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Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G: The Most Cost-effective 5G Smartphone with 30W Wireless Quick Charge

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G: The Most Cost-effective 5G Smartphone with 30W Wireless Quick Charge

Apart from 5G connectivity, Mi 9 Pro features significant improvements in many other aspects, including battery life, heat dissipation, and performance. It's a new option for those who want to experience 5G. 

In the mobile phone industry, flagships from various brands are replaced by new ones in time by manufacturers once a year to maintain the vitality in the competition. 

Earlier this year, Xiaomi officially launched its flagship of this year - Mi 9 Series, along with Mi 9 SE and Mi 9 transparent version. However, no news has come out about this series until the advent of Mi 9 Pro 5G.

Familiar But Somewhat Different Appearance

Before we talk about Mi 9 Pro 5G, let's get an overview of Mi 9.

The Mi 9 was officially defined as the "best-looking Xiaomi smartphone to date" owing to the unique treatment of the rear cover.

Based on the Mi 8, the Mi 9 features an improvement of the treatment of glass back cover, which is called "nanoscale laser holographic technology." 

The technology involves two distinct coating layers added under the glass to achieve the iridescent color to reflect various kinds of colors in an amazingly wide range.

At first glance, the overall design of Mi 9 Pro 5G looks quite similar to that of Mi 9, with the same waterdrop screen, the middle metal frame, and the rear triple camera module. 

As we all know, everyone has a different judgment of beauty. However, as for Mi 9 Pro 5G, you can easily find the change of color and treatment of back cover as soon as you see it.

First, let's look at the color options. Mi 9 Pro is available in two colors, including dream white and titanium silver black. We've got a dream white version that looks unique. Up to 500 layers of transparent membranes are stacked under the glass back cover for a variety of colors.

Nevertheless, although the back covers of both versions can reflect a variety of colors, they appear different. More specifically, the colors of the Mi 9 look more prominent when the phone is tilted at a certain angle; whereas, those of Mi 9 Pro 5G seem purer, or slightly more conservative.

In addition to the difference in colors, the back cover of Mi 9 Pro is turned matte, different from the glassy one of Mi 9. It adopts the Anti-glare etching technology, using Anti-glare glass, which is made through a chemical reaction.

It makes the glass look superior. Like many laptops featuring the same technology on the surface, it offers extraordinary tactile experience on the front side. Meanwhile, it is anti-fingerprint, for ease of maintenance.

The overall appearance of the front is unchanged. Like its predecessor, it comes with a 6.39-inch Samsung AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340x1080, 256 brightness levels (up to 600 nits) for eye protection, covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 6 which is the same as Mi 9.

However, Xiaomi has further optimized its contrast and color performance. Thus, Mi 9 Pro 5G offers an optimized display effect in the strong and low light environment. 

We also have to mention that when the Mi 9 Pro is manufactured, each screen will be professionally calibrated to achieve better saturation and color restoration.

Meanwhile, with the help of the "primary color screen," a kind of color management technology, Mi 9 Pro 5G, can automatically identify the colors and correspond them with the sRGB and DCI-P3 gamut. In short, although its panel is the same as the Mi 9, it delivers better picture quality thanks to the improvement.

5G Along With Some Changes

5G is undoubtedly the most prominent feature of Mi 9 Pro 5G.

Just like Mi MIX 3 5G version, Mi 9 Pro 5G also adopts add-on Snapdragon X50 Modem to support 5G. However, the SoC has upgraded from Snapdragon 855 to the latest Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC, with the same NSA architecture.

In the case of the difficulty of realizing, there is a huge gap between the supporting of the 5G network and its popularization. 

The prevalent use of 5G is still far ahead because it is challenging to realize the stability, long battery life, excellent heat dissipation, and high performance.

Mi 9 Pro 5G packs 7 antennas, supporting not only the existing N41 and N78 bands but also the 5G band, N79. It means as the 5G network continues to develop, you can get a relatively pleasant experience.

With more antennas and RF chips stacked into 5G smartphones, the requirements of battery life and cooling capacity are higher than those of 4G phones. So what we can notice is that, among the 5G smartphones released recently, large batteries, fast charging, and better cooling solutions are highlighted.

In terms of battery life, Mi 9 Pro 5G has a larger battery – 4000mAh, which is 800mAh more than Mi 9. It is equipped with 40W wired fast charging and 30W wireless fast charging to charge the large battery in a short time. 

What's more, with larger battery capacity, Mi 9 Pro 5G can reverse charge other devices. According to the official data, the reverse charging power can reach 10W, which may be useful in some cases for emergency use of mobile phones or wearable devices that support wireless charging.

Meanwhile, although Mi 9 Pro supports 40W fast charging, it supports up to 45W output power and PD protocol.

This data is welcomed because it meets the need of charing some portable laptops. With this power adapter, you can charge not only your phone but also your laptop, which is quite useful for some people always on a business trip.

In terms of the real charging speed, with the original wired power adapter, Mi 9 Pro 5G can be charged from 0 to 14% in 5 minutes; 30% in 10 minutes; 65% in 20 minutes; 75% in 30 minutes; 98% in 50 minutes. It takes 52 minutes to 100% charged.

