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I Want To Hang Out With You, and Remind You To Bring An Umbrella Tomorrow

I Want To Hang Out With You, and Remind You To Bring An Umbrella Tomorrow

Hey, guys. Are you excited? It's the weekend again! You can take a break and hang out now. 

The weather is always volatile. Oh, sweeties, if your loved ones aren't with you, you've got to remind him/her to "put more more clothes (when it gets old)," "carry an umbrella (when it is rainy)," "don't wear too much (when it's sunny)" or "don't take off too much after workouts."

Sweeties, if you have experienced a long-distance relationship, I believe that you would like to appear in front of him/her immediately, prepare the clothes for him/her and remind him/her to take an umbrella. 

(Your love depends on the mobile phones)

Today, I will recommend a miraculous weather forecast bottle to you. Give it to your honey, and tell him/her that even if he/she isn't around, you love him/her as the same. 

After unboxing, you can find a base and a weather forecast bottle. 

If there is a foam package in the box, so you don't have to worry that the glass bottle will break in the course of express delivery.

The "Storm Glass" is originated from the European weather forecast storm glass in the 19th century. 

It is a sealed glass bottle which contains distilled water, alcohol, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride, and other mixtures. 

You can forecast the weather by observing the liquid crystallization in the bottle. It was applied in navigation before.

If it is cloudy, the filling inside will be floating, looking turbid.▼

If it turns from sunny to cloudy, it will be on the top, and there will be layers.▼

On a sunny day, the filling will be on the bottom, and the upper layer will be transparent. ▼

In addition to the weather forecast, the nice waterdrop-shaped bottle can also decorate anywhere in the house. 

On the carpet ▼

On the table ▼

The weather forecast bottle predicts the weather according to the surrounding temperature and the different forms of the crystal. 

It can be placed freely, in the porch, living room, company, and so on. Enjoy changes in your favorite place.

Although the chemical reaction of the crystals is still a mystery. It is even more pleasant to feel the wonderful and beautiful changes in crystals as the season changes. 

(Don't put it outside. If the temperature is too low, the bottle might be frozen and broken.)

Indeed, it is a beautiful decoration! Put it at home, and it will instantly improve the style! The unique design and base are prominent despite their position. 

Look at the awesome photos that I've taken! I can't believe my eyes. As you know, I am not good at taking pictures.

I've used it for a while and found that the accuracy of the weather forecast is about 50%. It is because it changes as the temperature varies. The indoor temperature won't be too much different. 

Only when the temperature changes a lot can you find a different look in the bottle. Don't put in under 0-degree Celsius to see the change of the crystal, because the liquid will be frozen and the container will be broken.

I want you to know that the technology is so developed, you can see whatever you want right away, but you can't get feelings by using technology. 

What lovers in different places need is a little surprise. They want to know whether you still care about them. Both don't feel at ease when being apart. Prepare more small gifts and bridge the gap! 

Bachelors, I've given you a first-hand experience. The bottle is what I've used to confess my love before.

What? Don't you know what to say? Here are the words that I've written for you. 

"Dear...we've known each other for so long. I think that from now on, I can enjoy the sunshine with you after getting up in the morning every day. Every time it rains, I can hold an umbrella for you. Just like a weather forecast bottle, my mood changes because of you. When you smile, my world becomes quiet." 

Love you guys. Remember to "like" the article.

Creative Storm Glass Water Drop Weather Forecast Bottle



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