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How to Get the Best Products Possible at Low Costs? Think Less & Enjoy More, Just Check out What Alfawise Offers!

How to Get the Best Products Possible at Low Costs? Think Less & Enjoy More, Just Check out What Alfawise Offers!

Life should be simple and beautiful. Only by keeping it simple can you truly enjoy the beautiful life. Nowadays, more and more people spend a lot of money to get feature-laden products which not only waste valuable time but also burn a hole in their pockets. 

Alfawise provides perfect solutions to the problem by advocating a simple life, helping consumers to avoid aimless pursuits of experience. 

Alfawise means “Alfa” and “wise,” that is, the first choice that comes to the consumers’ minds when they think of the smart life. Our slogan is Think Less & Enjoy More.

Why are the prices of our products lower than others? 

Well, the difference in the price between our products and products from other brands is because we cut all unnecessary costs! We sell the products without go-betweens and the cost of the outlet, directly from the factory to our customers. 

The total cost merely consists of the materials, labor, storage, transport, hardware, duties, and as such. If you compare one of our products with similar products on the market, you’ll likely notice that our products are of good quality, more affordable, and functional.

For example, here are 4 of our best-selling products that are popular among our customers.

The Cutting-edge Alfawise U20 Desktop FDM 3D Printer

The Alfawise U20 3D printer is created by a development team of over 100 experts and optimized based on the feedback from 125 professional reviewers. We managed to solve 208 problems and launched U20 in September 2018. 

The innovative 3D printer features 300 x 300 x 400mm large build volume, color touchscreen, filament runout protection, power outage protection, and 5-minute assembly. The market price for such a 3D printer then was $370; however, our Alfawise U20 3D printer was only at $279.99, attracting wide attention immediately.

So far, Alfawise U20 has been loved by over 100 thousand users, making the printer itself an outstanding new force, and a nominee in the top 10 consumer 3D printers.

After the success of Alfawise U20, we have consecutively launched U20 Pro, U20 ONE, U30 Series, etc.

The Life-changing Alfawise V8S Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Alfawise V8S Pro is an upgraded version of our first robot vacuum cleaner, Alfawise V8, which attracted a lot of users because of its exceptional cost-performance ratio. According to our survey, people are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that can mop and take away pet fur autonomously. 

From the beginning of December in 2019, our team of experts worked on the upgrade, selected the best materials, and haggled the price for the lowest cost. Finally, the upgraded Alfawise V8S Pro vacuum cleaner was released in March 2019.

If you don’t want to clean the floor every day, enjoy more leisure, use V8S Pro. It can set out working and recharge automatically. The cleaning route is accurate with the advanced gyroscope navigation in the military level and a laser sensor

It provides the highest cleaning efficiency among similar products. More surprisingly, the electric control water tank makes the water drop down evenly and effectively avoids leakage.

Practical Products for Smart Home & Security

Alfawise N816 1080P Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Camera Enhances Security

Apart from the features of mainstream wireless 1080P IP cameras, AI Humanoid Detection and Auto Tracking, have been introduced to Alfawise N816. These two innovative functions effectively avoid the false alarms which trouble users of other IP cameras

What’s more, you can customize the rotation and view of the IP camera. The more expensive Xiaomi Mijia IP camera doesn’t provide such functions. 

The camera module of Alfawise N816 can rotate 90 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally, so you won’t miss any corner. It protects your home non-stop, 24 hours a day because it can also “see” clearly at night with 6 IR CUT infrared lights

Up to 5 family members can access the video clips simultaneously in real-time and enjoy calling with each other.

Alfawise PE1004T Smart Socket Turns All Home Appliances Smart

With Alfawise PE1004T, you can set up to 8 timers for automation of your home appliances, control them by voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The smart plug socket also allows you to control home appliances wherever you are with a dedicated App.

Since its launch in September 2018, it has been popular. Back in January this year, the sales volume per day exceeded over 1,000 for three days in a row. Up till now, 20,000 Alfawise PE1004T smart sockets have been sold, and we’ve received 500 reviews in total. 

Alfawise PE1004T is well-received, rated 4.75 out of 5. It is intended for those who want to build a smart home and enjoy more convenience.

Our Mission

In short, Alfawise aims to bring more intelligent life to people and spreads the spirit of innovation by providing various kinds of products, including 3D printers, smart home appliances & devices, portable media players, cameras, smart wearable activity trackers, headphones & speakers, computer & peripherals, and so on. 

By providing high-quality and easy-to-use products, we are committed to promoting such a lifestyle - people focus more on enjoying life itself and the joy of creativity.

Alfawise U20 Large Scale 2.8 inch Touch Screen DIY 3D Printer - EU



Alfawise V8S PRO E30B Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Mopping Voice Control Supports Google Home Amazon Alexa



Alfawise N816 Smart Home Security 1080P WiFi Wireless Mini IP Camera



Alfawise PE1004T Smart Plug EU Standard



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