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Clean Your Windows Faster with this Alfawise WS-960 Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner Glass Cleaning Machine

Clean Your Windows Faster with this Alfawise WS-960 Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner Glass Cleaning Machine

Cleaning windows in high rise buildings can be difficult, especially if you don't know how to do so. You need to use the best cleaning tools for cleaning any windows quickly. 

Although many cleaning tools are available on the market, most of these vacuum cleaners don't offer automated window cleaning solutions for all users. 

When you want to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your windows, you can look at the Alfawise WS - 960 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Windows. It is better than any other choice, especially in terms of price, power, and performance. 

With only about $171, you can get all the benefits from this powerful vacuum cleaner for windows. This vacuum cleaner has strong suction that can reach up to 2800 Pa, so you will never have to worry about fall damage when using this unit. It also comes with a protective rope that can be used to improve the safety feature of this unit. 

This device has an omnidirectional wheel so it can move around easily. This feature can offer excellent flexibility, so it will never leave any areas of your windows uncleaned. 

You can read a lot of good reviews that come from other happy customers. Most customers are satisfied with the quality of this smart vacuum cleaner.

Irreplaceable Superiority

This window cleaning robot is specially created to provide a comfortable user experience. You will be able to use this machine easily. 

This product is specially designed with perfect quality and high standards. You will never regret your choice when buying this smart vacuum cleaner today. 

This automatic vacuum cleaner for windows has an intelligent planning path. This system allows this machine to move around your windows in the right direction. 

This unit also has more than 400 hours of continuous working time. It is much longer than any other cleaning machines on the market.

1. Firm sucking power

It is the best feature that is offered by this window cleaner. This automatic window cleaning machine has a firm sucking power. It is going to suck the window firmly, so it will not fall during the process. 

Its long time sucking on the outside windows can be beneficial for all users. Its strong suction power can reach up to 2800 Pa.

2. An accurate frame sensing system

It is an automatic window cleaning device that you can use every day. This powerful device has an accurate frame sensing and also a six-axis acceleration sensor. 

Both features can detect window frames accurately to avoid being stuck in the frame edge. This feature is combined perfectly with its 360 degrees rotating wheels that can turn precisely and flexibly.

3. Intelligent Planning Path

Many people are happy with this powerful feature. This intelligent planning path allows this machine to move around in a specific path. 

This machine has N, Z, or N/Z modes that you can choose easily. You can set up the planning path before you start this machine. 

This device is going to start automatically in cleaning all the windows in your high-rise buildings.

4. Clear LED indicators

It is effortless for you to start using this automatic vacuum cleaner for windows. This device has several LED lamps that are available on its surface. These LEDs can indicate remaining battery power and also remaining suction time. 

By looking at these LEDs, you can predict how long this device can still work without electricity. This device still has good sucking endurance for up to 30 minutes after the electricity is cut off. Its built-in battery has a good standby power supply for offering the best electric source for this cleaning machine. 

Design Highlights

One of the most popular features of this vacuum cleaner is the strong suction power. It is going to suck any windows very firmly. 

For safety consideration, this device is also equipped with 4 meters of a safety rope. This rope should be tied to the machine, to create a safe cleaning process, no matter how large/high the window is. 

Its 360 degrees rotating wheels can provide flexibility for all users. Its mechanical steering design can help this machine turn precisely.

Practical Performance

When you buy this device, you are going to get specially-designed rags. These rags are specially made from high-quality cloth. They can wipe all stains and absorb dust very effectively, but they are also easy to be cleaned. 

These rags are handy to wipe any windows, remove dirt, absorb the solution, remove any residual stains, and even water stains immediately. You can tie the cleaning robot with its safety rope. 

Then, switch the power button for activating the working indicators. The robot is going to clean your windows automatically.


It is the best time for you to purchase this powerful device. This robotic vacuum cleaner for windows can help you clean your windows quickly. Its lightweight and portable device allows you to clean any windows without having any problems. 

This window cleaning robot also has CE, FCC, and ROHS certificates for ensuring the quality of this unit. This device can have a quiet performance with a low noise level that is about 60db. 

The actual price of this unit is $299.99, but you can get this incredible unit for only $159.99. Hurry up! The discounted price is only valid during this flash sale period.

Alfawise WS - 960 2000Pa Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner Glass Cleaning Machine



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