the hands-free talk much better than other models in this price range. 

As a result, the voice can be transmitted indoors, and you can use it comfortably outdoors. It also creates real stereo sound effects that bring you an impression of space and makes you hear music just as if you are in a hall.

3. QCY T3 has a smart and sensitive touch control with an in-built sensor that enables you to navigate quickly and comfortably without putting pressure on your ears. 

4. The battery can last for 25 hours, enough for your daily use. 

In addition to the true wireless design and binaural calling feature, the QCY T3 Bluetooth headset is one of the best affordable TWS Bluetooth headsets on the market. 

Design Highlights 

The design of 942-QCY T3 TWS Touch Control Wireless Earphones has changed compared to previous products. It has a semi-in ear and a funnel ear tip design to reduce pressure in the ear and to give comfort when wearing it for a long time. 

It is the first among the QCY headphones to have an elongated design with the shape of Apple AirPods that helps it to fit into the contours of the ears, making you comfortable wearing it for a long time.

The QCY T3 has a smart touch control panel on the long side of the headphones, which helps you play or pause by double-clicking and skip to the next song when you press and hold. 

With the left earphone, you can navigate to the previous song and the next song with the right one. To activate voice assistance, you will touch the earbud three times, slide up to turn up the volume, and down to turn down/off the volume.   

Practical Performance 

QCY T3 TWS Touch Control Wireless Earphones have a smart auto performance. The stereo mode will automatically turn on when you pick up the two earbuds, and the mono mode will function when you pick up the right earbud. It charges automatically or power-off when you put it back to the case.

It's AAC and SBC that give a HiFi sound and enable it to perform effectively with lower lag, providing an excellent playing and gaming experience. 

Also, the 6mm bio-diaphragm presents a professional tune, which makes it seems as if you're in a live show.

QCY T3 has one of the strongest battery out there with a charging case of 600mAh performing to last for 25 hours.


If you are on the look for comfortable Bluetooth earphones that are not expensive, offer optimum sound, and maximum comfort, the QCY T3 TWS Touch Control Wireless Earphones might be the best for you. It's very affordable at only $32.9.

QCY T3 TWS Touch Control Wireless Earphones with Dual Mic Bluetooth 3D Stereo Headset



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