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Pros and Cons of 360 S6 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Pros and Cons of 360 S6 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I've bought this 360 S6 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Gearbest for three months. Recently, they have invited me to share with you how I think of the product. Thus, I write the article, which will be a reference to anyone who wants to buy it. 

I think this idea is excellent because when I am shopping, comparing the descriptions on the product page, I think highly of the reviews. The more objective, the more helpful the reviews will be to me.

Therefore, my review is unbiased, because I want to help you as possible as I can, rather than making good comments that sellers like.

Is this Vacuum Cleaner worth buying? Read on, because I will share its pros, cons, and my suggestions in this article.


1. 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner is based on many sensors. Compared to the other vacuum cleaners, 360 S6 comes with the additional IR anti-collision sensor, edge sensor, and radar sensor. You will find 360 S6 easy to use when cleaning. 

2. It boasts a beautiful appearance, a rigorous design of the structure, excellent workmanship, quality materials, and great textures. At least, my picky wife is delighted with 360 S6.

3. The design of the dustbin is very reasonable. The double filtration, which consists of the fine mesh and thin sponge, is protective to the HEPA filter. What's more, you can wash the HEPA filter with water.

4. It's easy to take off the roller brush and clean it, thanks to its simple structure. Two side brushes can cover a large area, which means faster cleaning speed. Furthermore, you won't think it is troublesome to dismantle and wash them.

5. The 360 S6 vacuum cleaner makes low noise when it is cleaning. The default suction is powerful enough. Moreover, 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner can easily get in and out of narrow space. Compared with other models, 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner only touches the furniture slightly, so you don't need to worry that it might cause any damage. 

6. The SLAM is perfect, which divides the house into different sections. 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner works efficiently, and it can find its way to the charging dock quickly. It will resume cleaning from where it stopped last time. Although my home is relatively big, 360 S6 can effectively clean every place.

7. The APP includes a lot of functions. Its exclusion zone function is much more superior to the virtual wall. You can locate S6 Vacuum Cleaner accurately so that you won't miss it. By the way, the voice prompts are quite lovely.


1. The water tank is small, and it is not convenient to add water. Sometimes, I can't fill it.

2. Users are not allowed to charge the vacuum cleaner when the water tank is loaded. Is the manufacturer to blame?

3. Areas that are just accessible may lead to wear and tear on the bottom of the furniture and the radar cover. 

4. Both the map and the exclusion zone cannot be saved, for which I think it is inconvenient. It means you need to set up the exclusion zone every time before cleaning.

(It is heard that these issues are solved in the latest version)


1. Increase the volume of the water tank, and improve the way of filling it with water.

2.360 S6 should be able to save the map and exclusion zone settings. It would be better if it had AI learning. Perhaps, it won't collide into the wall more frequently.

3. The robot vacuum should be thinner to enter a narrow area and clean it.


These are all I've found out about 360 S6. I might not have come up with all the ideas that I had in a short time. Well, taking notes is essential at any time.

In general, 360 S6 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner is nearly impeccable. Although there are some problems, they can be overcome or improved. A variety of sensors coordinate with each other, for a spotless floor. Indeed, it can cut your housework chores. 

In the past three months, 360 S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has never broken down midway and gone home successfully each time. Therefore, I highly recommend it to you. 

Now the only thing that you might concern is the quality. How long can it serve you? Of course, you hope that 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner can be quite durable!

PS: If you think this article is helpful, please hit the like button. With your encouragement, I'd love to share more user experience later.

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