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Why Does Nokia 9 PureView Penta-camera Phone Get a Rather Low Score from DxOMark?

Why Does Nokia 9 PureView Penta-camera Phone Get a Rather Low Score from DxOMark?

The score that Sony Xperia 1 gets is disappointing. It is hard to predict how many points Nokia 9 PureView can get from DxOMark. 

DxOMark has announced the overall performance of Nokia 9 PureView, 85 points, lower than Sony Xperia 1 which was released earlier. The score is the same as iPhone 7, higher than Nokia 8 Sirocco and Samsung Galaxy A50. 

It is hard to believe that such Penta-camera phone scores so low. 

The five cameras of Nokia 9 PureView coordinate with each other. Each lens will automatically identify and adapt to different scenarios. It uses multiple camera lenses with the same exposure settings to enhanced the details or different exposure settings to widen the dynamic range. 

In the end, in combination with the processor, the smartphone can produce the final image.

Judged from the process, the camera performance of the new smartphone can’t be so low. 

Nokia 9 PureView gets 88 points for its photo shooting performance. The scores that it gets from all the tested items are not high, except for the autofocus (90 points). Surprisingly, zooming scores only 27 points. In view that Nokia 9 PureView should coordinate multiple lenses, the low score is justified.

Additionally, in terms of taking photos, Nokia 9 PureView has the issues of low saturation, unstable white balance, and flashlight, red-tinted outdoor scenes, etc. 

As for video shooting, Nokia 9 PureView gets a score of 80 points, lower than other flagship smartphones. 

The main problem is that the color rendering in the video is inconsistent, especially in low light conditions. Meanwhile, the smartphone doesn’t retain enough details for the sharpness. However, image stabilization and noise-canceling performance are quite satisfying. 

In the end, DxOMark concludes that apart from the bokeh effect, the camera performance of Nokia 9 PureView is lower than other models at the same price range.

Nevertheless, the Penta-camera module teaches other manufacturers a lesson. Will Nokia continue using the solution?

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