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Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse Review

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The Razer Viper series of gaming mice are popular with fans of lightweight, symmetrical models with good technical characteristics. Expanding the range, the manufacturer has introduced a compact version of the Razer Viper Mini with an attractive price, allowing more economical gamers to join the manipulators of the Viper line. Let's see how practical the new product is in "combat conditions" and how it differs from the older models of the series.


The definition of Mini in the name of the model is used for a reason. The novelty is really more compact than the classic Razer Viper devices. Announced dimensions - 118.3 × 53.5 × 38.3 mm. At the same time, the Razer Viper Mini turns out to be the lightest version of the line.

The mouse weighs only 61 grams. The indicator is amazing, especially when you consider that with such a mass, this is a full-bodied model without through holes in the case.

The case itself has obvious symmetry, and the exterior design makes it easy to determine the similarities with other devices in the Razer Viper line. The model has separate main buttons with an ergonomic profile, visual zoning of the top panel and a branded scroll wheel.

The body is made of plastic with a practical matte finish. Moreover, in this case, a combination with additional inserts is not used. To add visual contrast, there is a glossy insert between the "back" and the main keys. The polished area is also visible in the work area of the scroll wheel.
No complaints about the build quality. The elements fit perfectly, nothing loosens or rattles even during shaking.

The symmetrical shape of the mouse as a whole allows you to use the "claw" grip or hold the manipulator with your fingers. But, in the case of the Razer Viper Mini, perhaps a lot depends on the size of the palm. For a small hand, the classic palm grip may also be convenient.


The Razer Viper Mini is equipped with six buttons: two main, two additional on the left side, a scroll wheel key and one button for changing the sensitivity of the sensor.

The main buttons are separated from the back of the case, so they remain informative even if you press the area in the central part of the case. Of course, at the outer edge, the click can be done with a little less effort. The travel of the buttons and the noise emitted at the same time are at an average level. For the main keys, Razer proprietary optical switches are used with a declared resource of 50 million clicks and an actuation speed of 0.2 ms. In general, the work of the "mechanics" of the buttons here leaves a good impression. Moderate effort and precise actuation.

The left pane contains the Forward / Backward keys. Unlike the older models of the line, the Razer Viper Mini does not duplicate additional buttons on the opposite side, which means that the compact version is originally designed for right-handed people. Even in spite of the symmetrical body design.

Both additional buttons are similar in size and click parameters.

The scroll wheel is framed by a rubber rim with miniature studs for better traction. The wheel travel is uniform in both directions. When spinning slowly, there is a sense of cut-off, while when spinning quickly, this does not create additional force. Wheel click is medium. You can't accidentally press the button, but no big effort is required to press it.

Between the scroll wheel and the glossy insert on the back of the mouse, there is one button for changing the sensor's sensitivity. This is good news for those who, in practice, often switch the sensor resolution on the fly. In older models of the Viper series, the hardware key is located on the bottom panel, and one can argue with the practicality of this solution. Here we see a rather classical approach.


It's hard to imagine a gaming mouse without additional lighting. RGB lights can be quite appropriate if the manufacturer did not overdo it. The attitude towards such elements of illumination is very individual, and in this respect the Razer Viper Mini should appeal to those who are impressed by reasonable restraint.

The well-recognized company logo is illuminated on the back of the mouse. At the same time, an additional light guide in the form of a semicircular arc appeared on the bottom panel at the trailing edge of the device. This element renders this part of the outline well, increasing the overall backlight intensity.

When using the mouse, all highlighted elements are covered by the palm. At the same time, a device with lights is easier to find on a table in low ambient light.


The Razer Synapse software is used to configure mouse settings.

Here you can reassign the parameters of all controls. Sensor sensitivity is adjustable from 200 to 8500 DPI in 100 DPI increments.

Initially, five levels are available between which you can switch by pressing the corresponding key. At the same time, it is possible to change the number of levels 2–5, which is convenient considering the use of one mode change button.

Here you can also adjust the mouse polling rate (125/500/1000 Hz), but by default it is set to the maximum 1000 Hz.

Of course, the application provides the ability to customize RGB lighting. In the corresponding tab, you can select the required brightness level, as well as the parameters of automatic shutdown (when the display is off or inactive). Several illumination modes are available in the quick effects list. If you want to take a more thorough approach to the question, Chroma Studio is available with additional customization options.

The manufacturer proposes to optimize the performance of the mouse using additional calibration for Razer branded gaming surfaces.

One profile with settings can be stored in the internal memory of the mouse.

In use

The Razer Viper Mini features a new mid-range optical sensor PixArt 3359 with a sensitivity of up to 8500 DPI, a claimed speed of 300 IPS and a maximum acceleration of up to 35G. This is not a top-end branded 5G, but the declared parameters are quite decent.

The sensor behaves stably on surfaces with different textures. Both plastic rugs with a fine fraction and fabric platforms are great here.

From the practical points, it is worth highlighting the very modest mass of the mouse. After the 100g heavyweights, the Razer Viper Mini feels prohibitively light. At the same time, there is absolutely no feeling of insufficient rigidity and strength of the case.

The feeling of lightness is additionally provided by the flexible, pliable cable in the fabric braid. It quickly takes shape without restricting mouse movement. The developers use the term Razer Speedflex Cable for the Explorer, and in this case, such a definition is appropriate.

Given its size, the Razer Viper Mini will be versatile for a small palm and comfortable enough for a medium-sized hand. Subjectively, you quickly get used to the barely reduced body width. Due to the small mass, control is not lost.

Matte plastic with a slight roughness allows you to fix the device well. Subjectively, the absence of rubber inserts does not affect the grip in any way, even after long gaming sessions. At the same time, connoisseurs of visual simplicity will appreciate the integral body.

About the practicality of the case material, it can be noted that after a week of tests, no scuffs appeared on the surface. Fingerprints are practically invisible on the mouse. But the dust particles on the glossy insert are clearly visible.

In terms of technical equipment, let's pay attention to the large Teflon legs on the bottom panel. Thanks to the large PTFE plates 0.8 mm thick, the mouse glides perfectly on various surfaces.


The Razer Viper Mini is an ultra-light symmetrical gaming mouse with a practical matte finish, fast optical switches and flexible cable. The compact model is well equipped and has excellent ergonomics for those with small to medium sized hands. The sensor's capabilities are enough for difficult conditions, besides, it is unpretentious in terms of playing surfaces. In general, it has a good lineup and can be recommended for purchase!

Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse 61g Ultra-lightweight Design CHROMA RGB Light 8500 DPI Optail Sensor Mice



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