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Oclean X vs. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 vs. Oral-B Pro 3000: What’s Different with an Electric Toothbrush That Has a Pressure Sensor?

Oclean X vs. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 vs. Oral-B Pro 3000: What’s Different with an Electric Toothbrush That Has a Pressure Sensor?

We are well acquainted with our world of smart technology. We have smartphones in our hand, smartwatches in our wrist, we even use smart cars! Then why not choose to use a smart electronic toothbrush? 

Yes, an electronic toothbrush is something really helpful for everyone for removing plaque in comparison to any manual toothbrush. 

Not just this, smart toothbrushes also have timers that track how long we brush our teeth, how many times we brush our teeth a day, update of the molars, canines, and bicuspids. 

However, a smart toothbrush can help to track down all these things with its sensor in the toothbrush head. This sends information about brushing history, performance and gives us a better sense of improving the brushing technique. 

There is an app that can connect our smart toothbrush with our mobile and that stores information about how much pressure to apply, the barely brushed areas, or the angle at which the brush must be held, etc. 

Choosing the right pressure sensor toothbrush:

Now while maintaining good oral hygiene, we may turn out to be a bit too enthusiastic about brushing our teeth and end up brushing too hard. 

Brushing teeth with much pressure can cause great harm to your teeth, gum and they can wear down. To avoid this, the oral engineers, have designed an array of different pressure sensing technologies that can help to prevent irreversible gum damage. 

Choosing the right kind of pressure sensor technology is very important for the protection of teeth and gum. So following are the various kind of pressure sensor technologies that work differently-

√ Variable Motor- The most basic type of pressure sensor is a variable motor. This slows down the vibrations of the toothbrush when too much pressure is applied and returns to normal speed when pressure is reduced. 

The lower speed helps to protect the teeth and gums but this does not come with an indicator.

√ Visual indicator- This is a visual indicator that is a much more advanced model of pressure sensor feature that comes with an LED light or a warning light. The light comes on when you brush too hard and turns off when the pressure is back to normal.

√ Audio Indicator- This is another latest technology that comes with an audio indicator that makes a beep sound when brushing too hard and stops beeping when you brush gently.   

√ Smartphone App- Some High-tech pressure sensors can be linked to a smartphone app. The sensor at the tip of the toothbrush transmits the pressure level to the app that can track our brushing history. This can be your best smart toothbrush if you choose a proper brushing style. 

Which one is best: Huami Oclean X vs. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 vs. Oral-B Pro 3000?

When it comes to any high-quality electric toothbrushes three brands cross our minds- Huami, Philips and Oral-B. So what are the differences and which should we buy?

Now obviously the cleaning capacity matters when buying a smart toothbrush. The Oral B electric toothbrush uses a rotary motion, whereas, the Philips Sonicare uses a sonic motion. 

Oral B has a variety of cleaning modes that includes oscillation, rotation, and pulsating motion to prevent plaque. This focuses on cleaning individual teeth and overall cleans up the maneuver around the mouth. 

Whereas, the Philips Sonicare cleans side by side with a vibration mode which is about 31,000 brush strokes per minute. This swift movement has a mechanical cleaning effect and just similar to the pulsation motion or rotary motion by non-contact brushing. 

Even though it can clean multiple teeth at the same time but it lacks maneuverability. Both exhibit more or less the same result. 

But overall, I can say that brushes with an oscillatory motion are known to have reduced plaque and gingivitis than those with a side to side motion. So in terms of cleaning between Oral- B and Philips Sonicare, I think Oral-B has better cleaning power.

On the other hand, the Oclean X Smart Electric Toothbrush uses super-sonic capabilities for its users. It has more than 32 tooth protection modes that can effectively protect your teeth better than any other electric toothbrushes. 

What’s special about Huami Oclean X?

The Oclean X Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush has recently launched in the worldwide market. It is a perfect toothbrush for touchy teeth, free teeth, counterfeit crowns, and dents. 

The best part is, it is accompanied in a 2 in 1 base that you can stick on the divider, or you may use it as a holder or simply use it as a charging base. 

Design and Feature Highlights:

Oclean X Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush is available in white color and comes with exemplary shading. This rotating brush is versatile and ideal for movement. 

It is made up of top indent material that gives it an exceptional finishing. It is made up of complete IPX7 material that makes it completely waterproof hence you can wash your brush without any issue. 

So with this toothbrush, you can not only clean your teeth but also light up your teeth and ply gums, balance tooth decay, empty plaque and ultimately whiten teeth. 

This toothbrush comes with a 0.96-inch colorful touchscreen that is not at all present in any of its predecessors. The Oclean X Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush offers several technical aspects that make brushing more efficient and simple. 

This display will provide the most useful information regarding Weather Display, Tooth Brushing Integral, Time display, Electric display, etc. Furthermore, this can be controlled via a smartphone and can be linked via Bluetooth 4.0 version for quick and healthy decisions. 

This device supports an AI technology with various tooth protection modes, 32 level conversion speed regulation, Magnetic suspension brushless motor, copper-free brush head, 2-1 design to use as a holder and charger with an 800 mAh rechargeable battery. 

The best feature in Huami Oclean X Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush is its best updated Miss area updates that work in a 6-pivot gyrator and can distinguish screen 8 territories in the oral hole that helps you remember the missing regions at the screen and app. 


Trust me, Huami Oclean X Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush is one of the best purchases that you can ever have. It is one of the most effective, noiseless device and pocket-friendly device that is ten times stronger than any other electric toothbrushes. 

So we finally cracked it, Huami Oclean X Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush wins! The Huami offers the best value for money and has the best cleaning action with improved brush heads. I would personally go for this product and would highly recommend this to all of you!

Oclean X Smart Color Touch Screen Sonic Electric Toothbrush App Control International Version from Xiaomi youpin



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