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You Will be Thrilled to Have This Reliable Smart Home Assistant - Alfawise V8S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Sweep and Mop

You Will be Thrilled to Have This Reliable Smart Home Assistant - Alfawise V8S PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Sweep and Mop

If you need a smart vacuum robot cleaner, the Alfawise V8S PRO E30B Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Mopping is here for you.

Unlike its predecessor, the Alfawise V8S, the Alfawise V8S PRO is a smarter vacuum cleaner. You can control it using your voice or Smart Life App. 

It also supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you can make it sweep or mop the floor even when you are not at home. 

I deem this pleasant-looking, powerful vacuum cleaner to be the answer to all your floor-cleaning needs.

With this Alfawise robot vacuum, you will never worry about a dirty floor again!

Why did I buy the Alfawise V8S PRO E30B Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I bought the Alfawisee V8S PRO because I needed a vacuum cleaner that meets my cleaning needs. Among the reasons why I chose to purchase it include but are not limited to:

i. It is an efficient cleaner

The Alfawise V8S PRO E30B’s has a dual SLAM system and a high suction power. These enable it to collect dust and debris effectively compared to other robotic vacuum cleaners within its price range.

ii. It can clean any surface

The Alfawise V8S PRO can clean many types of surfaces, including wooden, tiled, and carpeted floors.

Unlike conventional robotic vacuum cleaners, this robot vac has a BLDC brushless motor which gives it a stronger suction power, increases its efficiency, and its cleaning time.

iii. It operates quietly 

The Alfawise V8S PRO has a noise-reduction sponge that keeps its noise level below 65dB. Be sure of a quiet home even when this noiseless robotic vacuum cleaner is busy getting rid of dust and debris on the floor.

iv. It has different cleaning modes

The Alfawise V8S PRO has three cleaning modes. They include the Edge, Auto, and Cleaning Along with the Planned Route modes. You can always select a cleaning module that fits your cleaning needs.

v. It cleans safely in a smarter way

To avoid falls and collisions, the Alfawise V8S PRO has numerous infrared sensors. It is also equipped with intelligent anti-collision, anti-drop, difficulty-free, and obstacle-crossing features for more safety.

Why I Recommend the Alfawise V8S PRO 

I recommend the Alfawise V8S PRO because it is small, powerful, durable, efficient, and smart. Its inventive design makes it stand out among other robotic vacuum cleaners within its price range.

This robot is the best choice if you are looking to buy an affordable, reliable, long-lasting robot vacuum cleaner.

Testing the Alfawise V8S PRO

The Alfawise V8S PRO boasts a 2500 mAh capacity battery.

A single battery charge can run the robotic vacuum cleaner at maximum power for 2 hours. 

If the charge drops below 20%, the robot returns itself to its charging dock. A full battery charge takes between 4 and 6 hours. 

Once fully charged, the robotic vacuum cleaner resumes the cleaning activity from the spot where it stopped. 

After it completes sweeping and mopping, I always find that the floor is so clean, free of dust, hair, crumbs, spilled milk, and so on, that I love to walk on it without wearing a pair of slippers.

The Main Advantages

Since I bought the Alfawise V85 PRO, I don’t worry about a dusty floor anymore. Given that the robotic vacuum cleaner uses data or Wi-Fi signals, I can call it, switch it on, select my preferred mode, and even change its cleaning power. 

What’s more, its Show Map feature helps you track its cleaning progress. You can also see if there is any problem and respond accordingly.

Who Should buy this Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

The Alfawise V8S Pro is the best choice for anyone looking to buy an affordable, powerful robotic vacuum cleaner. 

With it, you will be thrilled to have a reliable Smart home assistant!

Alfawise V8S PRO E30B Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Mopping Voice Control Supports Google Home Amazon Alexa



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