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Here Comes the Most Cost-Effective Smartwatch in 2019 - Lenovo E1 Smart Watch Knocks Amazfit Bip Lite Out!

Here Comes the Most Cost-Effective Smartwatch in 2019 - Lenovo E1 Smart Watch Knocks Amazfit Bip Lite Out!

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You guys probably know Lenovo for their popular laptops and phones. But in fact, the other gadgets from this company such as tablet PCs, car chargers, smart body scales, headphones, smart bands, and smartwatches also have a crowd of followers. 

Today, I will introduce this brand's latest launch – the Lenovo E1 Smart Watch. 

It should be the most cost-effective smartwatch in 2019 (Yes, it's the most cost-effective smartwatch, rather than one of the most cost-effective smartwatches).

Highlighted features:

1. Half-wave Fourier transform algorithm for more accurate heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring

2. App control supports 10 languages

3. Long standby time up to 25 days

4. 3D UI design for customized wallpaper and multi-dial replacement

5. GPS positioning+pedometer+7 sports modes

6. Call reminder+call rejection+remote camera, remote music

7. 7H hardness 2.5D toughed glass screen

8. Unbeatable price only costs $39.99 (definitely an exciting price for a device with this design and amount of features)

Here's a comparison table between different brands of smartwatches as below:

From the above features and table, we were surprised at that the Lenovo E1 supports up to 10 languages when most smartwatches only support one or two languages.

No more a quality smartwatch better than Lenovo E1 at this low price. 

As we know, the price of most smartwatches is much higher than the smart bands' price. But when it's compared to the high-end smart fitness bands, Lenovo E1 also has a reasonable price. 

Almost the same price as the smart bands, Lenovo E1 smartwatch keeps a long standby time up to 25 days with its 180mAh battery capacity, longer than Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Huawei Honor Band 5.

ModelPriceStandby time
Lenovo E1 $39.9925 days
Amazfit Bip Lite $59.9945 days
Xiaomi Mi Band 4$34.9920 days
Huawei Honor Band 5$37.9914 days

Now let's have a look at its performance.

Lenovo E1 smartwatch is definitely a personal fitness companion. The color OLED screen displays your health tracking data, including time, date, calories, heart-rate beats, and steps. 

Additionally, the Lenovo E1 has 7 built-in sports modes such as walking, running, cycling, skipping, playing badminton, basketball, and soccer. 

Thus, you can easily record your daily fitness data and share it with your friends. 

Have you finished your fitness goal this week? Just look at your watch or open the Lenovo APP to track your sports data.

And, more remarkable, the Lenovo E1 adopts the Half-wave Fourier transform algorithm to enhance the accuracy of the heart rate monitoring. 

You can easily read your heartbeats anytime and anywhere with its 24 hours real-time heart rate monitoring. 

Beyond that, it's convenient for you to track your sleeping quality, how long you had gotten into the deep sleep and light sleep, just a glance to know it. Then you can take actions to improve your sleep quality according to the sleep report.

Compared to the Amazfit Bip Lite smartwatch, the Lenovo E1 smartwatch has more features, including the 3D UI wallpaper DIY function and multiple dials options for you to pick a fitted style for your everyday outfit. Lenovo E1 smartwatch has a larger screen, meaning that you could enjoy a broader view.

ModelLenovo E1Amazfit Bip Lite
DIY WallpaperYesNo
Multi-dials ReplacementYesNo
App Supports Languages102

Moreover, keep in mind that you can control the camera and music on your mobile phone via the smartwatch (I always forget this feature). 

No more inconveniences caused by listening to music or taking photos when you are doing exercise! 

In conclusion, Lenovo E1 smartwatch, the new member of the Lenovo families, will be your best personal fitness companion with high performance and advanced smart features (as mentioned above). 

If you are looking for the best cost-effective smartwatch, Lenovo E1 is undoubtedly a great choice.

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Lenovo E1 1.33-inch TFT Screen Sports Smartwatch Global Version



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