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Revolutionary Operation: What's behind the Google Soli Radar for MotionSense?

You might not like the appearance of Google Pixel 4 XL as it is reported that it will have a long "forehead" and a broad "chin."

It’s because many sensors are integrated with the forehead, including IR sensor, front camera, light sensor, proximity sensor. The truly surprising thing is the Soli radar. 

Google has been developing the chip for five years and shown us the Motionsense by using the smartwatch and speaker with the chip built-in.

For example, rub the fingers, and you can adjust the time; squeeze in air, and you can have a look at the map; snap the fingers, and you can switch the menu; you can also drag the process bar. 

The Motionsense is awesome. In essence, it works like radar. The Soli radar chip emits electromagnetic waves. Then, the waves will be reflected and directed to the Soli radar by the user's hand. 

Thus, the chip can detect the position and gesture. Since it uses 57 - 64Hz frequency, the detection accuracy reaches ±1mm.

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