The 30W wireless charging technology previously announced by Xiaomi has been applied to the Mi 9 Pro 5G as expected. Moreover, with the 30W vertical air cooling wireless charging, it only takes about 70 minutes to charge Mi Pro 5G fully.

The advantage of having a large battery and fast charging is self-evident. When on business, you don't need to worry if you forget to take the charger, because, with a large battery, your phone will last a whole day in regular use. 

What's the meaning of a quick charge? Let's put it this way – in the morning, you plug in your phone before brushing teeth and washing face, and then you go out with your phone 100% charged.

The Mi 9 Pro 5G also has better heat dissipation than the Mi 9. Its cooling system is composed of the vapor chamber, graphite, heat-conducting copper foil, and heat-conducting gel. According to official data, compared with the previous generation Mi 9, its CPU temperature can be reduced by 10.2℃.

For example, provided you play the game PeaceMaker for 20 minutes, you will find that the temperature is only slightly raised. However, you might get confused because you can't tell whether you're using the 4G or 5G network, although it shows the 5G connectivity. 

Camera Performance & Some Interesting Apps

When it comes to photos, the hardware specifications of Mi 9 Pro 5G is the same as that of Mi 9. It has a 20MP front-facing camera, an f/2.0 aperture, and functions like Face ID, AI Beauty Mode, Animoji, etc.

As for the rear camera, the primary camera is a 48MP SONY IMX586 sensor. By default, it can produce 12MP photos by binning four adjacent pixels. 

You can turn on the 48MP via the settings when necessary. The other two cameras are an ultra-wide-angle lens with 16MP and a 12MP telephoto lens, which supports 2x optical zoom.

Below are some sample photos without being post-processed. Let's enjoy them together.

Ultra-wide-angle Shot


Super Night Scene

In terms of camera functions, besides the hot Sky Replacement derived from the Mi CC9, Mi 9 Pro 5G also includes a unique Moon Mode. After you turn on the AI camera and it recognizes the moon, the phone will recommend using the Moon Mode. 

Then, the phone will choose the proper shutter speed, ISO, and other parameters upon the moon shape and weather. It will also activate the hidden 20x zoom. Then, at last, you will get a perfect picture of the moon.

Unfortunately, the weather was not good when the function was tested, so we failed to get the actual effect of the moon mode. 

Top Configurations & Excellent Tactile Experience

As mentioned earlier in the article, Mi 9 Pro powered by the latest Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC offers four options, including 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB, 12GB+256GB, and 12GB+512GB.

Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC has been introduced in several previous reviews. On the whole, compared with Snapdragon 855, its GPU performance features a 15% uplift. What's more, it supports Elite Gaming, making it perform better than Snapdragon 855 in games.

It also supports Game Turbo 2.0 for further optimizing performance, touch control, display, sound quality, networking, and in-game calls.

As a flagship, Mi 9 Pro 5G provides NFC functionalities. In addition to some common applications such as the transit card, access control card, electronic ID card, it can be a key to Xiaopeng electric cars. If luckily, you are the owner of a Xiaopeng electric car, you can enjoy more convenience.

Besides, a customized linear motor for different scenarios is applied as well for typing, full-screen gestures, zooming, and more. Xiaomi has designed different vibration effects by making the best use of the motor. 

At the same time, Mi 9 Pro speaker has been improved concerning the loudness and low-frequency sound.

Although it is laden with so many components, its overall size and weight are ideal – it has the same length and width as Mi 9, only a little thicker. Its weight is 196 grams, which is fantastic for a 5G phone. Moreover, it offers fascinating tactile feelings among 5G phones.

A “Professional” 5G Phone

Mi 9 Pro 5G has four different versions, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB, 12GB+256GB, 12GB+512GB, priced at 3699 yuan, 3799 yuan, 4099 yuan and 4299 yuan respectively.

Although the name of Mi 9 Pro 5G has been changed mid-term, there is no doubt that the updates are unprecedented.

With the introduction of the 5G network, Xiaomi integrated it with a larger battery, quicker wired charging, and wireless charging technology, offering a much better user experience.

Additionally, Mi 9 Pro 5G has state-of-the-art hardware. As for the appearance, opinions might differ. However, the result due to the change of the technology is clear at a glance.

To our surprise, although Mi 9 Pro 5G comes with MIUI 10, the system version we tested is the latest MIUI 11.

Compared with MIUI 10, there are many major improvements in its interface, sound, and functions. Take the font as an example, the previous MIUI Lanting font has been upgraded to MIUI Lanting Pro, and the western fonts have been redesigned for a better reading experience.

Of course, as changes of fonts are only a little part of the upgrade, let's leave avoid listing more specific details here. 

At the press conference, Xiaomi announced that customers could apply for MIUI 11 Beta from September 27th and that the official version would be launched in mid-October. If you're interested in it, stay tuned with us.

On the whole, although the introduction of 5G smartphones will increase the cost of products to a certain extent, Mi 9 Pro 5G offers excellent improvements in battery life, charging, heat dissipation, and performance. 

In combination with strategic pricing, as usual, Xiaomi once made 4G affordable for the general public, will play the same role again in the 5G era.

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