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Xiaomi FIMI PALM Video Camera for Vlogging: Better Alternative to DJI Osmo Pocket for Only $149.99

Xiaomi FIMI PALM Video Camera for Vlogging: Better Alternative to DJI Osmo Pocket for Only $149.99

Over time, the term “video production” refers to the act of creating a video by capturing moving humans or objects. From commercial, business marketing videos, music videos, film, documentary, among others, production has always come in different sizes and forms. 

However, there are also short videos, which are often produced by individuals. Before now, such videos used to lack high production quality; yet, with the emergence of consumer cameras, smartphones, laptops, GoPros, and most especially camera drones, making a short video production has never been easier.

Consequently, people have started using the opportunity to create video blogs, otherwise known as vlogs. Essentially, a vlog is a form of a blog that uses video to pass messages, information, or advice to blog guests. 

Recently, there is an increasing number of people using the camera to “write” their blogs by making a short performance in front of cameras. In other words, anyone can turn on a camera, discuss one or two topics, and then post online for blog guests – that’s simply vlogging. With the creation of different video camera types, most notably the handheld camera, vlogging can now be done anytime and anywhere. 

Among notable brands that have consistently delivered handy camera types for vlogging is FIMI. This brand is one of the reputable companies under the Xiaomi Ecosystem

While FIMI is well-known for its highly efficient drones, the brand now delivers sophisticated FIMI PALM, a tech that consists of a camera and gimbal. Among other high-end products from FIMI includes FIMI A3 RC droneFIMI X8 SE droneFIMI SCYT01FM 3-axis Gimbal camera

However, in this piece, we’ll be discussing Xiaomi FIMI PALM Video Camera that features several impressive qualities, yet comes with a less costly price tag. More so, this product is easy to hold and use. With a three-axis stabilizer, the camera can be easily positioned to capture an exciting video for vlogging. Besides, it features an ultra-wide 128° lens, which makes recording an ultra-wide area easier. 

But it is worth noting that before the release of the FIMI PALM gimbal, other products such as DJI Osmo pocket have been in the market. Hence, we’ll be discussing the specifications, features, and performance of the FIMI PALM gimbal herein to see whether it is a better alternative to DJI Osmo pocket gimbal or not. 

Xiaomi FIMI PALM Gimbal camera features 

Let’s share some details about the specifications and features of the FIMI PALM Gimbal camera before expressing whether it is a good value for money or not.

First of all, FIMI PALM Gimbal camera is a portable device, measuring 30.5mm by 22.7mm by 127.0mm in dimension. Regarding screen size and resolution, it features a 240 by 240 screen resolution. This device is only available in black color. On the front side of this product is a 1.22-inch LED touch display and a control button underneath. 

Furthermore, it features a 12MP gimbal camera positioned on a three-axis mechanical stabilizer. Concerning the body material, FIMI used the ABS plastic material to design the complete structure – ABS material is known to support a pleasant and comfortable hold of the device.

This gimbal camera possesses a 600-nit brightness screen. Also, it is easy to handle with a weight of 120g. Thus, with the lightweight, portable structure and integrated 5-way joystick, users can video any moment at any time effortlessly. Also, this gimbal camera is designed with a 1000mAh battery capacity, which allows it to function for about 240 minutes of 1080P/30FPS video recording time. 

Besides, the manufacturer utilizes the master Hisilicon Soc and a lithium battery, which supports high power management. If you want to video a super wide-angle, then this device will come handy again as it features a 128° lens, and a maximum resolution of 4K UHD/100Mbps that allows users to capture images to detail. Also, these qualities help portrays a moment in a bigger, clearer picture. Furthermore, this device has a video shooting capacity of 4K/30 frames per second.

Also, users do not have to be concerned about the accuracy of their video production because FIMI PALM gimbal camera is designed with ±0.02° control accuracy and a three-axis stabilizer. Hence, shooting smooth and remarkable footage will always be easy.

Additionally, this tech features ±45°(Rolling), ±90°(Tilting) and -240°to 60°(Panning) controllable range that ensures that users won’t have to worry about angle and distance of capture. 

Another exciting feature to look out for in the Xiaomi FIMI PALM Gimbal camera is its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth properties. With these features, users can connect to their gimbal camera to their smartphones. 

Also, these qualities allow for smooth transmission of images or videos while shooting. This product also features smart tracking property with which the gimbal can recognize human faces. By tapping the subject on the touchscreen, the device will remotely keep the subject at the center. 

Aside from various templates and shooting patterns, FIMI PALM Gimbal camera possesses transition effects and background music. With ease, users can change their footage into a professional, finetuned cinematic video. Furthermore, this tech allows for external audio recording as it comes with a built-in dual mic and microphone port. 

Thus, users can connect a 3.5mm high-quality mic to the device. Also, it features four shooting modes: Pitch Lock Mode, All Locked Mode, Follows Mode, and FPV Mode. All these modes allow for versatile video coverage.

Other features to expect from the FIMI PALM Gimbal camera includes time-lapse, motion lapse, long exposure, night short, HEVC Coding, motion lapse, creative frames, 3x stabilized zoom, 8x slow motion, panorama, among others. 


With the features, qualities, and performance highlighted above, this product does not only offer excellent value for money but also appears to be a better alternative to expensive DJI Osmo Pocket gimbal. 

Conclusively, we can say that Xiaomi FIMI PALM Gimbal camera is a versatile, durable, and high-end product, not to mention its affordability at a price tag of only $149.99.

FIMI PALM 3-Axis 4K HD Handheld Gimbal Camera Pocket Stabilizer 128° Super Wide Angle Anti-shake Shoot Smart Track Built-in Wi-Fi Bluetooth Remote Control ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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