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Get Fresh Juice In Less Than A Minute! I Use The Juicer To Squeeze & Get More Delicious Juice Than Juice Bars

Get Fresh Juice In Less Than A Minute! I Use The Juicer To Squeeze & Get More Delicious Juice Than Juice Bars

You may be too busy or not perseverant to prepare a healthy breakfast. You choose to drink a cup of coffee or two to start a new day. 

Every day you pick up a cup, pour water into the instant coffee, put it in the microwave, take it out and put in some spoonful of sugar.

Then, you carry it, go out, and drink it in the rush hour. 

Or you stop at the local coffee shop, buy a latte, and go to work. 

In any case, coffee is not nutritious, just a temporary supplement of energy. 

Compared with drinking coffee in the morning, nutrition experts recommend that we have a cup of fresh and delicious juice in the morning, because it is rich in nutrition and cellulose, refreshing to help with the digestion.

In particular, it is also good for the skin, but also ideal for exercise and fitness!

But for juice, the freshness is essential. 

For this reason, drinking juice is limited to the equipment, time, and place. 

Only by drinking the juice after freshly squeezed, can you enjoy the freshness and nutrition of the raw juice.

Maybe you can go to the Juice Bar nearby and order a green smoothie, but you've got wait in a long queue! 

Today, I would like to introduce a portable juicer to you for savoring fresh juice at any time, the VIOMI Juicer Bottle

I have bought a VIOMI thermal vacuum bottle before, and I trust the product quality.

Use the juicer, follow three steps, and you can drink a glass of fresh juice in 45 seconds! It is a bliss for those who love fruits and a nutritious diet! 

Only in 3 steps and 45 seconds

Squeeze and drink it now, great for the on-the-go life

One key cleaning, for convenient and worry-free use

Cordless design, rechargeable 

◎ For freely preparing all kinds of drinks

Finish squeezing in 45 seconds and enjoy fresh drinks

It looks like an ordinary water bottle, but it has an integrated blade hidden in the lid. 

There is no complicated accessory. You don't need to plug it in, either. 

Let's see how powerful this little thing is.

Open the lid of the bottle, put in some mango chunks, and add milk or ice. 

The diameter of the bottle is large, so you don't need to use any force. It's easy to put in the fruit. 

Close the lid, press the switch, and place the bottle upside down. 

Only 45 seconds is needed. The juicer works steadily and rapidly. A bottle of sweet and silky mango smoothie is done! 

Tip: when juicing, you can shake the bottle properly so that the material can fully touch the blade head for more evenly squeezing. 

It is excellent for preparing fruit juices, vegetable juices, milkshakes, smoothies. Squeeze open the lid to drink directly, full of fresh, happy to turn the circle. 

When at home, you can pour the juice into the glass and add some decoration, making it pleasing to the eye. Take pictures, post them on Instagram, and you can win numerous "likes" in a few minutes.

Small as it is, the juicer bottle is high-performance, owing to the powerful hardware.

The four-leaf 3D blade, which is made of 304 stainless steel, is exceptionally sharp. The power is super strong, and the motor spins swiftly - 14,500 revolutions per minute, creating ample space for impact, which enables fast and smooth juicing. 

Ordinary portable blenders only soften the fruits, and they are easy to get clogged. 

However, by using the VIOMI juicer, let alone fruits and vegetables, even ice cubes can be turned into a smoothie. 

Free combination of tastes after 45 seconds, faster than ordering takeouts! 

Compared with digesting fruits directly, the juice is easier to absorb. It is a supplement of multiple vitamins. What's more, your stomach won't be bulging. 

In the office, at home, in the gym, on the road, you can use it to "make" a bottle of healthy fresh juice. It can be termed as your mobile juice factory. 

Additionally, fruit stores are everywhere, so you can drink to your heart's content as long as you carry it with you.

One-click operation, easy to clean

A big juicer is expensive, and after you buy it, you might not use it over three times.

In addition to the complicated accessories and difficulty in storage, it takes you half an hour to clean, even though you use it for only 5 minutes. It is the main reason why many people don't buy a juicer. 

However, this VIOMI juicer is different - it only comes with a charging cable. There is only a power button. The operation is easy. Long press it to start, and press once to pause.

Thanks to the magnetic inductive mechanism in the cover, you can only start with proper alignment. As soon as the cover is removed, the power will be cut off.

Double protections ensure safety. Is there any potential safety hazard? Not at all, you won't be hurt by the blade. 

How easy to clean it is? Put it in the water, wash it, shake it, and it's clean. Even the laziest people will love using it.

The bottle is mainly made of Tritan material for food-grade safety. It is non-toxic, odorless and impact-resistant, safe to use for both kids and the elderly. 

With built-in power source, super endurance 

The lid of the juicer is also a cordless power source. 

The 2000mAh large-capacity battery is long-lasting. It takes only 4 hours to charge it fully. After a full charge, the juicer can work about 15 times consecutively.

After breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner, juicer doubles the enjoyment of delicacy!

Similar to ordinary water bottles, it is space-saving and allows you to say goodbye to the troublesome wire and plug.

The charging cable has a USB Type-C interface. You can charge it by using a power bank, a car cigarette lighter, or an AC power adapter.

Charging wire is Type-C charging port, with portable battery can be charged, but also support car, AC adapter charging. 

Attractive appearance, and high performance-to-price ratio 

The 350ml juicer only weighs 430g. Whether held in hand or put in the bag, it won't be a burden for anyone.

I am fond of the design. The body and the base can be separated. After squeezing the juice, you can remove the bottom, and carry the bottle with you directly, which is excellent! 

Because the lid has a built-in rubber ring, you can take it upside down freely. The watertight bottle won't cause leakage when shaken, which reflects the excellent water-tightness.

Thanks to the design, the juice won't leak and make your clothes or bags dirty. It also effectively prevents the juice from oxidation. These two functions are so great.

Most importantly, such universal juicer costs less than $32! 

If you buy fresh juice, 200ml costs more than $9. Nevertheless, the fruit is not very fresh. A few cups are enough to buy a juicing cup! 

Why hesitate? Of course, the best solution is to buy the best fruit and use a portable juicer bottle. Enjoy drinking countless times! 

❤ Finally, I'd like to share with you my favorite juice: 

Orange + strawberry, for vitamin C! 

Watermelon + milk, for pink juice! 

Dragon fruit + banana + milk (or yogurt), for the refreshing, full-bodied, silky milkshake! 

Mango + milk, super delicious (I hope that you can buy mangoes in your country)! 

Apple + carrot + milk, definitely the most delicious! 

Treat yourself with a glass of freshly squeezed juice every day. As office workers, you can enjoy the freshness and good taste.

VIOMI 350ml Large Capacity Juicer Cup from Xiaomi youpin



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