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Apple AirPods Pro vs. Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro: Which Wireless Earbuds Should You Buy?

Apple AirPods Pro vs. Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro: Which Wireless Earbuds Should You Buy?

I wouldn’t imagine how life would have been if there were no earbuds! 

I mean, who would love to spend hours in the gym just listening to the boring music that plays there? Or to sigh with relief after boarding a bus for having waited for it for a long time only for small kids to start crying for attention while their parents talked in loud voices. 

I love my earbuds, for they spare me from a lot of irritating noises in public places and help me pass the time when listening to music or watching programs on my phone that I love. For this reason, I have no alternative but to invest in good earbuds, for they spend quite a lot of time with me than anything else in my life. 

Over the years, I have found myself buying Airpods 2, Airpods 1 and Powerbeats pro for they are of good quality, and their brand (which is the Apple Company) is quite fancier. 

The latest Apple earbuds which are known as Apple Airpods Pro (it was released on 30th October 2019) has been my favorite so far for they have been modeled with an aim of providing comfort and fit. Its ability to also enable one to hear what someone is saying when I have them on makes me love them more. It's sound design is incredible and I think that it is an awesome brand. 

However, recently, I have found a brand of earbuds, which are known as Xiaomi Mi Airdots, that fascinates me to the core (this is after I used the Mi Airdots and Mi Airdots pro) and they made me ditch my Apple Airpods pro. I intend to convince you should hurry up to electronics stores and get these earbuds. 

1. Design 

What enticed me to settle for Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro is that they are light (each earbud weighs 5.8grams), just like my favorite apple Airpod, which is the Airpod pro (this practically weighs 5.4 grams). 

Also, like Airpod pro whose each earbud has 1.22 inches and a width of 21.88inches, Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro earbuds can easily fit in the pocket without much stress for their size is small. 

If you really adore authenticity, then you would love Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro for its design does not copy that of Apples’ earbuds like the other earphone designs manufactured by the company. Its in-ear design has a plastic body which makes it relatively light. I love how the design of the Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro can revoke fingerprints, and this helps in avoiding unnecessary alterations in the device. 

Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro touch gesture is just amazing, and it would be a miss if you fail to discuss it. Just like Airpod pro, the device can be literarily controlled with touch gestures. 

Isn’t this feature amazing? If you regularly hit the gym and you like carrying your playlist along, or you like swimming while listening to music, I bet Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro is the best gift that you can get for yourself for just like Airpod pro, it is made of IPX49 (this is a component that protects electronics from splashing water no matter the direction). 

Therefore it is sweat and water-resistant. Its earbuds are comfortable and fit ears perfectly, just like those of Apple Airpods Pro, and they will never fall off accidentally even when you are running. 

2. Features

Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro features also made me become the company’s loyal customer, for they suit my needs in all aspects. I love how the earbuds are compatible with my IOS and android devices, and I have never gotten any inconvenience while using them. 

Also, I am amazed by how Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro earbuds can be connected to different devices, and they will emit sound concurrently. 

Therefore, when you need to listen to two different voice notes at once to gather certain information in a limited period, then you will not get any other earphones that will serve you right as Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro for even the Airpod Pro does not have this feature. 

Though the device in discussion has a 4.2 Bluetooth technology with a connection distance of about 10 meters (this is believed to be outdated for most of the latest apple Airpod series including the Airpod pro have adopted the 5.0 blue tooth technologies) it still serves me well and I can’t trade my Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro for any other earphones. 

The sound emitted from Xiaomi Mi Airdots pro is of high quality for the device has AAC blue tooth codec, which helps maintain the original sound. 

Also, the bass from the device is good, and it is capable of handling the treble well even in high volume, and this is an A-plus to the Xiami Mi Airdots pro earphones. 

3. Battery life

Just like Apple Airpods pro which has a long battery life (this is 4.5 hours of listening time and 3.5 hours of talk time), the Xiami Mi Air dots pro battery will never disappoint you. 

To be precise, it can stay for up to 3 hours when its user is listening to music without going off due to charge and 10 hours with the charging dock. 

Imagine how long it takes to be fully charged? Only one hour! Isn’t this a great deal? What makes this earphone to have such a long battery life is the property its battery possesses of having 100mAh.  

4. Price

What attracted me most to Xiami Mi Air dots pro ear is its pocket-friendly prices and exemplary favorable features. 

To put this in a clear perspective, the earphone has a good compact Bluetooth, its earbuds are truly wireless as the company advertises it, it is not heavy thus pocket-friendly, its design is original, and it has a good audio experience and battery life, and it only goes for US$ 80. 

On the contrary, the Apple Airpod pro has most, if not all, of the features that the Xiami Mi Air dots pro possess, and its price is US$200.

Xiami Mi Airdots ProApple AirPods Pro
Goes for only 80 dollars and has amazing featuresGoes for 200 dollars and its features are somehow similar to Xiami Mi Airdots Pro
Light (each earbud is 5.8grams)Light (each earbud is5.4grams)
Controlled by a touch gestureControlled by a touch gesture
Battery possess 100mAh thus long battery lifeBattery possess 100mAh thus long battery life
Bluetooth technology is 4.0(a little outdated)Bluetooth connectivity technology is 5.0
Has IPX4 thus water and sweat resistant Has IPX4 thus water and sweat resistant
Relatively small thus can fit in pocketsRelatively small thus can fit in pockets
No wireless charging systemHas a wireless charging system 


I think it is realistic settling for a product that suits you rather than settling for a certain brand because it is considered fancy. 

That is why I would go for the Xiami Mi Airdots pro any day, for it has amazing features at a relatively lower price than that of its competitors who manufacture products with nearly the same features. 

Please do yourself a favor of buying these earbuds, and you will never regret it. 

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